Are you ready to transform your life?

I know you have big dreams,

and you’re ready to live them, but something holds them back from actually showing up. In fact, you’ve been waiting so long for them that you doubt they’re ever going to happen.

You wonder if maybe they aren’t meant for you after all, maybe you’re not even good enough for them because if they haven’t happened by now… what else could be the reason?

You want safety and security but all you have is uncertainty.

You want to ask for more but it seems like the answer is always no.

You want to be your authentic self but you feel you have to hide to be accepted.

You want more from life but your dreams feel so out of reach that you wonder if you should just give up.

Why is having the life you want such a struggle?

Because these limitations are deeply tied to your identity. How often do you have thoughts like:

  • I’m just not good at this.
  • Life is hard.
  • I’ll never get ahead.
  • My dreams are impossible.
  • Other people are just luckier than me.
  • The deck is stacked against me.
  • Nothing I do is enough.

When we think thoughts like this over and over again, often for years, we’re actually programming our subconscious mind and telling it, “this is the way it’s supposed to be.” And those thoughts become part of your identity, so “I can’t have that” becomes as much a part of you as the color of your eyes.

And then every action you do or don’t take is shaped by these limitations.

You have a lifetime of experiences and repetitive thoughts that have shaped your identity and life into what it is now. It’s put you into a box and kept you small. However, who you have been is not who you have to be forever.

You can be anyone you want, the person who has it all, when you learn how to create a new identity. You can rebuild your self-image from the ground up to be the most confident, magical, and powerful version of you that you can imagine.

It’s time to stop feeling small, powerless, and doubting if your dreams are really meant for you.

What would your life look like if you had 100% certainty that all of your dreams were possible?

Transcendence gives you the key to unlocking your potential. It’s a program that helps you shed your limitations and create a new identity that says “I can have anything I want,” and become the most powerful version of you.

This 21 day program is a no-nonsense, straight to the point, boost of self-worth, self-love, and electrifying empowerment straight to your soul.

Transcendence will help you:

  • Uncover why you feel so stuck so you can heal it.
  • Release old attachments, beliefs, relationships, and emotional ‘junk’ that was holding you back.
  • Heal your Inner Child and give yourself full permission to experience your dreams.
  • Rewire your brain for success, take back your power, and drastically level up your life.
  • Discover who your Best Future Self is and start taking steps to actually being them.
  • Build up unshakable self-worth!
  • Shift your mindset and energy into full alignment with who you want to be.
  • Take daily action towards your goals with confidence.

I’ll guide you each step of the way.

heal and transform yourself

You can unlock your magic and free yourself to be the luminous being that you are truly meant to be, but you can’t create a new life on the foundation of your old identity.

You’ll go from this

Having a million excuses for why you can’t have what you want.

Looking outwards for validation and proof that you’re ‘good enough.’

Feeling completely disconnect from your intuition and Higher Self.

Trying to manifest things like love, wealth, and success but never seeing results.

to this

Feeling confident taking action to be the conscious creator of your life.

Knowing without a doubt that you already deserve everything you could ever want.

Easily tapping into the wisdom, peace, & certainty your Higher Self wants to share with you.

Having those things come automatically and easily and feeling 100% worthy of them.

Transcendence allows you to expand beyond your perceived limitations.

Other programs tell you to just, “embody the version of you who has what you want” or just “be high vibe,” but they don’t help you actually DO that.

Let’s be real, it’s one thing to understand “oh yeah, I have to love myself and feel worthy” in theory, it’s another to actually live and embody those things. I’m going to help you do that in Transcendence.

You will get tangible, actionable tools that help you make this shift in your mindset, energy, and actions so that creating the life you want comes easily.

When you feel worthy of your desires and stop unconsciously resisting them, things start to flow to you effortlessly. In Transcendence you’ll start to build up a new foundation to create your life from.



I made this program so that you don’t have to waste anymore time trying to figure this out.

What happens in Transcendence?

  • When you sign up you’ll get access to a new lesson each day for 21 days. You’ll have a simple assignment that will take you 10-20 minutes most days and leave you feeling really good.
  • You get daily tools including journal prompts, meditations, affirmation audios to rewire the brain, a cleansing breathwork class, and powerful EFT videos that will help you embody your best self, giving you the confidence to take action on your goals and dreams.
  • Through these simple but effective daily assignments you’ll be building new neural pathways in the brain that make being your best self automatic and effortless, but you have to show up for yourself and take consistent action!
  • You will get life time access to this magical course! So you can come back any time you need a refresher. You also get future updates as I learn other methods (for example, this used to be a 14 day class and now it’s 21 days).
  • You’ll also get the 30 Days to Embody Your Power checklist so you can keep up your momentum after the program.

I’ve been where you are

I was so tired of not seeing results.

I spent years working on developing better habits and routines, hoping that would help me manifest the success, wealth, and happiness I wanted. I even spent thousands of dollars on coaches that ended up giving me more blocks than I started with because their ‘woo’ methods didn’t do sh*t for me.

After feeling a lot of shame and wondering why doing what all the “manifestation experts” told me to do wasn’t working, I finally figured out how to rewire my brain.

It wasn’t until I shifted my focus to changing my identity that I began to see the biggest changes.

Because if deep down your identity says you’re not worthy of your desires or you have to jump through flaming hoops to have them, you will unconsciously resist and sabotage them.

For the first time in my life I could finally see a path to the life I wanted. I felt focused. Instead of making excuses and being ‘too tired’ to do what I needed to do, I just started doing it. Instead of struggling to access my creativity it just started flowing through me.

And yeah, the success and wealth started increasing too but the real prize was actually feeling empowered instead of stuck.

Success Story:

Transcendence showed me how deep my feelings of unworthiness went. Even more importantly, I felt that the tools provided are actually helping me to start to build up my confidence. I’m not where I want to be yet but I know I’m making so much progress and I’m going to keep using the meditations and tapping script. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in a few months. If you really do the work you’ll see results!

– Rachel

That vision of your best self that’s been in your head all this time but frustratingly out of reach… You’re going to take leaps and bounds towards becoming them.

Transcendence is for you if:

  • You want to love yourself without conditions.
  • You want to know without a shadow of a doubt that your desires are meant for you.
  • You are ready to step into the most powerful version of yourself.
  • You are ready to ditch your excuses and take action every day.
  • You are ready to kick fear to the curb and go after what you want.

However, this program is not about:

  • Getting an overnight transformation where all your problems are solved.
  • External results without internal work.
  • Never having to do inner work after this (it’s a life long journey).



Success Story:

I almost spent hundreds on another program but decided to try Transcendence instead, and oh my god I’m glad I did. I didn’t realize how many excuses I had for not going for my dream career, and that they were coming from my inner child who was told she wasn’t allowed to be powerful. I felt stuck for so long but now for the first time I feel like I have a chance at making my dreams a reality.

– Tiffany

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is a digital course, and it is very affordably priced, refunds are not available for this program.

A new lesson will be released each day for 21 days, but if something comes up you can absolutely take a break and come back when you’re ready.

I know exactly how it feels to invest in books and courses and feel like you’re working on yourself but still not see results in how you feel or how your life looks.

The focus for Transcendence is taking real, tangible steps to being the person you need to be to create the life you want and stop self-sabotaging, and not just learning this stuff in theory.

We doing this through easy daily actions that will build neural pathways in your brain that make embodying your best future self easy and automatic.

Emotional Freedom Technique, also called tapping, is a practice that involves tapping on meridian/energy points on your face and upper body while talking through a belief or issue. By tapping on these points you shift stuck and negative energy and allow healing to take place. EFT has been proven in studies to reduce PTSD, calm the nervous system, and relieve physical pain.

While this program is not specifically about how to manifest external things, it’s all about laying the foundation that makes conscious manifestation possible and easy.

We are already manifesting our lives through our beliefs and actions, and Transcendence helps you to stop operating from old limiting programing and empower yourself to start taking action towards the things you subconsciously believed were off limits before.