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How to Manifest Your Dream Job + 55 Affirmations for Manifesting a Job

Want to manifest your dream job? Welcome to a step by step guide to getting the job you want with the law of attraction! I’m giving you all the tools you need to attract the right career for you. If you want to manifest the success of your own business this process will work for you too!

There are also 55 affirmations for manifesting a job towards the end of this post that you can use to get yourself in the right energy and headspace during this process.

Not sure how the law of attraction really works? Learn the 3 essential steps of manifestation and then come back to learn how to apply this method to manifesting the perfect job for you.

Can Manifestation Really Help You Get Your Dream Job?

The great thing about manifestation is that you can use it in any area of your life. So manifesting your dream job is possible when you follow these steps.

One thing I want to mention before we get started, manifestation does not allow you to change other people, so the focus is not on making someone at the job you want like you.

Your goal is to bring yourself and your energy into alignment with what they want, whether that is an employer or the clients you need. You are becoming an energetic match to the right job. You are shifting your vibration to be aligned with your dream job.

Your current situation is largely the result of your current energy. Of course external factors can impact us. Maybe the company you worked for closed, or you were laid off because of the pandemic, or your old workplace was extremely toxic and it wasn’t healthy to stay there, those are external factors that you can’t control.

Manifestation is all about taking personal responsibility, so you always have to look at how your energy, beliefs, and action have created your circumstance.

Do so with curiosity and compassion. The point is not to criticize yourself but to see how you got to where you are so that you can stop doing the things that create what you don’t want. Then you can manifest the job you want with the Law of Attraction

That said, lets get into how to manifest your dream career.

How to Manifest a New Job with the Law of Attraction

1. Be Crystal Clear About What You Want and Why

First, you need to know exactly what you want and why you want it. That doesn’t mean you have to know the exact job title and company you want work for, but that you know how you want the position to make you feel and how it will impact your life.

Everything we want in life is really about the feeling it gives us. It’s not just the job, it’s what the job gives you like security, happiness, fulfillment, and excitement.

Ask yourself exactly what you want from your dream job.

  • Do you want a job with flexible hours that allows you to work with your kid’s school schedule?
  • Do you want to work from home?
  • Do you want a 4 day work week?
  • Do you want a job that allows you to make the world a better place?
  • Do you want to be challenged or do you want something that’s easy going and slow paced?
  • What salary do you want?
  • How much vacation time do you want?
  • Is diversity and social impact important to you?

When you’re clear on your desire you’ll know exactly what to say yes or no to.

2. Clear Any Limiting Beliefs

Do you believe the job you want is possible for you? Do you believe you are good enough for the job?

If you don’t feel completely confident that you can have that job and that you are the perfect fit for it, you have some limiting beliefs to work through.

In order to manifest anything you have to know that it should be yours. You can’t be in alignment with your desires if you doubt that it’s really meant for you.

Start by asking “why don’t I believe I can have this job?” See what comes up, and keep on asking questions. Your first answer is not the final answer, there is always something deeper.

When you have your reasons, use the affirmations I’ve listed at the end of this post to start telling yourself a different story.

Learn more about how to challenge your limiting beliefs.

manifest your dream job

3. Visualize the Outcome You Want

It can be incredibly helpful to see exactly what you want in your mind, it helps make it real for you and shift your energy into alignment with your perfect job. You can do this once a day or once a week, whatever feels good to you.

See yourself acing your job interview and getting the call that you’re hired.

Imagine yourself walking into work each day feeling confident and excited for the day.

How are you dressed? What’s the work culture like?

Visualize receiving your first paycheck.

If you can’t visualize in your head, try writing it down as if it’s already done and you’re telling someone about how good it feels to have your job.

4. Maintain Positive Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy

Visualization is a great tool, but it’s not enough to only visualize a few times and then what you want arrives.

We manifest from our dominate vibration. When you feel good you attract more things that feel good.

Learn about the Law of Vibration

You have to keep working on your energy and you do that by continuously tapping into the feeling that manifesting that dream job would give you. Remember the first step was to know what you want and how it makes you feel, so you’re looking to feel that way right now as much as you can.

Of course none of us can feel good all the time, so that’s not the goal. The point is to generally feel good and learn how to bring up that excitement and satisfaction as often as you can.

If you’re going through a hard time right now it can be very hard to feel positive about anything, so please just focus on giving yourself love and compassion. It will still get you closer to manifesting that dream job!

Tapping into those good feelings requires managing your thoughts and using positive affirmations whenever doubt and limiting beliefs pop us, so start to pay attention to the dialog in your head and gently respond with something positive when that inner critic is filling you with doubt.

5. Take Inspired Action

Manifestation isn’t just an internal process, it requires outer action as well.

When you take action it sends a signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive the thing you desire.

When you’re hungry the food you want doesn’t magically appear in front of you, you have to make it or order it. You have to take action and be part of the creation process.

This looks like:

  • Updating your resume and writing cover letters
  • Practicing interview skills
  • Brushing up skills you need for the job you want (take classes, watch tutorials, etc)
  • Applying to jobs
  • Asking around to see if anyone you know works in the industry you want to join
  • Get an outfit ready for job interviews
how to manifest a job

6. Practice Gratitude Daily

We talked about how you have to shift your energy into alignment with what you want, and the best way to do that is to practice gratitude for the things you have now, and the things that are on the way to you.

If your belief is that you can’t be happy right now because you don’t have everything you want, you will still feel this way when you have the dream job, house, car, etc. You will find new things that you want and don’t have and you’ll still feel like you don’t have enough.

It’s not really about the thing you want, it’s about your attitude.

Make a list of things you’re grateful for every morning or night. Even if life is hard right now, find a few things that make you happy.

Be thankful as if you have already manifested the job you want. Feel excited as if you’ve already received your first paycheck. Print out a manifestation check and celebrate every day when you see it.

Try to have fun with this process!

7. Release When and How

When you’re in the process of manifesting a job try to avoid feeling desperation or needing to control the outcome.

We all want to know exactly when the job is going to be ours and how it’s going to happen, but when you are constantly asking why isn’t it here yet, you’re lowering your vibration into one of lack.

The feeling of lack comes from fear, and it’s very difficult to manifest good things out of fear. The universe gives you what you’re an energetic match to, so if you’re desperate you’re going to get more reasons to stay desperate.

Maybe your daily mantra becomes, “I am aligned with my dream job, energetically it is already mine!” Then you just let go and go about your day.

Focus on the feeling of the job already being yours, because if you already have the job you aren’t worried about getting it.

8. Get Ready to Receive the Job Offer

Act like you just accepted an awesome job offer and do whatever you would have to do for your first day of work.

  • Set up a home office or workspace.
  • Make space in your closet for your work clothes and buy one or two outfits if you need to.
  • Start getting up early and create a new morning routine.

When you are prepared and ready to go you’re going to move into alignment with what you want and it will come that much faster!

affirmations for manifesting a job

Affirmations to Manifest Your Dream Job

Here are some affirmations to attract a new job. Use whichever ones feel right to you, pick 5-10 and say them in the mirror everyday. If you don’t feel totally confident saying them start with “I am willing to believe…” This way your mind doesn’t resist it so much.

Affirmations for Job Interviews and Getting Hired

  1. The perfect job for me is out there and I’m ready to find it.
  2. I’m ready to elevate my life with a new job.
  3. I confidently demonstrate my strengths at job interviews.
  4. I always know what to say.
  5. I feel prepared to ace this job interview.
  6. It’s easy for me to communicate my thoughts.
  7. I come across as knowledgeable and confident.
  8. I am the best person for this job and the interviewers see that.
  9. Companies are desperate to hire me.
  10. Job opportunities fall right into my lap!
  11. There are so many great career opportunities available for me!
  12. I’m so excited to receive the perfect job offer.
  13. Doors are always opening to me.
  14. I’m perfectly qualified for my dream job.
  15. I am a magnet for new career opportunities.
  16. I am confident in my worth, skills, and knowledge.
  17. Life sends me money-making, joy-inducing opportunities every day.
  18. I am in alignment with my dream job.
  19. Whatever happens is for my greatest good.
  20. I trust the universe to lead me to the perfect career.

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Affirmations for Career Success

  1. I’m so thankful to have a job with a positive work environment.
  2. I deserve to work at an amazing company that values me.
  3. I loving working for a company that has a positive global impact.
  4. I am so valuable and employers see that.
  5. Anything I don’t know I can learn or delegate to someone who is thrilled to help me..
  6. I’m so thankful my boss recognizes my hard work and rewards me for it.
  7. My employers love paying me generously for my work.
  8. I’m surrounded with the best people at work.
  9. Everyone on my team is friendly and hardworking.
  10. I appreciate that everyone at my job is treated with respect.
  11. I love getting paid for work I enjoy.
  12. I’m worthy of respect and fair compensation for my work.
  13. I am open to opportunities for advancement.
  14. My voice and ideas are appreciated at my workplace.
  15. I have unique gifts and talents that are an asset to my career.
  16. It’s easy to network with people in my field.
  17. I feel excited to go to work each day.
  18. My job challenges me in the best way.
  19. I love having a job with flexible hours that works with my schedule.
  20. My work feels satisfying and rewarding.

Affirmations for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  1. I am worthy of incredible success.
  2. My success is inevitable and I am always on the right path.
  3. I don’t wait for opportunities, I create them.
  4. Every investment I make into my business comes back to me multiplied by ten.
  5. People love buying what I sell.
  6. I am creative and inspired every day.
  7. When I succeed I can help other people succeed.
  8. It’s so easy to make money doing what I love.
  9. I attract amazing clients and customers who love my work.
  10. I make the best connections with clients, colleagues, and people who can help me grow my business.
  11. I have so much value to share with my clients and customers.
  12. People love to pay me generously for being myself.
  13. I have the courage to make my vision my reality.
  14. My business makes a positive impact in the world.
  15. I always find the resources I need to improve my business.

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  1. I think is is Absolutely Amazing!!!! It’s well written and gives so much information and examples!!! Thank you so much for writing this and helping!!!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  2. This was amazing advice I really appreciate this.

    You know how you said be specific about the job you want, so I want a job where my schedule is from 8-2:30 or 8-3, what type of affirmation would I use for that or affirmation?

    1. You can use something like, “I’m so thankful I found a job with the exact hours I want to work” or “a job with the perfect hours is on it’s way to me now.” You can also write out a list with all the qualities of the job you want and look at that list each day while feeling really grateful as if you already have it. Hold the energy/mindset of having manifested that perfect job right now and let that inspire the actions you take to find/receive it. I hope that helps Naomi!