signs your manifestation is close to arriving

8 Unmistakable Signs Your Manifestation is Close!

Manifestation can be a waiting game. You send your desire to the Universe for that shiny new car, that dream job, the perfect partner – but how do you know when you’re really on the verge of manifesting it?

There are plenty of signs to watch out for, and this article will provide you with a few telltale signs that your manifestation is about to happen.

But first, it’s important to note that an essential part of the manifestation process is not being attached to the outcome. So if you’re desperately looking everywhere for signs your manifestation is about to happen, you need to release that attachment because it’s only creating resistance.

Remember that the universe has it’s own timeline and what we think we want may not be as good as what we really need, so keep an open-mind as you read this and wait for your manifestation to come.

When you have full trust that what you want is already yours, you don’t need a sign, but they are fun to see!

If any of these signs are showing up, it may be time to start celebrating!

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Signs Your Manifestation is Close

1. Less negative thoughts

One of the biggest obstacles that keeps the things we want from showing up is our thoughts and beliefs.

If your belief system says something isn’t possible for you, then you will resist the things you want without even realizing it.

You won’t apply for the perfect job, you won’t give the guy who could be your soulmate a second glance, you’ll ignore all the opportunities to receive what you want.

If you want to manifest a car, but you keep having thoughts like, “that will never happen for me,” that shows that you have subconscious beliefs that need to be healed before the thing you want can manifest.

So when you start having less doubt and negative thoughts, that means you are moving into alignment with the thing you want to manifest.

But if you still have a lot of fear that it won’t happen, check out my post on how to overcome your limiting beliefs because this is hugely important.

2. An increase in synchronicity

You get more signs and synchronicities when your desire is close to manifesting.

Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events with no causal relationship yet seem meaningfully related. When synchronicity is present in one’s life, it is often seen as a sign that one is on the right path and that their manifestation will soon happen.

Maybe you think about how you’d like a cup of coffee and then a friend or coworker shows up and gives one to you. Or you see a picture of a butterfly on your computer and then you see one outside.

Synchronistic events can be seen as a sign of change and transition in your life – a sign that something new is about to happen.

Synchronicity has the tendency to manifest the most at pivotal moments, so take note when they start to happen but don’t obsessively look for them because that means you’re trying to force your manifestation to come and that never works.

3. A sense of clarity

Your manifestation is on the way when you have a sense of clarity and confidence about what you desire. You know deep inside that your dream is possible and you are committed to it.

Sometimes things don’t show up because it’s not what we truly want, or because we feel so much uncertainty about what’s really right for us.

So when you start to feel clarity about your life and your future, things are going to start shifting. It can take time, but it’s not until you change on the inside that you see changes on the outside.

signs your manifestation is close

4. You have a feeling of being supported

A sign that the law of attraction is working for you is when you have the feeling of being supported by life, the universe, and everything around you.

When ideas are flowing, the right people are showing up, you’re taking inspired action, and things are just coming together, then you’re on the path to receiving your desire really soon!

When you get in tune with your higher self this is when magic happens! This is when all things are possible and things just seem to be easier.

Learn more about how to connect to your higher self.

5. You see other people receiving what you want

Most of us would never think that someone else getting the thing we want was a sign that our manifestation is close, but actually it is.

When you’re trying to manifest a raise at work and your friend gets one, celebrate for them because that means it’s possible for you too. If you want a certain car and someone you knows buys that exact one, that means it’s going to happen for you too.

Jealously creates resistance, so be happy when you see other people receiving good things, celebrate their success. When you’re excited for them that aligns you with the vibration of what you want. Learn about the Law of Vibration and why it’s just as important as the Law of Attraction.

6. Emotional and physical weights are dropping away

Your manifestation is coming when the negative baggage in your life starts dropping away. Sometimes our desire doesn’t show up because old physical and emotional clutter are in the way. You have to make space for what you want before it can come.

Maybe a toxic person starts leaving you alone or you’re finally able to let them go.

Perhaps you feel the urge to declutter your home and are finally ready to get rid of things that you were clinging to in the past.

Suddenly a bad habit you’ve struggled with is easy to quit.

If you just feel like things that were weighing you down in the past are gone, that’s a sign your manifestation is coming and you’re ready to receive it.

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7. You feel inspired to take action

Manifestation isn’t just visualizing something and then it shows up, it requires you to take action when the Universe gives you an idea or opportunity.

So when your intuition tells you “do this,” or you feel called to talk to someone or go somewhere, that a sign that your manifestation is near.

The Universe will show you the path, but you have to take those first steps and say yes to the opportunities it gives you.

When you’re willing and called to take action (even if it’s not perfect) then the Universe starts delivering what you want.

8. You don’t NEED it to come

What happens just before manifestation is that you stop needing it to come.

Your manifestation is about to happen when you start feeling like time isn’t an issue anymore. Your patience grows exponentially and it almost doesn’t matter if the thing comes because you’re already happy and fulfilled right in this moment.

When you don’t need it anymore this means you’re not carrying the energy of lack or fear it won’t come, because you’re finally in perfect vibrational alignment.

If you feel totally peace about whether or not your desire comes that is the ultimate sign you’re in alignment and ready for your manifestation to arrive, and soon the Universe will deliver it.

What to do when you’re feeling frustrated and don’t believe it’s happening yet

Trust in your intuition

So many people get caught up in their pursuit for these things and wondering when it’s going to get here, that you miss the nudges that tell you what to do next and how to create what you want.

Your intuition will guide you if you listen. If you’re willing to act and say yes to your ideas and dreams, then the Universe will be too.

Learn 9 steps to trusting your intuition.

Tap into the flow state

The process of manifestation can get easier when you get into a flow state. When people are in a flow state, they are constantly coming up with new ideas to bring to life and working towards their goals in a way that feels easy instead of like they’re walking through hip deep mud.

They are creating from the very best version of themselves that isn’t restricted by self-imposed limitations.

You reach a flow state by focusing on why your desire is so important to you, and what it will bring to your life. Then you ignore the fear and doubts and take the action your intuition tells you to.

With the law of attraction yes you are drawing things to you, but you also have to be a co-creator with the Universe, which means your actions have to support the outcome you want to manifest.

Be patient

Manifestation can take time. We live in a world that gives us instant gratification for a lot of things, so it’s understandable that we want the thing right now, and if it doesn’t show up in two days then we lose faith.

We wonder if we’re just not worthy, if we manifested wrong, if manifestation just doesn’t work at all. It’s normal to feel this way, but that’s your limiting beliefs and your ego talking.

Tell your ego to calm down, and reassure yourself that your desires are meant for you and they are on the way right now.

Focus on being happy and grateful for the good things already in you life and finding ways to co-create with the Universe. Have fun with this process!

In addition to these tips, here are 7 reasons you haven’t manifested your desire yet.

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