Habits of Successful Women

8 Mindset Habits of Successful Women Living Their Dreams

What sets a successful woman apart from the not so successful ones? A lot of us might attribute their success to some innate quality they were born with or simple luck, but the truth is that they do some things differently from the people who never try at all or give up on their dreams when it gets hard.

Do you have big goals you want to accomplish? What has stopped you from making them happen? You might have already figured out that takes more than setting goals and getting up early every morning.

The most important habits of successful women are not just what they do every day but how they think and feel and the attitude they show up with. If you don’t believe in yourself and work on your mindset you won’t find the success that you want.

So lets talk about 8 mindset habits women should develop if they want to actually succeed at their goals and dreams.

Mindset Habits Women Need for Success

1. Be Comfortable With Failure & Judgement

The two things that hold people back the most are fear of failing and the fear of being judged, and they go hand in hand because if people see you fail they’re going to judge you, right?

It’s hardwired into our brains that we need to be accepted, because thousands of years ago if we were rejected by our social group we would be killed outright, or left alone in the wilderness to starve or be eaten by the local predators. Sounds like a bummer.

Today we have a different sort of relationship with society, there is more wiggle room to be ‘different’ (though of course some groups are abused more than others based on their race, religion, gender, or sexual-orientation), but we still have to meet some basic standards to avoid judgement and rejection.

When I gathered 15 quotes by successful women a common theme was to be ok with failure. As someone who used to be so terrified of failure I never took any risks, this was such a relief because even people like Oprah have failed and she is still one of the most successful women in the world.

So start to train yourself to be ok with failing and having people judge you. Take chances, try new things, view failure as a learning experience and not a measure of your worth.

2. Learn From Successful People

A great way to increase your chances of success is by finding a mentor who has already done what you want to do and learning from them.

If you’re unwilling to learn from others or you think you already know it all then you’re going to stunt the growth of your success. Likewise if you think something can only be done one way then you’re going to limit yourself and probably fail a lot because you won’t think outside the box and try new things.

Instead find someone in a similar field that’s been successful. If you can find someone to learn from in person that’s great, but you can also learn by observing people who you found online.

Personal development books are also a great tool, I have a list of 12 self-improvement books that have taught me so much about success!

3. Don’t Take Advice From People Who Aren’t Successful

Oh baby, this is a big one. Some people LOVE to give advice about things they’ve never done or haven’t been successful at.

Should you trust the person who’s always broke to give you financial advice? Or get relationship advice from someone who’s never had a stable, healthy relationship? No way! That would be like going to your mechanic when you have back pain.

The same goes for people who’ve never had a successful business, do not go to them for advice or listen when they offer it up. They have no idea what they’re talking about and will only confuse you and lead you in the wrong direction.

Only take advice from people who have actually been successful in the area you need advice on.

4. Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

The mindset of a successful woman is the most powerful thing she has. The inner work you do is just as important as any business decision you make as an female entrepreneur, because if you don’t believe you can be successful at the thing you want then you will sabotage yourself and not achieve it.

When it comes to your desires and your goals there are two parts of the brain at work, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Lets say your conscious mind decides you want to open an art gallery, you might start looking at how much it costs to rent a building, how much is insurance, how to use marketing so that people come to your shows, etc.

Your subconscious mind is processing this desire through your belief system and deciding whether or not you’re able to do this based on your past experiences and what you’ve decided your capabilities are.

What if in the past you had an experience where you failed big time and you concluded that you just aren’t good enough to achieve certain things, or you learned from your parents that some things are just “too hard.” As you start to look at all the steps involved in making your goal come to life your subconscious mind will start shooting it down because you have these limiting beliefs that say it’s not possible.

If you don’t work through these beliefs you won’t be able to succeed at your goals because we will always make our beliefs true, even if we aren’t aware that we’re sabotaging ourselves.

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5. Hang Out With Other Motivated People

We tend to adopt behaviors and personality traits of people we hang around often. For example if you move to another state or country where people have a different accent you might start to take on that accent after a while without even noticing, it’s automatic process.

If we’re unconsciously imitating other people, what if you’re hanging around people who aren’t motivated to do anything with their lives, or people who just complain about things instead of try to fix them? What traits are you taking on from those people?

What if the opposite were true and you spent most of your time with people who are driven, positive, and inspiring? Those positive qualities would start to rub off on you.

So choose your social group wisely. They can either drag you down or lift you up.

6. Use Meditation to Access Your Intuition

Sometimes our minds are so active and busy thinking about all the things we have to do and what’s going on in our lives that we can’t hear or feel it when our intuition is trying to communicate.

Meditation allows you to quiet all the chaos in your mind and calm your nervous system so that you can connect to your intuition, whether it comes as a voice in your head or a feeling in your body.

Have you ever found that you get the best ideas when you’re in the shower, practicing yoga, or falling asleep? It’s because you’re more relaxed in those moments and not trying to go somewhere or get the next thing checked off your list.

If you’re aspiring to be a successful female entrepreneur developing a regular meditation practice will be such a beneficial tool for receiving new ideas and insights for how to build your business or making it better.

Try my 6 minute morning meditation to start your day off right.

7. Get Comfortable Leaving Your Comfort Zone

An inconvenient truth is that in order to grow and find success as women we have to leave our comfort zone, which for most of us is really hard to do.

It’s something I personally resisted for a long time, and it only contributed to me staying stuck.

It’s only natural that the unknown scares us. Even if logically we know we aren’t really in danger, the thought of starting a business or giving a presentation at work is enough to send us into an anxious spiral, worrying about all the things that can go wrong.

Our Ego does this to protect us from those pesky bears that are waiting for us in the wilderness, but we can learn to hear that fearful chatter from our Ego and not let it control us.

You have to start taking tiny steps out of your comfort zone before you can see your life improve, and you definitely can’t become a successful woman without leaving your familiar bubble.

Start looking for small things you can do that are new and uncomfortable, but not so terrifying that you just run in the opposite direction. It’s really about taking those small steps, and the good thing is that the more you practice leaving your comfort zone the easier it gets! Your brain will create neural pathways that make these actions easier and your Ego will start to chill out when it sees that you can handle any bears that show up.

8. Never Give Up

You want to know what really makes a woman successful? They don’t give up, ever. Even when they fail they keep on trying. When they’re afraid they do it anyways. If people judge them they don’t care.

No one experiences a straight line to success. There are a thousand road blocks, flat tires, redirections, side roads, and dead ends.

If you believe in an idea keep going after it. If one way doesn’t work try another. Ask for help. Be persistent and be patient.

Trust yourself to figure it out.

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I hope you found values from this list of habits of successful women. I’d love to know what you think it takes for women to be successful, share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I love all of this advice! For the first few months of this year I was living my life in neutral and didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing. Then one day I started doing research and came across blogs like this which inspired me to do some research into productivity, motivation and getting the most out of every day. After a few months of trialling my new found knowledge I’ve never felt so driven! I even decided to make my own blog, all because of posts like this. Thank you for this!