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45 Self Love Journal Prompts

A journal is a great tool for releasing pent up emotions, self-reflection, and organizing your thoughts, but it is also a powerful tool for developing self love through the simple act of writing.

Journaling for self love is the process of looking inward and writing down your thoughts and feelings about yourself, both positive and negative. When you acknowledge your positive traits your feelings of self love are amplified, and when you identify areas where you lack self love you can find new ways of looking at those parts of yourself and choose a more compassionate lens through which to see yourself.

The self love journal prompts below will highlight the wonderful qualities you already have, and they will guide you to the places where you can shift your perspective and develop more love for yourself. They will guide you to your true self and help you see how amazing you are.

At the end of this article you can get a free printable list of these self love journaling prompts.

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The Benefits of Journaling for Self Love

Journaling for self love can be a powerful tool to help you reflect on your own life, identify your strengths and weaknesses, see your weaknesses with more compassion, and set personal goals for what you would like to improve. It allows you to express your thoughts and feelings without judgement and it can even help you heal your shadow self.

It’s a way to help identify any issues that require attention. You may not realize that you have critical beliefs about yourself or the source of your negative feelings until a journal prompt makes you analyze what’s going on in your head.

By writing down your thoughts and feelings you can better understand yourself. You can begin to see yourself in a new light and improve your self-esteem and confidence. You’ll learn to appreciate yourself more and give yourself credit for the awesome things you’ve done and the wonderful qualities you already have.

You can also spot and interrupt negative patterns and learn how to respond to your inner critic with love and acceptance.

45 self love journal prompts

Self Love Journal Prompts

  1. Do I feel fully worthy of love right at this moment? If not, what would I have to do to deserve love? Am I open to believing I don’t have to do or be anything to be worthy?
  2. What would unconditional self-love feel like to me?
  3. What are five qualities I love about myself right now?
  4. How can I make myself a priority this week? (Schedule it in your calendar now)
  5. When in the past have I been really brave? How did I overcome my fear?
  6. What needs can I fulfill myself instead of needing someone else to fulfill them?
  7. What mistakes can I forgive myself for? What did I learn from them?
  8. When have I given away my power by letting fear of judgement control me? Can I start to believe I’m lovable even if people in my life don’t approve of my choices?
  9. What labels have I or other people put on me that aren’t in alignment with who I truly am or want to be? What labels do I choose to adopt instead?
  10. What habits do I have that keep me from the life I deserve? Can I commit to changing just one of those habits now? (What is a better habit you can exchange it for?)
  11. What small accomplishments am I really proud of?
  12. What big accomplishments am I really proud of?
  13. What unique skills, talents, and qualities do I have? What do people know me for being good at?
  14. What am I worthy of receiving in a relationship?
  15. What will I not tolerate in a relationship because I know I’m worthy of better?
  16. What boundaries can I set or strengthen to give greater respect to myself?
  17. What can I do today to benefit my future self?
  18. What or who am I saying yes to when I really want to say no? What boundary will I set from now on?
  19. What dream am I too afraid to acknowledge or take action on? How can I make that dream a priority? What baby steps can I take?
  20. How have I grown in the last few years? What do I deserve credit for?
  21. If I decided to treat myself once a month, what would I do? How can I make that happen?
  22. When do I feel like I’m not being authentic? What do I need to do to be true to myself?
  23. If I was living my dream life now, what would that look like? What is one tiny step I can take to start creating that life?
  24. Thinking about a time in the past when I felt unappreciated, what would I say to past me to make them feel loved and appreciated?
  25. Thinking about someone who has been most critical of me, why is what they said not true? What did I deserve to hear instead?
  26. If the five year old version of me was here now and felt unworthy of love, what would I say to them to make them feel unconditionally loved? Is present me unconditionally worthy of love? If not, am I open to believing that I could be?
  27. How can I give myself the love and acceptance I needed as a child?
  28. What does my body do for me every day that I’m grateful for?
  29. What has my past self done that benefits me in the present?
  30. What big changes would I make if I fully loved and trusted myself?
  31. What emotions or pain am I avoiding because I don’t know how to deal with them? Can I love and accept myself for feeling this way? (Write ‘Even though I feel ____, I love and accept myself as I am’)
  32. What do I need to tell myself to validate my feelings instead of downplaying or ignoring them?
  33. What’s my biggest insecurity? If my best friend or my child felt this way, what would I tell them? What am I going to tell myself from now on when this insecurity comes up?
  34. What are five words I would use to describe a person I want to be more like? In what small ways do I already have those qualities? What positive behaviors can I adopt to become more like them?
  35. What does my Inner Critic often say to me? What would be a loving way to respond to those thoughts? (For example, respond to ‘I always mess things up’ with ‘I learn important lessons from my mistakes and I’m always doing the best I can, even when I make mistakes I’m worthy of love’)
  36. Where can I lead by example by giving someone else love?
  37. What are at least five physical aspects of myself that I really like?
  38. What’s one thing I can do for my physical health that would make me feel taken care of? (Integrate more healthy meals, monthly massages, getting more sleep, etc)
  39. What about myself do I need to work on, while still giving myself credit for doing the best I can in this moment?
  40. How do I believe other people should be treated? Do I treat myself that way?
  41. What value do I bring to the world? How do I contribute in small ways?
  42. What is one way I tend to sabotage myself and how can I stop doing that? (Here are 15 common ways people self-sabotage.)
  43. Why am I a great employee, friend, son/daughter, parent, partner, etc? (Pick one or all that apply, give at least 10 reasons)
  44. If I believed I could make all my dreams real, what strengths, qualities, wisdom, and experiences make that true? (Pretend you believe in yourself if you need to)
  45. Why am I already good enough to deserve a life filled with unconditional joy?

The Best Way to Do Journaling for Self Love

To make the best use of these writing prompts, set aside a time and place when you will do your journaling. It can be every day or just a few times a week. There aren’t any rules, just do what works for your life.

Do your journaling in a place that feels peaceful, you want to be able to fully relax and devote that time to yourself. You might light a candle, make a cup of coffee or tea, grab a blanket, put on quiet background music, or sit outside in the sunshine. Make it a ritual that you can look forward to.

It can also be helpful to have an attractive journal and a really good pen, it just makes the experience that more pleasant and special. (I use and love the Sharpie S-Gel Pens)

I’ve put these self love journal prompts in a free printable pdf, so you can do a 45 day self love journaling challenge if you like, or just take them at your own pace.

You may also benefit from writing self love affirmations at the end of your journaling sessions.

I hope you enjoy your self love journaling experience! Click the banner below to get your free PDF.

Free Self Love Journal Prompts PDF for Subscribers

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