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How to Start a Manifestation Journal: Everything You Need to Know

Manifestation is the process of setting an intention, feeling that it is possible for you, and acting as if it is already done. Journaling is a powerful manifestation tool because it allows you to do all of those things at once.

A manifestation journal is a way to focus your intentions and bring yourself into alignment with the things you desire so that they can show up in your life. Through writing down your desires as if they are already done, you send a signal to your subconscious mind as well as the Universe that you are ready to receive them.

Journaling (also called scripting) is not just for your dreams, but it’s also a great way to manifest your goals as well.

Manifestation journals are used to focus on the positive by writing down your goals, affirmations, and thoughts of what you want your life to be. It is a fun and effective way to focus on being grateful for what you already have and for everything that you want to call into your life. As you go through this process, it becomes easier to look at the future with optimism.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate manifestor, this guide will give you a thorough overview of how to successfully use journaling for manifesting your desires, with journal prompts and examples of exactly what to write.

Learn the 3 basic steps of manifestation.

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Why Does Journaling Help With Manifestation?

The benefits of having a manifestation journal is that sitting and thinking about what you really want makes you look inward and focus your attention on the quiet and wise part of you that is often ignored in the chaos of life.

Being still and asking yourself what happiness and success really means to you allows you to connect to your intuition and higher self. The manifestation journal prompts in this article are designed to help you to tune out what the world says you should want, and focus in on what you truly desire and the internal shifts it takes to get it.

Manifesting can be done in different ways, but it’s important to have a manifestation journal so you can look back on your desires and actually see what’s shown up. Seeing that the law of attraction can actually work for you creates evidence that what you want is possible, and the more evidence you have the stronger you become at manifesting what you want because it really requires that you believe what you want can happen for you.

Manifestation through journaling can help you manifest:

  • Your dream job
  • A new home
  • Your soulmate
  • Better health
  • Greater self-love and confidence.
  • The healing of old wounds and limiting beliefs.

And so much more!

How to Start a Manifestation Journal:

Use a journal you love

The first step for starting a manifestation journal is choosing what you’re going to write in. It should be something that you enjoy picking up every day.

Yes you can use any paper or notebook, but choosing a specific manifesting journal sends a signal to your brain that when you write in this journal you are inviting magic into your life.

Also use a pen that feels nice to write with, I use the Sharpie S-Gel pens as they feel and look lovely.

Create a routine or ritual

Turn manifestation journaling into a ritual. Find someplace peaceful and quiet, put on music, light a candle, grab your favorite crystal if you have one, and make a cup of coffee or tea.

Here are some of the best crystals on Etsy.

Devote that time to tuning into your mind, body, and spirit. Let this be a time for you to connect to your higher self and the universe.

Write in the present or past tense

Manifesting requires faith that what you want will show up, and usually that takes some rewiring of the subconscious mind, because usually we have deeply buried beliefs that say what we want isn’t really possible for us (otherwise it would have come already).

Busting through limiting beliefs is a process, but a great way to start is by writing your manifestation as if it is happening right now or as if it is already done.

I’m so happy I just bought my dream car!

I’m so grateful that I wake up in the home of my dreams every day!

Even though you don’t physically have the thing yet, you’re writing as if you do.

how to use a manifestation journal

What Do You Write in Your Manifestation Journal:

Here are some of the most powerful and effective ways to use journaling for manifestation. Give each a try and see what feels best for you.


An affirmation is a statement that something is true, they are a powerful tool to rewire your mind and manifest your desires. So anything that you want to be true about yourself, state as if it is already so with an “I am” statement. Here are some examples:

  • I am worth of my desires.
  • I am good enough to have my dream job.
  • I am the creator of my life.
  • I am always attracting good things into my life.
  • I believe I can achieve my goals because I am powerful and brilliant.

You can write down affirmations in your journal to manifest any change you’d like to see in yourself.

Here are some posts with tons of affirmations you can use:

Intention Statements

Intention statements are similar to affirmations, but they’re more about what you want to manifest versus how you want to feel about yourself.

Using present or past tense, write down what you want as if you have it right now.

If you’re feeling doubt and your mind immediately shoots down your manifestation, this is a great way to bypass your ego’s skepticism.

  • I call into my life …
  • I invite in …
  • I am open and ready to receive …
  • I now allow … to show up for me.

If you’re feeling confident enough, write your intention as if it’s already happened.

  • I am so thankful I now have …
  • I am so thrilled I get to experience … every day.
  • I love that … has happened for me.

It seems too good to be true that you can manifest something by writing it down, but I used this method to help me break out of my $600 monthly income rut. I chose a new income goal that seemed attainable and wrote down, “I am so thankful I make $2,000 each month, I am open and ready to receive this for the highest good of all involved.” Soon after I started finding other ways to increase my income that allowed me to still be able to take care of my disabled father and that manifestation came true.

You can use this scripting method to manifest anything. For example, say you want to manifest your dream job, you can write down everything you want to experience.

  • I am so thrilled I make $80,000 at my new job.
  • I love how positive my new workplace is.
  • I appreciate how supportive my boss it.
  • I am so thankful I get to do work that I love.

Letters to the Universe

You can use your journal to write letters to the Universe or whatever you believe in.

Talk about the things you want and how they’ll benefit your life. Use them to map out the vision of what you want and exactly how it looks.

Say you want to manifest a new home, here’s an example of what to write in your manifestation journal:

Dear Universe,

I am so happy to be living in my dream home right now. Thank you for leading me down the path that brought me here. My home feels so safe and I feel deeply grounded here. Being here allows me to expand and grow. Because I’m in this space I have a home office that allows me to be inspired and creative while also being able to care for my family. I wake up every morning in my beautiful bedroom with my cheerful purple walls and I have coffee on my patio and I just feel so much joy. I love seeing nature when I look out my windows, I love having a backyard for my dog to run around, I love having hiking trails close by…

Write in as much detail as you can about how that desire looks and feels. Then read it over and really feel the emotions you’d have if you were sitting in your dream home right now.

Gratitude Lists

Whatever you’re trying to manifest, do it through the lens of gratitude.

The law of attraction is about like attracting like, so when you’re grateful for what you have now and the things you want as if you already have them, then you attract more things to be grateful for!

I have a seven day challenge, Manifesting Through Gratitude, that will give you more insight on how powerful this practice is.

Start practicing gratitude every day and you will see big changes in yourself and your life.

Mindset Shifts

A manifestation journal is a great place to write down the mindset shifts that you are making. As you learn to intentionally manifest and explore this process you’ll find new limiting beliefs all the time, and as we’ve discussed you have to learn how to rewire your mind so that they stop creating resistance to what you want.

Establish the limiting belief as being in the past and your willingness to let it go, and the belief you want as being in the present, even if you don’t really believe it yet.

In the past I have believed … but I release that belief now and choose to believe … instead.

Whatever belief you’re working on, write this down every day until you feel like you’ve released the old belief and adopted the new one.

If you want to go deep into your limiting beliefs, my Limiting Beliefs Breakthrough program might be perfect for you.

A Script of Your Life

Say you have a goal to start your own business and be a millionaire in 3 years. Write a script of what that looks like from the perspective of having accomplished the goal.

What did you accomplish, how did it change your life, where do you live, who are you with, how do you feel, how did your mindset change, how did you grow, etc?

Write down what that life looks like in as much detail as possible.

It’s kind of like how before you make a movie, you have to write a script. Before you can manifest your desire, you have to know exactly what you want and how having that thing will look like and feel.

Words and Phrases to Avoid While Manifesting

You want to be careful what words you use in your manifestation journal as some phrases hold the energy of not having what you want yet, and to receive what you want you have to align with the energy of already having it, even when physically it hasn’t show up.

I want → This means you don’t already have it. You have to feel and act as if you have it now.

I don’t want → This holds the energy of fear, which blocks what you want.

I will → This is in the future, not the present.

I wish → This implies a fantasy future, not your current reality.

Stick to “I am” and “I have,” these words put what you want in the current moment.

And finally, keep these tips in mind when scripting

When you’re manifesting through scripting or journaling there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Know your why. Your intention, desires, and goals need a purpose, they have to be meaningful to you. If you don’t really want or mean it, it won’t come or at least not in a way that makes you truly happy.
  • Don’t just write it down, feel the excitement and gratitude. Tapping into those emotions shifts your vibration into alignment with your manifestation.
  • Be patient. There is usually a delay between having the desire and receiving it. Trust that the Universe knows the best timing for you.
  • Look for opportunities to take inspired action. You can’t just sit around and wait for what you want to come without taking action, but you don’t need to act for the sake of staying busy. Inspired action means you keep an eye out for prompts, nudges, and opportunities from the Universe to be a co-creator.
  • Release the desire. Clinging creates resistance because it comes from fear. Manifestation requires trust in yourself and the process. Let go of how and when things “should” happen.

Manifestation Journal Prompts

These are some writing prompts you can answer in your manifestation journal.

These questions will help you figure out what you really want and tune into the high vibration feelings you need to get into alignment with what you want. Then the law of attraction works to make the things that you write about real.

Try doing one a day and you’ll see yourself start to change from the inside out.

  1. Thinking about a future version of you who has everything they want, what would 5-10 of their “I am” affirmations be?
  2. Is anything was possible and you were embodying your highest self, what would you have created and called into your life?
  3. If your ideal future self was writing about their day starting from when they woke up to when they went to bed, what would happen in their day?
  4. What good things have you already manifested into your life and how do they make you feel? Finish off by writing, “I invite more feelings of … into my life.”
  5. Thinking about your desires, what limiting beliefs come up as reasons why you can’t have it? What do you need to believe instead? Use the Mindset Shift writing prompt, “in the past I have believed … but I release that belief now and choose to believe … instead.
  6. What baggage from your past needs to be released for you to move forward? Write something like, “in the past … has kept me from what want. I forgive myself for carrying this weight and choose to lovingly and graciously release it now.”
  7. Putting aside what anyone else has told me I should want, what would give me the greatest happiness to receive?
  8. When I think about the life I want to be living a year from now, what does that look like?
  9. If I could wave a magic wand and make one thing manifest into my life instantly, what would it be? How would it make me feel? How can I tap into those feelings every single day?
  10. The intention and energy I’m bringing into my day is…
  11. When I’m feeling doubt about if my desire is possible, what would my highest self, or ideal future self, say to me?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Manifestation Journaling:

How often should I write in my manifestation journal?

You should write in your manifestation journal as often as you feel like it. If you feel like you need to write more, then do so. If you don’t feel like writing, then don’t force yourself to.

If you’re just starting it can be good to challenge yourself to script every day for a month. Try the different methods listed here and the journal prompts. See what comes up with curiosity and compassion.

Create a routine. I like to do my journaling in the morning as I drink my coffee. I stay off my phone and laptop and devote that time to going inward and asking myself what I really want. As an anxious person, my little ritual brings me a lot of peace.

Do I need to write the same thing in my manifestation journal every day?

No, though you can write the same affirmations and intentions every day, you don’t have to unless you want to.

Repetition can be a good way to reinforce beliefs you want to develop, so it can be very beneficial to write positive affirmations every day until you feel like they’re really true for you.

But if you like to switch things up, then write whatever feels good.

How long will it take for this method to work?

There’s no set time for how long something takes to manifest. Some things will come quickly, while others can take a year or more.

Stay focused on your intention, keep tapping into the feeling of already having it, and take inspired action when you feel called to. Trust that it is meant for you.

What to do after scripting manifestation?

After writing your intention or desire, read over what you wrote and feel gratitude for it as if it’s already done. If I’m writing a list of things I want I’ll read it and at the end close my eyes and say ‘thank you’ and truly feel happiness as if they have happened for me.

Then I put my journal away and go about my day. If I think about my desires later I try to remember to feel the gratitude again.

What if I don’t want what I wrote down anymore?

If something isn’t in alignment with you anymore, all you have to do is let it go in your mind.

The Universe isn’t reading your diary, it’s reading your intentions and vibration. If what you want changes, then your vibration changes. If you want to cross out what you wrote or remove those pages you can, but you don’t have to.

It can be good to leave them so you can look back and see how you’ve changed.

Sometimes we think having something is important, but then as we grow we see that it wasn’t as meaningful as we thought it was. It’s ok to change your mind!

I hope you found this step by step guide to manifestation journaling helpful. If you want more manifestation tips check out these posts and subscribe below!

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