What if money could be easy and fun?

It sounds too good to be true, but when you learn how to shift your money mindset from believing that money is hard and there is never enough, to knowing down to your soul that you can have as much as you want and that attracting money into your life can be easy and fun, a whole new world opens up for you.

There are a lot of reasons we want more money. It offers security, comfort, freedom, luxury, and fun. But it’s on this pedestal that only a select few get to reach.

Many of us are taught from a young age that money is a limited resource and that it’s hard to come by, and the problem is that we act on those beliefs to MAKE them true. Or we’re taught that money is evil and so we feel guilt and shame for wanting more and sabotage any chance of increasing our income.

Manifestation is all about your energy, and if you’ve got these limiting beliefs around money that make you feel lack and shame, what are you going to manifest more of?

Do you ever feel frustrated and hopeless because:

Money feels like a never ending struggle for you.
You’re always afraid money will run out.
Your financial situation keeps you unable to move forward towards your dream life.
You feel stuck in negative spending cycles that you can’t seem to break.
You’re terrified to look at your bank balance and don’t trust yourself with money.
You don’t know how you’ll ever pay off your debt.
You’re afraid you have to suffer to be rich.
You wonder if you’re just not worthy of having more money.
No matter how hard you work you can’t seem to get ahead.

And you just want money to feel easy for once.

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You see, the way we perceive and interact with the world is determined by our belief system.

If you believe you can have it, you’ll go after it. If you believe it’s hard and not meant for you, you’ll sit on your hands and keep wanting it but unknowingly resisting it.

If you don’t believe you can have money you will limit and repel it.

The Law of Attraction means like attracts like, right? So why isn’t thinking positive thoughts about money working?

Because deep down you still believe money is out of your reach.

Manifesting money isn’t just meditating or saying affirmations a few times.

It’s not just making a vision board.

It’s not just lighting a candle and saying some words out loud.

It’s not woo, pie in the sky, hiring a wizard to be your coach weirdness (yes I’ve really heard this one).

Magnetic Money Manifestor cuts out the fluff and BS and gives you what you actually need to reprogram your money belief system and get on the same energetic level as money, because as you’ll learn money is not a physical thing, it’s pure energy just like your thoughts and feelings are energy.

You’ll learn how to get your conscious desires and your subconscious mind’s belief system on the same page, instead of having them always be in conflict (even when you don’t realize it, they often are).

I don’t want you to waste one more day feeling confused about how the heck to manifest what you really want instead of crap you don’t want like a struggling bank balance, unexpected bills, or not getting that raise you wanted at work.

Here’s what you’ll get in Magnetic Money Manifestor

  • 21 Days of videos and activities to help you become a magnet to money, without any time wasting nonsense.
  • 7 EFT tapping videos to help you clear the limiting beliefs and stuck energy that is blocking the flow of money.
  • 3 Powerful meditations to rewire the subconscious mind for abundance, even while you sleep!
  • 5 Affirmation audios to help you create new money beliefs.
  • 3 Magnetic Money Babe checks in exclusive designs (instantly print at home).
  • Lifetime access to future updates and bonus content!

You can finally shift your money reality

→ Heal the limiting money beliefs you know are holding you back, and the ones you didn’t even know you had.
→ Shift the stagnant energy that’s blocking the flow of money.
→ Change the way you think and feel about wealth.
→ Finally trust and feel supported by money.
→ Stop waiting for wealth to come “someday” and start seeing it now.
→ Live the abundant life you absolutely and unconditionally deserve.

Your Tools:

EFT Videos to Clear Blocks & Create New Beliefs:

  • Clear ‘Money Feels Impossible’
  • Clear ‘There Isn’t Enough Money’
  • Release When & How it’ll Come
  • Believe ‘I am Worthy of Money’
  • Clear ‘I Have to Suffer to be Rich’
  • Clear ‘I’ll be Judged If I’m Wealthy’
  • Clear the Fear of Losing It All


  • Feel Safe With Money Breathwork
  • Receive Money In Your Sleep
  • Allow Abundance to Overflow

Affirmation Audios:

  • Make Money EASY
  • Become MAGNETIC to Money!
  • Receive Money and Miracles
  • Get Paid to Exist
  • Attract Luxury
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You need this program if:

You hustle and grind but never seem to get ahead and feel exhausted and demoralized by the lack of results. You feel like you can either have money or happiness, but not both.

Anytime you make money it seems to disappears overnight with nothing to show for it and you feel like you can’t trust money to stick around.

You’re afraid that having money will change you and you’ll become one of those ‘greedy rich people’ that everyone judges so you don’t let yourself have more.

It seems like opportunities to make more money show up for other people, but never for you.

You can’t ever seem to make more than a set amount of money and you just barely get by, but you never get ahead and you certainly aren’t thriving.

You know you shouldn’t, but you can’t help but spend more than you make and keep sinking deeper into debt.

You’ve been dabbling in manifestation for a while and you haven’t quite seen the results you want. You use positive affirmations, you have a vision board, you try to be ‘high vibe’ and think positive thoughts, but the money hasn’t shown up and you wonder if manifesting money is actually impossible.

I know how it feels to struggle with money

About the Creator of A Point of Light

Hi babe, my name is Katrina.

I’ve always loved money. When I was 7 my mom took me to the bank to open my first savings account and I went a few times a year to deposit a few dollars I made from chores or money I got for Christmas.

Seeing that money grow over time felt thrilling.

But I also grew up in a household with a strict budget. There was always enough to “get by,” but never enough for extra. I only got new toys around Christmas and my birthday, and whenever I wanted something at the store the answer was “we can’t afford it.”

The reason why I put my Christmas money in the bank was because I was too scared to spend it, because what if it ran out and wasn’t there in an emergency?

I got somewhat comfortable spending money as an adult, but then I limited myself in another way. I never let myself make over a certain amount. For years I scraped by never making more than $600-$1000 a month. My limiting beliefs about money simply manifested itself in another way that kept me from financial abundance.

Finally I got sick of being stuck, I knew I wanted more from life and figured out that I had a lot of inner work to do.

I read as many personal development books as I could get for free at the library. I spent thousands of dollars on money manifestation courses that promised to help you manifest loads of money in 2 weeks. And it’s not that I didn’t learn a lot from those things, but it felt like I only ever got half the picture and honestly, the money never showed up.

Then I finally figured out how to shift my mindset, energy, and actions so that I could multiply my income and get out of that crappy $600/month loop I was in. Now money feels easy, I’m not wrecked with guilt when I spend it, and I know that I can have as much as I want and I always have more than I need.

What if money was as abundant as the air you’re breathing right now and you learned how to tap into it instead of resisting it?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Here’s the thing, investing money and time into your personal growth can feel scary, but it always pays off. Investing in yourself sends a signal to the universe that you are ready to get to the next level, and when you take action to improve yourself and your life the universe will meet you half way.

We both know that life is meant to be more than a daily struggle, and we know that while money doesn’t make all of life’s problems go away, it solves a whole lot of them

I also know that when good people (especially women) have more money, they do so much good in the world.

learn how to manifest money

Think of all the people you could help with more money. Wouldn’t it feel so amazing to take care of your family and give to all the causes you care about?

Imagine if the world had more wealthy people that shared with others instead of hording it, because despite their success they still have a lack mindset and fear losing it all. What those people don’t understand is that money is an infinite resource, and sharing it only brings more abundance in a multitude of ways.

If you’re ready to heal your relationship with money, learn exactly how manifestation works, and become a magnet to anything you want, I’m ready to teach you everything I know that helped me create over six figures in wealth.

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