why manifesting isn't working for you

7 Simple Reasons Why Manifesting isn’t Working for You, YET

Are you feeling frustrated because manifestation isn’t working for you? If you’ve been trying to manifest things for a while, or you are just getting started, you may find that manifesting what you want doesn’t happen quite as quickly as you would like.

I know exactly how you feel, when I was just starting out I spent plenty of time wondering if manifestation is real, why doesn’t the law of attraction work for me?

Today we’re going to explore the real reasons why manifesting isn’t working the way you want it to yet, and how you can fix them.

If manifestation hasn’t worked for you yet, it boils down to two things: timing, and your beliefs. Some things can just take time to line up in a way that is perfect for us, it can be frustrating but trust that the outcome will be exactly what you need.

As for your beliefs and mindset, they have to be in alignment with your desire on both a conscious and subconscious level, otherwise you will resist your manifestation without even being aware of it.

You’ll learn exactly what to look for here. The good news is that once you know why manifesting isn’t working, you can fix it.

I’ve been working on all of these things the past year, and especially this past month, and I’ve seen huge results. This month I manifested an extra $500 which I credit especially to reasons number 1 and 6.

Does Manifesting Work?

It’s normal to question if manifestation actually works when you feel like you’ve done all the right things and nothing comes from it.

It’s not because the law of attraction doesn’t work, or because something is wrong with you, it’s just a matter of changing the way we think and act in simple but significant ways.

Manifesting is the art of tapping into the energy or power of the universe to create the life you want. You send your intention to the universe, then feel and act as if you already have what you desire. The universe then works to help you make your desires reality.

I explain the process more in dept in 3 Steps to Manifest What You Want, but it’s important to note again that our mindsets and belief systems are the key.

You have to believe it’s possible, otherwise you will block the thing you want from coming. You’ll think the law of attraction isn’t working, but actually it’s sending you what’s in your subconscious mind, which is your desire not being possible for you.

Annoying, right? Let’s get into how to fix it!

Here are the most common reasons why manifesting isn’t working for you, yet.

why isn't manifestation working for me

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Why Manifesting isn’t Working for You

1. Your Limiting Beliefs are in the Way

You are what you believe you are.

Do you believe that you can manifest your dreams? If you don’t then that’s the reason why manifestation isn’t working for you.

Do you believe you are worthy of your dreams? If you don’t believe you are worthy of your desires, you won’t receive them. If you doubt your dreams are possible then they won’t be.

You create your own resistance to manifesting your dream.

Have you ever watched someone complain about the same thing over and over and over again? Nothing ever changes for them because they are stuck in a negative loop of their own creation, and constant complaining attracts more reasons to complain. When you finally break out of the loop you can take action and makes things change.

It’s so easy to be stuck in negative thought patterns that just creates the same repetitive cycle. As I talked about in How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs, a lot of these patterns are learned in childhood, but you can break them and retrain your brain to be your biggest supporter instead of your biggest critic.

Put yourself in the mindset of the future you that already has what you’ve asked for. Act how that person acts, feel what they feel. BE that person. They didn’t get there by staying in the same pessimistic and negative cycle, right?

When doubts pop up instantly correct them by repeating a positive thought. Arm yourself with empowering affirmations or mantras that you repeat daily. Affirmations are like an anti virus program for your brain. They block negative thoughts from taking hold of your mind.

My coaching program is all about installing new, empowering beliefs through affirmations:

Want personal 1:1 coaching? I can help you Accelerate Your Manifestation.

2. You’re Being Clingy

One of the reasons you may have trouble manifesting your desires is that you are clinging too hard to the outcome.

Just like clinging too hard to a relationship can push it away, clinging too hard to your desire can keep it from manifesting and create feelings of fear and anxiety around not having it yet.

Being too attached to the outcome comes from dwelling on what you don’t have yet, instead of energetically embodying the person who already has what you want.

You can’t want it so much that you fear you won’t get it” – Oprah

I’ve definitely been guilty of focusing on what I want way too much, like a child repeatedly asking their parent “are we there yet” until they get annoyed and pull the car over, or worse turn around and take you back to where you started.

You can’t be so focused on the end result that you forget to live in the moment, you might miss important signs and opportunities from the universe.

You have to detach yourself from the outcome. Know what you want, send your intention out to the universe, and then let it go.

This short practice will help you release your attachment.

3. You are Obsessed with How and When You’ll Manifest What You Want

It’s totally natural to want things ‘right now’ as we live in a world of almost instant gratification. Many of us also like to be in control of how and when things will happen. But, unless you have a magic lamp (please send it to me when you’re done!), you can’t make things happen instantly.

When you send your desires out into the Universe you have to give up control and trust that things will happen in the time and way that is best for you.

Has worrying about why aren’t my manifestations working ever brought them to you faster? In my experience it hasn’t, and it shows that you don’t really trust that it will happen for you.

Being impatient because your manifesting isn’t working can also lead to you giving up just before the magic happens.

Instead of looking for signs your manifestation is not working, let go and trust.

It takes some time and practice to learn how to let go of that desire to know how and when, so don’t feel bad when you find yourself wondering, just gently redirect your thoughts and feelings and bring up the feeling of it already being done.

4. You are Stuck in a ‘Lack’ Mindset

When you approach manifesting from a place of feeling like you don’t have enough then that will get in your way.

People either have a growth mindset or a lack mindset. Guess which group attracts more abundance and happiness? People with a growth mindset!

Now people with a growth mindset don’t attract more good things because their life is already perfect, it’s because their mindset isn’t closing off opportunities for growth, abundance, wealth, and happiness. They appreciate what they already have right now while knowing that they can have and do more.

When you ask the universe for more while believing you’ll never really get it, you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Opportunities will be all around you but you won’t even see them because deep down you believe you are powerless and stuck in your current circumstances forever.

Which of these sounds like a better way to ask the Universe for increased wealth?

“I want money because I’m broke, everything sucks, and I have nothing.”


“I’m so grateful for what I already have, but I want a greater income because it will enrich my life further and allow me to do even more good for myself, my loved ones, and the world.”

5. You Aren’t Taking Action to Manifest Your Desires

Manifesting doesn’t mean what you want comes to you on a silver platter. Yes sometimes things seem to show up out of the blue, but sometimes you have to take action when the universe prompts you to.

Earlier we talked about how constant complaints attracts more reasons to complain, that same concept applies to here. If you are just sitting around waiting for the thing you want to manifest, what are you attracting? More waiting.

Manifesting isn’t working because YOU aren’t working. This doesn’t mean you need to struggle, but that you are looking for, or creating, opportunities and taking advantage of them.

If you want to manifest a healthier body that means you have to put in the time to prepare healthier meals and move your body.

When you want to manifest money you have to look for other streams of income or ask for a raise.

Visualizing your desire is important, but you have to meet the universe half way through your actions. Like attracts like, so when you put in the work the universe will match your effort.

Picture your ideal self and future. Did future you get there by sitting around wondering why isn’t manifesting working for me? No, you took action and you did it in little steps every single day. Your ideal self didn’t wait for Monday or next week, they started today and they kept going.

Be that person that takes action.

Visualization + Feeling as if You already have It + Action = Manifestation

6. Your Environment is Toxic

Manifesting is about creating positive energy to tap into the power of the universe. One of the biggest factors in your energy is your environment.

If you are drowning in clutter or a messy home, that is blocking not only good energy but it’s stifling your creativity. Just like flowers don’t thrive if they’re being choked by weeds, ideas won’t flourish if they are smothered in clutter.

Now some people thrive in “organize clutter,” and that’s ok! Just be mindful of when that organized clutter becomes overwhelming.

Whenever I feel like manifesting isn’t working for me I realize my environment is not allowing positive energy to flow. Literally this last week I took a load of things to the Goodwill and did some major organizing and suddenly I had new ideas AND an unexpected boost in my income!

Create a beautiful space where you can feel peaceful and inspired.

A toxic environment can also be created by being around negative, toxic people. People who complain all the time, who try to bring you down, who don’t contribute or pull their own weight.

There is the saying, “you are the 5 people you spend the most time with.” If you know those people are not good for you, it’s time to start pulling weeds.

That might sound harsh but the only person who will take care of you is YOU. And I promise there are people out there who will inspire you and lift you up instead of pulling you down. When you get your energy right you will attract them into your life.

7. Your Vibration is Low

“My what is what now?”

Something important to manifestation that isn’t covered as much is the Law of Vibration. Every molecule in the universe is vibrating at it’s own frequency, including yours. We know that different types of thoughts and feelings activate different parts of the brain, and activating different parts of the brain changes your vibration.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so if you are vibrating at a lower frequency because of your thoughts what are you manifesting? Low vibration results. It’s no wonder manifesting isn’t working for you, right?

When you raise your vibration and maintain it, because it’s not enough to only have a high vibration for 2 minutes of the day, you manifest higher quality results.

“Ok so how do I raise my vibration?”

I’m glad you asked! I have a handy list of 26 Ways to Raise Your Vibration that’s going to help you stay in a high vibration state so you can finally start to manifest what you really want.

Whether you call it the law of attraction or manifestation, there can be some speed bumps on the journey to manifest your dreams. Sometimes nothing happens and we think manifestation doesn’t work, not understanding that we are getting in our own way.

These are the main reasons why manifesting isn’t working for you yet. Work on these, and then implement these tips to manifest faster and you’ll be on your way to manifesting anything.

What are you working on manifesting right now? Have you manifested anything amazing in the past, or have you been struggling to manifest your desires? These tips will definitely help you with the latter! Subscribe to get weekly manifestation tips sent to your inbox.

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  1. Hi there! Thank you for the article. Everything is very clear besides the taking action part. How do you take action in no contact with an sp that you want to get back? I don’t know what that would look like because I don’t want to push them further away.

    1. In cases involving another person, I’d work on yourself. How can you give yourself what you want from that person? How can you be the best version of you?