Witch Aesthetic Home Decor

Make Your Home High Vibe with Witch Aesthetic Home Decor

Something about the spiritual and witch aesthetic just makes me happy, so today I’m sharing some ways to bring this magical vibe into your home decor.

We’re talking celestial wall art, glowing crystals in every shape and color, pillows that take you to the moon and back, plants to connect you to the earth, and so much more! These items will make your home feel a little more magical.

Your home should make you feel inspired and joyful, and for women in particular this spiritual home decor can feel empowering as the witch aesthetic largely belongs to us. I don’t consider myself to be Pagan or a witch, but the idea of powerful independent women who are still so connected to the Earth and the Universe is so appealing, it’s no wonder so many women are drawn to this lifestyle.

Thankfully you can find all of these things on Etsy and support small business while you’re at it. I’ve made lists on Etsy with the best of the best that you can browse and drool over with me. Keep reading for highlights of the gems I’ve found.

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witch aesthetic crystals home decor

Crystals are the ultimate witch aesthetic. I know a lot of people in the witch and spiritual community believe crystals have powers to help you achieve a result depending on the type of crystal, I don’t know if that’s true but for me they’re just a way to channel your intention, AND they bring a little sparkle into your home which for me is enough to raise my vibration.

There are thousands of crystals on Etsy, so I’ve created a list of some of the best crystals for you.

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Celestial Wall Art Prints

witch aesthetic celestial wall decor

I love these celestial inspired wall art prints. For me they are a reminder that the Universe is always expanding and so I am. The images of women holding the stars in their hands are so powerful. These women make their own way in the Universe.

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magic manifestation candles

The right candle can set a whole mood in your home. Even better if they are nice to look at! I love Bath & Body Works candles as much as anyone but there is something special about buying a homemade candle from a small business. Many of the ones I’ve shared come with crystals or help you set a special intention.

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Air Plants

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Studies have shown that having plants in your home makes you feel better, and they help the air quality. You can buy all sorts of air plants on Etsy and make your own little garden by putting them on crystals and small decorative pots or bowls.

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magical witchy mugs from etsy

If it’s a day the ends in ‘y’ then I have a coffee cup in my hand. A cute mug just makes the morning a little more special. These witchy mugs will put a smile on your face while your coffee buzzes in your veins (that’s where it goes, right?).

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A Few More Things…

witch aesthetic home decor on etsy

The rest of these items I’ve grouped together. There are suncatchers for your windows that will reflect prisms all over your room, moon shaped shelves for your wall, crystal knobs to upgrade your dressers, starry pillowcases, meditation pillows, and more!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of beautiful witchy home decor. My style is very witch who shops at Anthropologie and that’s reflected in these lists for better or worse!

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