how to connect with your higher self

6 Ways to Connect With Your Higher Self

How do you connect with your higher self, and why should you?

Your Higher Self is the part of you that is infinite, powerful, wise, and always knows the right path for you. It is the highest level of your consciousness that is free of the fear, doubt, and limitations we learn in our human lifetime.

It is a higher power that connects to the Universe and everything in it. It provides guidance if you learn to listen to it. It is not just the physical body one can see, but a core part of one’s being that is pure energy and love, one’s true essence. So while it is within your human body, it also expands outside of it.

It is the true person you are, stripped of all misconceptions and assumptions. It is the part of you who knows exactly what you need in life and how to attain it. The higher self is wise, patient, understanding, kind, forgiving and loving.

The higher self is essentially the best version of you that can exist, so you can see the benefit of forming this connection.

Once you learn what that this part of you exists the next step is asking how do I find this connection with my higher self, which you’re going to learn here.

How Do We Know a Higher Self Exists?

The concept of a “higher self” is rooted in Hinduism and is very similar to a soul or spirit. If you’re not attached to a religious label, you can use these interchangeably.

Can you see your higher self? No, but you can feel it.

You know that feeling when you’re looking out at a sunset and you feel a sense of peace and happiness?

Why does the sunset make you feel peaceful? Because the sunset doesn’t have an agenda, it’s not worried if it’s as beautiful as other sunsets, it doesn’t care whose watching, it just is. It’s just being.

Your higher self holds that same peace. It’s not worried about worldly things, though it will guide you to the experiences that will make you happy. It doesn’t care what other people think, it doesn’t compare itself or feel lack.

The higher self only knows peace and it wants that for you too, which is why when you ask it will guide you to it.

What happens when you connect to your higher self?

Your higher self is your compass in life. It is always leading you down the path that is for your highest good. That is, if you are listening.

We always have the choice not to follow our higher selves. Part of this is just conditioning, we’re taught to listen to the chatter of the world and that we should be chasing whatever shiny object is most desirable at the moment. This leads us down a lot of wrong paths and causes us hurt.

When you connect to your higher self all the things society says you should do, be, and have start to not matter so much. You realize that happiness comes from within, and no matter what your external circumstance you can still have it.

Of course there are external things in life that can enhance your happiness, and your higher self wants to you experience those things so it will lead you to them when you listen to it.

It is about understanding that one has the capacity for unconditional love, compassion, creativity, and positive energy. You can then tap into this unlimited potential with your conscious mind without any distractions, expectations, or attachments that have held you back before.

Connecting with your higher self means that you are living from a deep inner peace and awareness, rather than from reactivity and emotional highs and lows. When we live from this place, we’re more grounded and we know we’re constantly supported by something greater than ourselves.

What’s the difference between your Ego and Higher Self?

Your Ego is connected to the primitive part of your brain, and though it’s strongly tied to your instinct to keep you alive, it’s also the voice of self-doubt and fear. The Ego wants you to stay safe, and nothing is more safe than than what is already known and familiar.

Your Higher Self is the voice that guides you to live in alignment with who you really are. It is always encouraging you to expand and grow.

Living in harmony with your Higher Self can lead to greater peace, creativity, and clarity of mind, while letting your Ego call the shots causes you to make decisions based on fear and imaginary limitations.

The more your thoughts align with your Higher Self, the more fulfilled and happy you will be.

There’s a reason for that. When we connect to our higher selves, we can tap into our inner wisdom and inner peace. This connection is the key to unlocking your potential.

What’s the difference between your Intuition and Higher Self?

Intuition is the channel that your Higher Self uses to guide you. Intuition can show up as a voice, gut feeling, instant download of information, or just a knowing that something is right or wrong for you.

Interestingly, intuition has something in common with the ego: it is also tied to your instinct to stay alive. Sometimes your intuition and your ego will give you the same messages, like avoid that shady looking person, don’t lick that funny colored frog, don’t cross that rickety bridge.

They both want to protect you, they just go about it in different ways.

Your higher self is looking at the big picture, it’s not swept up in little details. Intuition and your ego can be more in the moment.

Learn more about how your intuition and ego work.

how to connect with your higher self

How to Listen to Your Higher Self

Most of us have a lot on our minds. From work, relationships, responsibilities, and personal desires, it’s hard to know where to focus. When we feel overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, it’s difficult to connect with the deeper aspects of who we are.

In an age of increased digital availability and increased personal connection, it can be easier to stay connected with the people around us than our own selves.

In order to be in alignment with our higher selves, we must first learn how to quiet our mind and go within, and I’m sharing some great ways to do that here. Give each a try and see what creates the strongest connection for you.

Keep in mind that it may take time and practice to find that connection. Your biggest road block will be expecting it to happen at a certain time or in a certain way. Come at this with curiosity and patience, not desperation.


We often find that peace eludes us. However there is one practice that can help you achieve peace – surrendering. Surrendering means letting go of control and giving into the present moment no matter what it contains.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, when you stop trying to control everything is when answers and solutions come to you more easily. The need for control is the Ego trying to create safety, but it can get in the way of you connecting with your higher self.

By allowing the mind to stop moving quickly from one task to another and just being in the moment, you can effectively reconnect with your inner voice.

You don’t have to look for it because it’s already there, you’ve just have expectations, limitations, and emotional baggage in the way.

Try adopting a mantra of, “I surrender to this moment with love and grace.” Repeat it in your mind as many times as it takes to start feeling more peaceful.


It’s not always easy to live in the moment, but practicing self-care helps. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, stop and ask yourself what you need to feel better. This will help you reconnect with your higher self.

You might find that what you need is something as simple as a 10 minute break or a few minutes of meditation. However, it could be that you crave time alone or more restful sleep. Make checking in with your physical and mental needs and practicing self-care part of your weekly routine.

30 Self-Care Ideas to Reduce Stress

Journal Prompts to Connect With Your Higher Self

A great way to get answers from your higher self is by asking yourself questions and seeing what comes up. It can be hard to know if an answer is coming from ego, your higher self, or just your consciousness, but with time and practice you can start a real dialog with your higher self as you learn to listen.

One way to know that your higher self is speaking to you is that they will always be loving and encouraging. It can be really easy to dismiss that voice as delusional, but as you’re answering these questions write down what that voice says even if you don’t believe it.

It might be easier to pretend someone else is saying these things, maybe your hero or a made up person. Or, you can pretend you’re saying these things to someone you love.

Try these higher self journal prompts and see what comes up, no one else will read your answers so don’t censor yourself.

  1. If the child version of yourself came to you with something they were afraid of, how would you make them feel supported and safe? How would you guide them through overcoming their fear?
  2. Think about something you’ve wanted to do for a while but always had reasons for why it’s impossible. Write down all the reasons fear (your Ego) says it can’t be done, then write down all the reasons it absolutely CAN be done. If you struggle, imagine what you would say to your child or best friend to support them if they wanted to do that thing.
  3. What was one time when you were afraid to do something but something inside you said it would be ok, so you did it anyways and there was a positive result? What were the feelings or thoughts you had at that moment?
  4. What activities or places bring you the most peace? Why do they make you feel good and how can you bring them into your life more?
  5. What is an area of your life where fear is controlling you? What do you need to hear to help ease or overcome that fear? What would the most loving and supportive person in your life say to you?
  6. What parts of you have been neglected, and what do you need to create more balance? What do you need to feel fulfilled?
  7. What is a criticism you hear in your head about yourself most often? Now write down what the opposite of that criticism would be. For example you would turn, “I’m so lazy, I have all these things to do but I never get anything done,” into “I know how to balance rest and work perfectly, I’m always listening to my emotional and physical needs. It feels good to be productive and work on my goals while also making time for my hobbies and relaxation.
  8. Looking at any challenge in your life, ask yourself “if I was fully embodying my higher self right now, how would I approach this situation with grace and full trust in myself?
  9. Imagine your Higher Self is in the room with you, what can you observe about their appearance and body language? What are they wearing, how do they talk, what’s their demeanor like? How do they feel about themselves?
  10. Knowing that your Higher Self doesn’t care about fitting in and societal expectations, what values do they have? What’s important to them? What makes them happy?

Free Self Love Journal Prompts PDF for Subscribers

Free Self Love Journal Prompts PDF

Higher Self Meditation

One of the easiest ways to tap into your higher self is through meditation. We are always connected to our higher self, but often it is on a subconscious level.

Meditation allows you to disconnect from the outside world, quiet the chatter of your ego and your conscious mind, and connect with yourself. When you meditate and find that relaxed, peaceful place inside you, you are able to visualize your higher self and start showing up as her.

I’ve created this guided meditation for merging with your higher self. When you have time, sit or lay somewhere quiet and try it out.

Be still, quiet your mind, listen, and breathe.
Higher Self Meditation

Affirmations to Connect With Your Higher Self

  1. I am open to the guidance of my higher self and know that they always lead me down the right path.
  2. The more I love myself, the more I become my highest self.
  3. Pursuing what lights me up connects me to my higher self.
  4. Every day I move more into alignment with my higher self.
  5. Being my highest self allows me to see the world with compassion instead of fear.
  6. Being my highest self encourages the people around me to be their highest self too.
  7. When I am my higher self I make the world a more beautiful place.
  8. I lovingly release all that is not in alignment with my higher self.
  9. If I ask my higher self will always show me the way.
  10. My intuition is always serving me.
  11. I am magnetic to my desires.
  12. I choose to embody peace and love right now.
  13. As I move into alignment with my highest self I attract miracles into my life.
  14. When I listen to my higher self life becomes so easy.
  15. My higher self always has the answer.
  16. I allow the universe to delight me everyday.
  17. I am supported by my higher self while I expand with the universe.
  18. My higher self makes my potential for happiness and success infinite and easy.
  19. As I embody my highest self I attract incredible things into my life.
  20. It is always safe for me to shine the light of my highest self into the world.
affirmations to connect to your higher self

Be With Nature

Nature helps you connect with your higher self by providing a space for contemplation and peace.

Just like a sunset, nature has no to-do list, no agenda, no one to impress. It’s just existing and it’s only goal is to grow and experience life.

Nature has always been a reprieve for the restless soul, there is something about it that makes us feel alive. No matter where one goes, nature is there to meet them with an open embrace.

Whether it’s the sound of streams, the feel of sunlight on your skin, the sight of vibrant foliage, or even just the touch of grass on your feet, nature has an ability to bring you back to yourself. It reminds you of who you are and why you’re here.

Consuming natural beauty on a daily basis is like taking a vitamin for your soul. Try going outside for 10 minutes and just observing life in all it’s forms. Whether you go for a walk or just sit and listen to the birds chirping, this will allow your conscious mind to rest so that your higher self can speak to you.

Signs Your Higher Self is Talking to You

The best way to improve your life is by becoming your higher self, but how do you know if you are moving into alignment with your higher self?

People define and feel their connection in different ways. Some feel a connection when they meditate and just sit with themselves, some feel it when they watch the sunrise/sunset, some feel it while making art, while others hear their higher self as a distinct voice in their head. Sometimes you just have a strong knowing that something is right.

It can feel hard to know if the messages you are receiving are coming from your higher self or if it’s just wishful thinking.

Here are some signs that can help you determine if the messages are coming from your higher self:

  • You have a feeling of being guided by something invisible which is encouraging you to do what you feel is right.
  • You feel very calm and completely at ease with yourself.
  • Your thoughts become more positive and optimistic.
  • You find yourself observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment and you notice they do not bring about the same emotional intensity as they used to before.
  • You become more content with who you are and what you have in life.

When we are able to open up to our higher self, we can begin to live a life that is more fulfilling and in tune with our values. Chaos tends to fall away and life unfolds in the best way possible for you.

That doesn’t mean bad things never happen or that you don’t experience challenges, but when you have that connected it’s just easier to deal with negative situations and find inner peace.

I hope you found this guide to finding your higher self helpful. If you want more personal growth content send to your inbox each week subscribe below, and check out these other related posts.

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