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manifesting through gratitude

Manifesting Through Gratitude: $22

What if something as simple as gratitude could help you manifest the life you want? Learn how manifestation really works and about how a daily gratitude practice can help you attract more of what you want into your life with this 7 day challenge.

Transcendence: $55

Want outer results? Start by transforming from within. Transcendence is a 21 day program that gives you the foundation for growth, manifestation, and evolving into your most empowered self. Finally get the tools you need to transcend your limitations and take back your power.

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Inner Alchemy – Self Concept Reset: $44

Are you losing confidence on your manifestation journey? Inner Alchemy will help boost your self-concept in 14 days, so that manifestation happens quickly and naturally. Reprogram your mind with a series of affirmation audios and journal prompts that get you results, fast.

magnetic money manifestor logo

Magnetic Money Manifestor: $111

How would you like to transform your money reality in 21 days? Learn how to shift your identity and beliefs around money so that you effortlessly attract the wealth you desire. Magnetic Money Manifestor is exactly what you need to manifest your money goals.