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65 Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love & Healing

Self-love is so elusive but so incredibly important if you want to have a life that is fulfilling and joyful. You really can’t have true happiness if you don’t have self-love.

I want to share some powerful affirmations for self-love and healing, and talk about why they’re so important, how they work, and the most effective ways to use them.

If you’ve ever had a voice in your head that constantly tells you that you’re not enough, or you’re a failure, or no one will love you, then you need to make self-love affirmations part of your daily life.

I’ve seen for myself how these affirmations can transform your life. I went from feeling completely inadequate and unworthy, to knowing without a doubt that I am enough and I am valuable. They completely changed how I see myself and the possibilities that are available to me.

If used consistently these positive statements will absolutely help you develop greater self-love and self-acceptance.

How do Affirmations Work?

There are two parts of your mind at work, the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is controlling about 5% of your life. It’s the more logical and rational part of your mind that develops later in childhood.

Meanwhile the subconscious mind is creating 95% of your life and it begins to be programmed from birth. Before the age of 3 we’re forming 1 million neural connections every minute, but there’s no filter to tell you what is and isn’t true until you’re around 8 years old.

The things you experience and hear in childhood become the programming that you operate from in adulthood, because when you’re a child you don’t always have the ability to apply logic to what you see and hear. These experiences become your belief system.

That’s why we believe in things like the Easter Bunny and monsters under the bed so easily as children.

the conscious mind vs the subconscious mind

If something happens that makes you feel like and believe you’re unlovable as a child, then you’ll go on believing that as an adult even when it’s not true or logical.

The conscious mind is observing the world and seeing all these great things that would improve your life and deciding, “hey, I want that!”

But all of these desires are being filtered through the programming of your subconscious mind. If your subconscious programming says, “no, this isn’t possible for me,” then it will act against your conscious mind’s desires.

Affirmations help to reprogram your subconscious mind. With time and repetition they begin to override that old limiting programming. Positive affirmations, along with other inner work practices, change how your brain thinks about yourself and the world.

When you change your thoughts and beliefs, then you automatically change your actions and are able to create what you want without that nagging inner voice that’s always telling you, “no you can’t do or have that, you aren’t good enough.”

So affirmations are one of the stepping stones to completely transforming your life.

The Benefits of Self-Love Affirmations

Self-love affirmations create confidence and improve your sense of self-worth. When you start telling yourself that you are worthy of love, that you are smart and strong and beautiful, your self-esteem will skyrocket.

Learning to love yourself heals old wounds, even the ones you aren’t consciously aware of, and we have a LOT of old wounds that we can’t see going all the back to when we were babies.

We have so much programming that says we aren’t good enough or worthy of success, love, and happiness.

Those doubts and fears you have about your worthiness of love are not the truth.

They’re just a belief you formed as a kid, but all beliefs are not facts, right? Some people belief the earth is flat, but it’s not true. When a belief is not truth, and it’s not serving you, it’s time to kick it to the curb.

If you believe in manifestation or the law of attraction, the subconscious mind plays a huge role in what we’re attracting every single day. So when you reprogram your mind and develop self-love you start attracting things that are aligned with what you truly want and deserve, instead of your old insecurities.

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How to Use Affirmations for Self-Love

The subconscious mind is most open to suggestion before falling asleep and just after waking up, so try to use them during those times. Morning affirmations for self-love are a great way to start off your day.

Choose a handful to become a daily mantra

You may not have the time to sit a repeat dozens of affirmations each day, so choose 5-10 that really resonate with you and say them once or twice a day. Make sure to tap into the positive feelings that the affirmations should bring up, feeling like these statements are true helps reinforce to your subconscious mind that they are facts.

Speak them in front of a mirror

Have you ever looked in the mirror in the morning and been kind of like, “ugh, you again.” This method will help.

Look yourself in the eyes as you say these self-love affirmations. It will feel awkward and untrue at first, like you’re a five year old lying to your mom about eating the last cookie, but keep on doing it. You have to learn how to associate your appearance with these loving and healing affirmations.

It could take a few weeks or months, but eventually it will feel natural to say these positive statements to your reflection.

Say them to your inner critic

Whenever you notice that your inner critic is mouthing off about how you’re too much of this or not enough of that, respond with a loving affirmation. Talk to that part of yourself the way you would talk to your child if they felt unloved or not good enough.

Be gentle and compassionate. You can probably think of so many times in the past when you needed someone to just love and accept you when you felt down or made a mistake, be that person to yourself now.

Create a daily tapping routine

If you enjoy EFT, also called tapping, say these positive affirmations as you tap on the meridian points. Studies show that tapping reduces stress levels, so if you combine it with these statements you’re going to feel so good.

I’ve been tapping for about 2 minutes every morning for the past two weeks with just self-love affirmations and each time I’ve felt down or grumpy before tapping I always feel so much better afterwards.

positive affirmations for self-love and healing

Powerful and Healing Self-Love Affirmations

  1. I am so worthy.
  2. I am always good enough.
  3. I see my incredible value and others do too.
  4. I am doing the best I can with the tools available to me.
  5. I choose to love, accept, and honor myself as I am in this moment.
  6. I choose to believe in my strength and beauty.
  7. There are no limits to what I can achieve.
  8. I love myself as I am while still striving to be my highest self.
  9. I deeply and completely forgive myself for my mistakes.
  10. Loving myself comes easily and naturally.
  11. The more I love myself the more I attract others who love me for me.
  12. I allow old wounds to heal and choose wholeness.
  13. I accept all of me with love.
  14. My voice is just as important as anyone else’s.
  15. I choose to be gentle with myself.
  16. There is a brilliant light inside me from which I can draw strength at any time.
  17. Everything I need is already within me.
  18. I’ve overcome challenges before and will do so again.
  19. I believe in myself even if others do not.
  20. I am allowed to have big dreams.
  21. I trust myself to make decisions for my highest good.
  22. I only attract people into my life who accept me as I am.
  23. I am fully capable of achieving all of my goals.
  24. I deserve the best from others and myself.
  25. I am allowed to be bold and take up space.
  26. My definition of success is the only one that matters.
  27. I am confident asking for what I deserve.
  28. I take responsibility for my own sense of fulfillment and do not seek it from others.
  29. My purpose in life is to be happy.
  30. I do my best each day, and that is enough.
  31. My life is full of infinite opportunities for love and happiness.
  32. I value my effort as much as my results.
  33. I am in control of my life.
  34. I have the power to change my story.
  35. I open myself to joy and fun.
  36. I can begin again right now.
  37. I am strong and I am brave.
  38. I honor my emotional needs.
  39. I am deeply loved by the Universe.
  40. There is beauty in my imperfections.
  41. I allow the power of my magic to show up in my life.
  42. It is safe for me to be powerful.
  43. It is safe for me to be myself.
  44. I deserve to have my needs fulfilled.
  45. I am the healer of my own life.
  46. I love myself even when I’m afraid.
  47. I choose to think kind thoughts about myself.
  48. I choose to create balance and harmony.
  49. I release any need for suffering.
  50. I release old beliefs that kept me small, it’s safe for me to grow and shine.
  51. I am exactly who I should be in this moment.
  52. I will be patient with myself even when frustrating things happen.
  53. My intuition always has the answer.
  54. When I choose inner peace I create outer peace.
  55. The only approval I need is my own.
  56. I’m allowed to feel negative emotions and release them when the time is right.
  57. My highest self is always here to guide me.
  58. I respect my needs and boundaries.
  59. I’m allowed say no when something does not serve me
  60. I am in control of my happiness.
  61. I have already accomplished great things and will accomplish more.
  62. I attract love and light.
  63. I am so proud of how far I’ve come.
  64. I see my beauty with loving eyes.
  65. I embody love and strength every day.

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