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10 Ways to Become Better at Manifestation

The amazing thing you learn as you dip your feet into the pool of manifestation is that you can truly create anything you want with time and practice. Though we’ve been unknowingly manifesting our realities our whole lives, when you learn to manifest intentionally with the 3 step manifestation process for beginners, it usually takes time and practice for what you want to show up.

Once you understand how the process works you can then take these additional steps to become even better at manifestation.

Though manifestation is at it’s core a simple process, it really requires that you make these small shifts across every area of your life that support the changes you want to see. These techniques will help you manifest things that much easier.

How to Become Better at Manifestation

1. Make physical space for what you want

If you want a manifest a physical thing into your life you have to make space for it. Manifestation requires you to first get aligned with the energetic level of what you want, and then it shows up on the physical level.

But if there isn’t physical space for what you want you’re creating resistance to your manifestation. As I’ve talked about in Why Manifestation Isn’t Working For You, when you clear out the clutter in your life good things start happening.

Want a new wardrobe? Make space in your closet. Want a new car? Make space in the garage.

Maybe you want to put money away in a savings account but you don’t even have a saving account. You have to give what you want a place to go.

2. Be grateful in advanced

Gratitude is a powerful tool. Not only does it make you feel good in the moment, but it can help you manifest your desires too.

Feel grateful for what you want as if you already have it. This helps you begin to get in energetic alignment with that thing, and then you can just trust that it will manifest in your physical reality in it’s own time.

Check out journal prompts for a daily gratitude practice. Answer some of the questions from the perspective of the version of you who already has what you want.

3. Only buy things you love

Many of us have fallen into the trap of buying things we don’t really need or even want. When we look in our closets we feel overwhelmed instead of excited because we bought things on a whim and not because we really love every item.

You can become better at manifestation by only buying items that you absolutely love. This is because feeling emotions like love and gratitude raise your vibration, which means you’re going to be attracting even more high vibration things into your life.

When you see something in your closet that you bought three months ago and it still gets you excited you know that you made a good purchase. Just ask if you’ll still love and use something months from now. If you’ve got a feeling that you’ll be bored of it in a few weeks leave it at the store. There will be better things in the future.

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4. Make your home high vibe

If your space is feeling a little blah give it a makeover. Make it a space you love to be in.

Maybe you have loud neighbors or crappy roommates, or you live with your parents and can’t do as much with the space as you’d like. I’ve been there, but do the best you can. Even if you can only make one room into your zen space then do that.

Maybe you just make your bed look pretty, or you put up nice wall art, or you put up string lights everywhere to give it a cozy vibe at night, or you get a bunch of plants. Play with your space until it makes you happy. Remove anything that brings your energy down.

Here are some ideas for high vibe home decor.

5. Stop saying “I want it” and start saying “I have already manifested it”

Improve your manifesting skills by believing that you already have what you want. If in your head what you want is always in the future it’s going to stay there.

Like attracts like, so believing “someday I’ll have” will keep that thing in someday instead of bringing it into the present.

Start thinking of what you want as already yours, believe that it’s a done deal and that it’s on its way to you in the mail as if you ordered it from Amazon.

Trust that it is already yours and act like the version of you that already has it. This might look like adopting that habits of a healthier or more successful version of yourself. Look at your goals or dreams and find a few small ways to start BEING that person who has what you want.

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6. Give to someone in need

You get back the energy you give out, so give to those in need when you can. Even if you can’t donate money, you can donate time and service.

If you’re trying to manifest more wealth into your life donating money shifts you into an abundance energetic state. If you aren’t giving because you feel lack and scarcity that’s what you’ll keep on attracting.

7. Pay your bills with gratitude

Most of us probably feel like something is being taken from us when we pay our bills, but the truth is that we get bills because a service has been provided to us. Would you rather not have electricity or internet? No way, we all want those things, but we don’t want to pay for them.

That sends a signal to our subconscious mind that there isn’t enough money, and when we feel lack it lowers our vibration and attracts more reasons to feel lack via the law of attraction.

Start saying thank you to yourself when you pay your bills. You are getting something important in return and that’s something to be grateful for.

It shows that you trust you’ll always have enough money for your needs and wants.

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8. Treat yourself in small ways on a regular basis

Show yourself you’re worth your dreams by treating yourself.

This doesn’t mean spending money you don’t have (yet), it means practicing self-care whether by something you do at home or a ritual that feels good. Buy a coffee and read a book in the park, get a massage, have your husband or the grandparents watch the kids and catch up with friends for the afternoon.

Make feeling good a priority and something you do on a regular basis. This shows yourself that you are worthy of feeling good and you want to attract more of that feeling.

9. Hang out with people who have what you want

You’ve probably heard the saying “you are who you spend the most time with” that’s because when we spend time with someone our brains create neurons to mirror what we see in that person through our own behaviors or feelings.

That means our brains are trying to develop traits help us connect to that person. Monkey see, monkey do.

So if you’re hanging out with people who reflect the things you aspire to be or have, your brain will help you develop similar traits over time like a positive attitude towards money or a good work ethic.

If you’re only spending time with people who have and do what you don’t want they’re going to hold you back.

10. Notice your small manifestations

Early on in my manifestation journey I often felt skeptical that it was even real. I thought because my big dreams didn’t happen in the timeline I set that it just didn’t work, or at least it didn’t work for me.

Yes sometimes people get what they want overnight, but for many of us it starts with small manifestations, like making your first $100 from your Etsy shop, losing the first five pounds, or getting a job interview.

Notice and celebrate these small wins that are manifesting for you. The more evidence you find that things are showing up for you the more confident you’ll feel which will help you become a master at manifesting anything you want.

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– Katrina

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