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How to Manifest Money Overnight: the 24 Hour Money Game

If you want to learn how to manifest money overnight, you’re in the right place! Learn my 5 step process for manifesting money in 24 hours.

You may be really skeptical, but for the next 24 hours I want to you put aside doubt and be open to the idea of money being something that can just flow to you, instead of having to struggle to find or make it.

Because here’s the secret about money, it’s just energy! Money is an idea someone had, it’s not a limited resource that you have to hunt for in the wild. And because the law of attraction exists, you attract things that are an energetic match to you all day long without even thinking about it.

Manifesting money is just about matching the vibration of money, which you’ll learn how to do here.

Is Manifesting Money Overnight Possible?

Wealth can feel so out of reach, but it is possible to manifest money fast, you just have to believe it’s possible. If you believe it’s impossible for you to manifest the money you want overnight, then what are you going to attract? Not receiving the money because on an energetic level (and subconsciously) you’re rejecting it.

Everything we manifest comes from our belief system, if you’ve ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy then you know that what you believe is what you create. You’re creating your reality through your choices whether you’re aware of it or not, and usually we’re not because 95% of our choices come from the subconscious mind.

The Universe is always saying yes to you, for better or worse. So for the next 24 hours you’ve got to believe that you can manifest money overnight. Pretend you’re playing a game where no matter what you always win. Have fun with this process!

I highly recommend using a manifestation check, they are fantastic tools to help you visualize receiving the money you want to manifest.

How to Manifest Money in 24 Hours

1. Assess Your Level of Believability

Your belief system is the foundation of manifestation, because it strongly influences your energetic vibration. Choose an amount of money to manifest that feels possible for you because your belief system can get on board with it.

Part of the manifestation process is trusting that something can happen for you, so you have to trust that this amount of money is within the realm of possibility.

Choose an amount that excites you, but doesn’t feel out of reach.

If you have a lot of skepticism maybe you decide that you’re going to manifest just $10 the first time you use this method. This will help you start to find evidence that manifesting money almost instantly is possible for you, and finding that evidence will start to shift your beliefs.

If you want to go bigger, then absolutely do that! You can write down $5000 on your manifestation check as long as you believe in it!

To help get your belief system on board, I recommend saturating your mind with positive thoughts about money. My favorite way to do that is through affirmations, and I have a video with affirmations to manifest money overnight.

2. Write Down Your Intention

When you’ve decided on the amount you believe you can manifest, write down the following statement.

“Universe, I am open and ready to receive $_______ or more in the next 24 hours. I release control of how this happens and trust that this or something better will come my way, for the highest good of all involved. Thank you for delivering this abundance to me. And it is done.”

Put your paper away someplace you won’t see it for the next 24 hours. If you used a manifestation check write down today’s date as if you already received the money.

You can also use these other methods to set your intention.

3. Feel Gratitude and Excitement

We want money because of the feeling it gives us, feelings like safety, excitement, freedom, satisfaction, etc. Tapping into that feeling you want helps shift your vibration, it puts you into energetic alignment with receiving that money.

Take a few moments to pretend or imagine that you just received that money. How would it feel? Would you want to jump up and down or dance? Then do those things right now. Take at least one minute to feel those positive feelings.

how to attract money and be aligned with the energy of wealth

You know how time seems to fly by when you’re having fun, but when you’re stressed out or miserable it slows to a crawl?

Well the same principle applies when you’re manifesting something you really want. If you’re having fun and practicing gratitude it shifts you into that higher vibration, and you’re able to detach from the outcome

Focus on feeling really good as much as you can for the next 24 hours.

An affirmation I love is, “the more fun I have, the more money I make.”

We get sooooo stressed out about money, and sometimes for very good reason because just existing in the world is expensive, but as much as you can remember to take a few breathes and trust that money will always be there to support you.

Another good affirmations is, “I release all fear, guilt, and shame around money and allow it to just feel joyful.”

4. Release How the Money Should Show Up

So now it’s time to forget about the money. It’s normal to want to know how the money is going to come, because if we know the how then we have control, and if we have control then that makes us feel safe. It means we know we can buy food and pay for electricity.

But when we’re constantly trying to control the outcome that means we’re manifesting out of fear, and that just attracts more reasons to be afraid.

Asking “is it here yet?” and “how is it going to get here?” just creates resistance. It takes us out of alignment with the energy of money, because money feels good and fear feels bad, so it’s really hard to manifest money from that fear and lack mindset.

The reason you write down “$_____ or more” and “this or something better” in step 2 is because you are giving up control and letting the universe do the work for you. You are allowing possibilities and opportunities to come that you hadn’t imagined before.

If you find yourself worrying about the how, go back to step 3 and tap into the feeling of having already received the money. You have to believe and trust that the money is coming.

5. Celebrate the Money You Receive!

Take note of any unexpected money that shows up and celebrate it.

Money can come in the form of discounts, gift cards, free services, an unexpected raise (or your spouse getting a raise), money you find on the sidewalk, forgotten money you find in an old handbag, etc.

If it’s a little less than the amount you wrote down it still counts!

Whatever money comes, say thank you and feel true gratitude. Gratitude is so powerful, in fact I have a seven day challenge called Manifesting Through Gratitude that will teach you even more about how gratitude impacts manifestation.

Help, the Money Didn’t Show Up!

If the money doesn’t show up, don’t panic! It might be that your subconscious mind needs a little more time to get on board with the idea that overnight riches are possible for you, but the money is on it’s way.

You may just need to lower or raise the amount and try it again. Remember to tune into what your belief system will support and the excitement and positive feelings you want from money. Trust that the money is on it’s way.

It may also mean that you need to work on your limiting money beliefs. You may have deeply seated beliefs that say money can’t be easy for you.

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