how to feel rich when you're broke

9 Ways to Feel Rich When You’re Broke AF

Abundance is a state of mind. It’s not just what you have, it’s what you feel regardless of your bank balance and physical possessions.

We’re going to talk about things you can do to feel rich and abundant when you’re broke that don’t involve getting a side hustle, because I think most of us know it’s not that easy. Some people have five side hustles or work 60 hour weeks and still struggle to earn enough money to survive, so that’s not really the answer to feeling rich.

Being rich also means different things to different people. For some owning a modest home and taking two vacations each year is abundance, for others having hundreds of millions of dollars still isn’t enough and it never will be until they change their mindset.

I’ve written about how to manifest money, which is a step by step guide to attracting money into your life, but this post is going to be about how to feel rich right now no matter your current financial status.

How Do You Feel Rich When You’re Broke?

1. What Does Abundance Mean to You?

To feel rich when you’re broke you might just need to change your perspective of what wealth and abundance means to you.

It’s not just having a great paying job and tons of money in the bank. Feeling luxurious doesn’t require you to spend tons of money.

Luxury can be savoring your favorite desert, buying a bouquet of flowers and feeling happy every time you see it on your kitchen table, having date night once a month with your partner, wearing the $20 robe you bought at Target that’s just as soft as anything you would find at a high end store.

Feeling rich is all about your attitude and how you label things and experiences in your life.

Reassess the places where you feel lack.

Do you feel like you never have anything to wear even though your closet is packed to the brim? How many clothes are enough? Is it really about needing more clothes, or have you fallen into the trap of consumerism that brainwashes us into equating self-worth with looking a certain way and therefor needing a new outfit each week like so-and-so on Instagram?

Can you only feel happy if you drive a $100,000 car, or can you just be happy to even have a car?

Question your definition of wealth. Peel away the expectations of society and give it your own definition based on your values.

This doesn’t mean wanting or having material goods are bad, just that you don’t let the lack of them make you feel poor when you actually have enough.

2. Feel Gratitude

Want to feel abundant even when facing financial hardship? Find things in your life you can be grateful for. This is a fail-proof way to stop feeling sorry about what you don’t have, and feel wealthy with what you’ve already got.

Take time every single day to feel gratitude. Put a reminder on your phone to make a list of things your grateful for every night before bed or first thing when you wake up in the morning.

Maybe you can find abundance in nature, in your loving relationship, in your friend group. You can feel rich with an empty bank account when you shift your focus onto what you do have right now.

Then, maybe you can trust that what you need will come to you. After all, you’re here so the universe has come through for you before.

Thank the universe for always delivering what you need in the past, present, and future. Thank you body for all it does. Thank your life experiences that help you grow and become a stronger person. Focus on what is good in your life.

3. Take Care of What You Have

If you don’t see the value in what you have right now you won’t see it in the future. The value of something doesn’t just come from how much it cost, it also comes from how you treat it.

You can buy a $20 handbag and keep it in great condition for years, or you can buy a $2,000 handbag and trash it within a month. Which one is more valuable, the ‘cheap’ one in good condition or the expensive one with scratches, stains, rips, and trash inside it? Value is about your perspective.

That means take care of your home and everything in it. Even if you live in a lousy apartment take care of it the best you can. It shows that you value yourself enough to try to make your space match your self-worth.

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4. Change Your Money Mindset

When you can’t change your physical financial state change your mental state.

Maybe you can’t make a $10,000 monthly income appear out of thin air, but you can work on your beliefs around money.

A positive money mindset looks like:

  • Feeling gratitude when you pay a bill.
  • Saying, “there’s more where that came from” when you spend money and believing it.
  • Honoring your financial commitments by paying bills on time or communicating and creating an alternate plan when you can’t.
  • Giving money without expecting anything in return.
  • Spending within your means, but not feeling lack.
  • Trusting money will always be there for you.
  • Knowing that even if you can’t afford something right now you’ll be able to have it or something better later.

How do you adopt a positive money mindset? By changing your beliefs and inner narrative as we’ll discuss in the next two sections.

5. Bust Your Money Blocks

Choose the kind of thoughts and beliefs you have around money through recognizing your limiting money beliefs and changing them to positive beliefs. I have an in depth Magnetic Money Manifestor course that goes through this process, but here’s a basic rundown of how these money blocks work.

We’re all viewing the world through a filter that is created by our beliefs. If you believe you aren’t worthy of love you’ll sabotage your relationships. If you believe you’ll always be broke you’ll sabotage how you make and spend money. All your actions in life stem from your believes, so what you believe to be true you will make true.

To change your financial situation you have to look for the ways you’re sabotaging yourself and stop blaming it on the world.

Money blocks look like:

  • I never have enough money because other people hoard it.
  • Rich people are evil so it’s bad for me to want money.
  • My parents were broke therefor I’ll always be broke.
  • Making money is too hard.
  • There isn’t enough money to go around.
  • To make money I have to work 24/7 and I’ll never get to have fun.
  • If I have money people will try to take advantage of me.
how to feel abundant when you're broke, change your money mindset

Of course changing your money beliefs it’s not a simple, instant process. The tricky thing is that most of our beliefs are in our subconscious mind, we’re not aware of them unless we start to look at our thoughts and behaviors.

This might mean realizing that though you want to save money, and with your income you should have enough to put a few hundred away each month, but you end up spending it on dumb things with nothing to show for it.

Once you have this realization, start to ask yourself why. Look at what you learned about money from your parents or past experiences. Most of our beliefs were learned early on in life, before we had the ability to decide whether these beliefs even made any sense and if we wanted them.

Figure out what the root of your belief is, and then start to tell yourself the opposite of that belief.

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6. Normalize Being Abundant

We put a lot of importance on money, and with good reason as we need it to live just as much as we need air.

But, sometimes we build it up too much in our head. We have this inner narrative around money that puts it on a pedestal so high we think it’s out of reach even though there’s a ladder right in front of us.

Make your money goals normal and boring. That is, believe so strongly that your financial goals are easy and inevitable, that when they arrive you’re just like, “yup I knew that was coming, on to the next goal.”

We don’t worry about if enough air will be there when we take our next breath, it’s just a certainty in our minds. Make money as normal and easy to get as air.

This takes all the stress out of making money and lets you just have fun with it.

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7. Find Something That Feels Abundant

Create small rituals that feel abundance to you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to treat yourself.

Maybe it means taking time to make a fancy coffee at home on the weekends and sitting to savor it, or getting your favorite drink at a cafe.

It could mean making your husband watch the kids for an hour while you take a bath while reading a book, or taking a long shower and giving yourself a mani/pedi after.

Just take time to do something that feels good regularly. If you believe in the law of attraction you’ll know that feeling good attracts more reasons to feel good, therefor these small rituals attract abundance because being abundant feels good.

8. Be Open to New Opportunities

Sometimes we unconsciously block opportunities to receive money because we’ve got a story in our heads that says there isn’t enough or it isn’t possible.

We have those limiting money beliefs that say we’ll never be rich, we’ll never climb out of the hole we’re in, we’re stuck forever, everyone else is lucky but we’re not, etc. We come up with a million reasons why we can’t have more money, and then we make them true by filtering out the opportunities that could bring us more abundance!

This might look like not applying to a better paying job because we assume we’ll be rejected. Not starting a business because too many people are already doing it. Not approaching a business mentor because you think you’ll waste their time. Not taking a course that could give you new skills because you think you already know it all. Not writing a book because you don’t think it could get published.

We sabotage ourselves in all sorts of way. We give up before we even start. But when you shift your thinking to anything is possible you’ll find there are ways to make money every where.

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9. Be Happy For Others

Something I heard recently is that the subconscious mind takes everything you say personally. So things you think or say about others, your subconscious mind thinks you’re saying it about yourself.

Now if you occasionally have a unkind thought about other people it’s not a huge deal because the subconscious mind requires repetition to turn a thought into a belief, but if you have a pattern of thinking unkind, jealous thoughts about other people then you’re sending that negative energy to yourself.

If you often think, “she doesn’t deserve to drive that expensive car” you’re thinking this about yourself. Or, “she doesn’t work hard enough to deserve that raise,” you’re thinking that YOU don’t deserve that raise. How about, “she must have slept her way to the top.”

Over time your subconscious mind turns these thoughts into beliefs about yourself:

  • I don’t deserve to drive that expensive car.
  • I don’t work hard enough to deserve that raise.
  • I can only get ahead by sleeping with the boss.

Instead wish people success. Be happy for your coworker who got a raise. Congratulate the person who was able to afford an amazing vacation.

When you wish well for other people you wish well for yourself. Thinking “wow, it’s so exciting they were able to achieve this!” you’re programming yourself to believe that you can achieve it too.

So hopefully this post has given you a new perspective on what it means to feel rich and abundant. Yes having money is great and necessary for survival, but you can still find riches in your life without having a certain number in your bank account. You can also reprogram your mind to be more welcoming to money by changing your thoughts and beliefs about abundance.

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