How to Raise Your Vibration Instantly

26 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration Instantly

If you’re trying to manifest a better life, learning how to raise your vibration is vitally important. Raising your vibration means you are shifting the speed your cells are vibrating at to a higher frequency, which is determined by your emotional state. In simple terms, the better you feel the higher your vibration.

An example of low vibration emotions are fear, anger, shame, while high vibration emotions are joy, love, and gratitude.

By raising your energetic frequency you begin to attract positive energy from the universe. The more you stay at this elevated state the more you attract these good feeling emotions and the positive experiences that come with them.

If you aren’t familiar with the Law of Vibration and you’re wondering how to raise your vibration, you’re going to learn 26 easy and effective ways you can elevate your frequency everyday. We’ll also discuss why your vibration is a key ingredient to manifesting more things that make you feel good.

I’ll be honest, when I first heard about raising your vibration I thought it was a bit kooky. But, now that I understand the logic behind it, it makes a lot of sense to me and I hope I can help you understand it too.

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What is the Law of Vibration?

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is made of energy, and every molecule of energy is vibrating at it’s own frequency or speed at a microscopic level. Empty space and even what you’re sitting on right now has a vibration.

You are made of energy, therefor you are vibrating at a frequency. Even your thoughts have a frequency, and that frequency can change because different types of thoughts activate different brain cells and change your vibration.

Human vibrations are not fixed, they are on a pendulum that shifts with your thoughts and feelings.

This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play. This law states that like attracts like, so low vibration energy attract more of the same. I bet you can guess what happens when you raise your vibration, you attract more high vibration energy!

The graph below shows just how your thoughts and feelings move your vibration along this frequency.

raise your vibration

Feelings like peace, love, and happiness boost you up into a higher vibration frequency, while fear, anger, and shame pull you into a lower frequency.

When you feel happy your body just feels lighter, but when you’re sad, angry, or stressed out you feel heavy and constricted like you have a weight on your chest. So it makes sense, right?

How does the Law of Vibration Impact Manifestation?

A lot of us spend our lives kind of at the mercy of our vibration because we don’t know that we can consciously change it by changing our thoughts, and therefor change our realities.

Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions which is what raises or lowers your vibration.

Negative thoughts and feelings lower your vibration and attracts low vibration results.

Positive thoughts and feelings attract high vibration results. Tapping into this higher energy within yourself will help you attract the things you want that are existing at a higher level.

This might be kind of scary at first because it can be hard to accept that you might have to take responsibility for some of the crappy things that have happened to you, though I do want to be very clear that sometimes bad things happen that are absolutely not your fault like abuse or freak accidents.

Remember your thoughts and feelings create your actions (and reactions), so I’m talking about situations that are a result of your actions, that were influence by your low vibration thoughts.

Like the graph above shows, guilt and shame are low vibration thoughts, so please don’t spend time on those emotions! I only point this out so that you can look at your past and see “oh, this situation was a result of my thoughts/feelings/actions, let me do better in the future.” Look for lessons and then go forward with a new perspective.

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Benefits of Raising Your Vibration

  • You release negative thoughts and energy.
  • You’re a happier person.
  • People enjoy being around you.
  • You feel better physically and more energetic.
  • You stop attracting experiences that hurt you.
  • You start attracting experiences that help you.
  • The more you deliberately raise your vibration the easier it becomes to stay in that positive state.
  • Manifestation becomes a whole lot easier!
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Create a High Vibration Plan

Before we get to the list of tangible things to do to generate positive energy, I want you to create a strategy for how you’re going to change.

Most people aren’t going to be at a high vibration all the time and that’s totally normal. Sometimes bad or challenging things happen and feeling sad, frustrated, stressed, angry, confused, etc are all part of the human experience.

The mentality of being ‘high vibes only’ is toxic and unrealistic, so this isn’t about faking positivity and pushing down any and all ‘bad’ emotions.

Learning to raise your vibration is about staying mindful of your mental state and assessing when you need to acknowledge and honor your feelings by sitting with them and doing work to heal them, and when you need to shift your attention to something else because feelings of anger, fear, or anxiety really aren’t serving you at that moment.

Start to notice what gives you energy or takes it away.

Do more of what raises your vibration, and put up boundaries against against thoughts, people, places, and things that lower it.

We’ve all encountered people that you can just tell they have good energy. They’re happy, charismatic, and you just want to be around them because their energy makes you feel good too.

We’ve also all encountered people with low energy or “bad vibes” like the creepy dudes who stares at you, people who always have a bad attitude, or someone who just leaves you exhausted.

Decide you’re going to be one of those people with good energy.

Identify some things you need to stop doing, and then look over this list and pick a few things to integrate into your daily routines. If you enjoy making lists make two columns with the things you’re going to stop doing on one side and the things you’re going to start doing on the other.

Put it somewhere you will see every day and commit to taking daily action to raise your vibration.

26 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

1. Visualize your higher self. – Take a few minutes every day to visualize your ideal, best self. If you aren’t able to visualize things mentally, make a vision board and spend a few minutes looking at it and feeling and believing that is your life.

I have a great Higher Self Meditation that will help you visualize the positive future you want to manifest.

2. Put on energizing or inspiring music. – Listen to music that puts a smile on your face, that you can’t help but sing to, that makes you want to dance (even if you’re a terrible dancer like me).

3. Make physical space for new energy. – If you hate your physical surroundings you’re going to struggle getting your internal mental space into a high vibration state.

Make your home, bedroom, or wherever you spend the most time a place that makes you peaceful and happy.

If you live with other people do your best, you can make your bed look really put together and cozy, or your closet can be really organized, or you can create a little alter with items that make you happy.

Here are some ideas for High Vibe Home Decor.

4. Complement someone. – We feed off each other’s energy so raising their vibration will raise yours, and it just a nice thing to do.

5. Exercise – Physical exercise gets you out of your head in into your body. Having a mind-body connection is great for your health and raises your vibration with those endorphins. Any kind of physical movement you enjoy is fine whether it’s walking, yoga, or more intense cardio.

6. Gratitude – Don’t underestimate the power of feeling gratitude. When you take time to appreciate all the good things in your life it’s easier to deal with challenges that come along.

Write down or think of at least 5 things everyday that makes you happy, it will instantly boost your energy. Here a list of 60 Things to be Grateful For if you need ideas, or try the seven day Manifesting Through Gratitude challenge.

7. Crystals – As we’ve established, everything in the universe vibrates including crystals. While scientific studies have not proven any particular benefits of using crystals, they have found that if you believe crystals will help you they can. It’s not that the crystals perform magic, but that they are a tool to focus and channel your intention and energy.

8. Learn Something New – Learn a new skill or take an online course. Youtube is an amazing resource for free instructional videos.

9. Open your chakras. – Energy can get stuck at different points (chakras) in the body and cause physical and mental pain. You’ll find hundreds of free videos on Youtube to help you move that energy. Try my Chakra Balancing Meditation

10. Put up boundaries between you and anything that drains your energy. – You know those people in your life who whine, complain, and criticize all the time? The ones who stress you out and suck all the energy out of you?

Stop hanging out with them. Tell them you want to talk about positive things and if they can’t do that hit the road. Put up some healthy boundaries. Unfollow or unfriend them and stop looking at their texts. Here are 10 ways to set boundaries with toxic people.

11. Read an personal development book. – I’ve learned so much good information from personal development books, check out 12 Self-Improvement Books to Change Your Life.

12. Create something. – Creativity doesn’t just have to be expressed in art. Cooking or baking can be creations, experiences are creations, etc.

13. Hug someone you love, a pet, or yourself. – I don’t know why giving my dog Lexi a cuddle and a ‘noggin boop,’ aka pressing my forehead to her forehead, makes me feel so calm.

how to raise your vibration

14. Breathwork – Breathwork is a great tool to move energy through the body, calm the nervous system, and clear your mind. It creates the same kind of mind-body connection that you get from exercise. I do it before bed and it helps me fall asleep very quickly but it can also give you energy if you need a pick up during the day. There are different kinds of breathwork, but I like this Breathwork for Anxiety video.

15. Think Positive Thoughts – You thoughts affect your vibration, so make positive thinking a habit. As we’ve learned your mindset is a huge part of raising your vibration and attracting positive energy from the universe, and so learning how to break the cycle of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs will help so much.

16. Be in nature. – Nature has such pure, positive energy. Notice the trees, leaves, rocks, flowers and how each is unique and just exists peacefully.

17. Laugh – Find something that makes you laugh everyday, whether that’s a tv show, animal videos on Youtube, or being with a friend or partner that cracks you up.

18. Set intentions in the morning and before bed. – Take a few minutes in the morning and before bed to set an intention for how you want the day to be. What kind of energy are you going to bring to the day? What actions are you going to take to raise your vibration? Who do you want to be?

19. Eat food that makes you feel good, not sluggish and tired. After eating notice what foods make you feel good and which make you feel heavy and bloated. Add more of the good good and have a little less of the indulgent food.

20. Rest – Not being well rested means you’re waking up at a lower frequency. Make sure to get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep each night if you can. If you have trouble sleeping try using yoga, meditation, or sleep affirmations before bed.

21. Choose a Power Word or affirmation every day. – At the beginning of the day choose a positive word and set an intention that you will say it any time you feel your energy drop and that word will bring your vibration back up. Examples might be love, trust, energy, action, peace, empowered, limitless, magic, flow, inspired, or momentum.

I also love getting some encouraging words from these Star Seed Mini Inspiration Cards everyday.

star seed inspiration cards for positive affirmations

22. Release resentment. – Resentment can be a heavy weight that gets bigger and bigger over time. It can cause anxiety, depression, and pain. Choosing to release resentment allows you the freedom to make space in your mind and heart for something positive and amazing. Don’t do it for anyone else, do it for you.

23. Journal. – Journaling is like free therapy, get all the internal chaos onto paper and then move on with your day. Or you can set a 2 minute timer and write down as many things that make you happy that you can think of.

I have a post all about How to Manifest by Journaling with journal prompts, and I have 50 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts that you might enjoy. Use a cute journal that makes you happy every time you look at it.

24. Spend time with positive people. – Choose to be around positive people. Set the intention that you’re going to attract uplifting people into your live if you don’t already have them.

25. Stop saying the words “I can’t.” – Telling yourself “I can’t” or “I’ll never” is self-sabotage. If you believe you can’t then you won’t. If you believe it’s impossible then it will be.

The truth is that you CAN and you WILL, if you make the choice to believe in yourself.

26. Stop worrying about what you can’t control. – This can feel impossible at times, but you can do it with a little practice. There have been so many nights were I laid awake for hours worrying about things completely outside my control, until I learned to catch myself and shift my thoughts to something else.

I now tell myself “you can’t control this, so stop giving it your energy” and I’ll make a conscious effort to think about something positive. Sometimes my thoughts wander back to the thing I worry about and I just have to pull them back again.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy that is vibrating at it’s own frequency. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are energy and also vibrate at their own frequency. What happens when you raise your vibration with high vibration thoughts and feelings? You attract high vibration results, and it just makes you happier!

Thank you so much for visiting A Point of Light, if you enjoyed this article subscribe below to get future content in your inbox. I hope this list of activities to raise your vibration instantly gives you some inspiration. Let me know which you are committing to doing!

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How to Raise Your Vibration

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