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15 Easy Ways to Invite Happiness Into Your Life in 15 Minutes or Less

Need a quick boost of happiness today? These are 15 simple things that will make you happy quickly and easily.

We attach the level of happiness we’re allowed to have to what we own, how we look, or how we compare to other people, but real happiness comes from within. It isn’t about what you’ve achieved or how many times you’ve failed, but how you feel about yourself and how you choose to see the world.

I’m sharing practical ways to bring happiness into your life in 15 minutes or less, but it’s important to also work on choosing to show up to each new day with the right attitude.

When you start too adopt the mindset that you will be happy even when bad things happen, it’s so much easier to get yourself back into a positive mindset when challenges come up.

So do these easy 15 minutes happiness boosters, but also work on developing a growth mindset to find true happiness in your life.

Simple Things to Make You Happy Fast

1. Make a List of Accomplishments

This is my favorite strategy to enhance happiness in just a few minutes! Make a list of your wins, big and small. Give yourself credit for anything that made you feel proud or brought you relief.

Do you ever get wrapped up in comparing your accomplishments to what other people have done? It doesn’t feel very good, so instead make a list of as many of your own wins as you can think of.

Success isn’t just the big things that get you a pat on the back from your boss or friends, it’s all the little things you do too. Some days just getting out of bed, putting your laundry away, or getting the kids to school on time is a win.

It’s not that we need a medal or a participation trophy for life, but there are so many expectations put on us by society that it just makes us feel small and pathetic when we can’t live up to what we see on TV or on social media.

Most of us are doing the best we can with what we have and it’s important to give yourself credit for that, that’s how you start to invite happiness into your life.

2. Hit Pause on Your To-Do List

Sometimes you just need to stop being ‘productive’ and take a break. Society tells us we have to go, go, go and hustle 24/7 but no one can be productive all day, every day.

It’s actually really beneficial to rest sometimes and forget your to-do list, it allows you to recharge your mind and body. Then you can come back feeling energized and clear headed and you will be even more productive.

Do something fun or creative for 15 minutes, you’ll find that it makes you happier for the rest of the day.

3. Get Outside

So many studies have shown that being outside is a scientifically proven ways to increase happiness and health. Not only does vitamin D from the sun help you (try to get at least 15 minutes a day) but one study showed that patients recovering from surgery had better progress just seeing nature from their window instead of walls or buildings.

Time outside also reduces stress and anxiety and improves your sleep.

If you have a decent view of nature from your window take a few breaks during the day to just look outside.

When I used to babysit (a lot) and nothing else would make a baby stop crying, taking them outside immediately soothed them. Just holding them while they looked at the sky and trees made them happy. There is magic in nature, we’re just too busy to see it.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful practice to quickly boost your happiness and you can do it in under 15 minutes. It’s the combination of intentional breathing, being in the present moment, and quieting but not eliminating your thoughts.

A lot of people think you’re not supposed to think during meditation and if you do you’re doing it wrong, but actually it’s ok for your mind to wander. The real benefit is learning to become aware of those thoughts, and then redirecting your attention back to your breath.

I have a 10 minute meditation to ease anxiety. When I’ve been really nervous or fearful this meditation has helped me feel calm and peaceful. I also have another meditation for Peace and Wholeness that you might enjoy.

5. Clean Your Space

One of the simple things that will make you happy is a clean home.

When our home or office is cluttered and dirty it stresses us out, stunts our creativity, and brings down our energy levels. Set a timer for 15 minutes and do a quick clean up in whatever space you’re spending the most time in or the space that is stressing you out.

Sometimes just clearing the counter, making the bed, or vacuuming the carpet can make a room feel so much better.

You could also grab a basket or bag and go around the house finding things you’re ready to donate, then put those things into the trunk of your car so that you can drop it off at the thrift store the next time you’re in the area.

6. Write a Gratitude List

Gratitude is the best way to invite happiness into your life. Set a 5-10 minute timer on your phone and write down as many good things in your life that you can think of.

If you’re grateful for something a loved one does for you tell them, it’ll make both of you feel good.

There are numerous benefits of a daily gratitude practice and a boost of happiness is one of them.

7. Turn On Your Favorite Song

Is there a song that takes you back to a time and place where you were really happy? Or a song that just puts you in a good mood? Put that song on! It can instantly boost your happiness.

If you want to get up and dance that’s even better, physical movement is great for happiness too!

Make a happiness playlist on Spotify that you can put on at a moments notice when you’re feeling down.

invite happiness into your life in 15 minutes

8. Let Go of Something You Can’t Control

Sometimes we feel lousy because we’re obsessing over something we can’t control, like the actions of other people or something we anticipate happening in the future.

Take a few minutes to have a conversation with yourself. Ask what you’re afraid of, if you can control that thing right now, and if continuing to worry about it will actually change anything. Then ask yourself if letting the issue go would help you, or hurt you.

Then you can shift your attention to other things. This will be easier said than done at first, but with practice you can actually train yourself to let go of these problems that you can’t solve right now.

If there is actually going to be an issue in the future I like to tell myself “that’s future me’s problem” and somehow it gives my crazy brain permission to stop stressing and go to happier places.

9. Say Affirmations in the Mirror

Stand in front of the mirror in Wonder Woman pose and send some love to your reflection. Don’t take yourself too seriously, feel free to be cheesy and silly.

I like to say things like, “you’ve got this girl, you’re doing amazing and I’m proud of you. You are good enough and worthy of everything you want. I love you girl.” I add some embarrassing winks and finger pistols, it works for me.

Finding true happiness in life requires looking within and deciding that you’re going to love yourself despite all your flaws. So get comfortable telling yourself ‘I love you, I am worthy, I am enough’ and eventually you’ll start to believe it.

Here are some affirmations for self-love.

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10. Talk to a Friend

A chat with a good friend can instantly make you feel happier. Sometimes we just need that positive social interaction with a person we love and trust. Text or call up someone who you know makes you feel good, not someone who always complains or dumps their drama on you.

11. Do Something Nice for Someone

Doing nice things for other people help us get out of our heads and helps us feel like we’re contributing to our family or community.

Studies have shown acts of kindness can make you happier, they found that once a week was a good frequency and that you should change up your tasks instead of doing the same thing each time.

Being kind to others will always bring happiness into your own life, but make sure you’re not doing it because you expect anything in return. You can’t invite happiness into your life, but then make it dependent on the actions of someone else.

12. Dress Up

While looks aren’t everything, putting on a favorite outfit can make you feel good. Most of us wear the same few outfits over and over again, so change it up and put on something that makes you feel confident, even if it’s just red lipstick.

If you don’t want to dress up that’s ok, you can still take some extra time with your personal grooming. Just do something that makes you feel physically refreshed and revitalized, even if it’s just a shower.

13. Take Ten Deep Breaths

Deep, intentional breaths can calm your nervous system and help you get out of your head and into your body. There are many forms of intentional breathing but two that are popular are Ocean Breathe and Box Breathing.

Ocean Breath (Ujjayi Breath):

Take slow deep breathes in and out through the nose, making an ocean sound on the inhale and exhale. You might sound a little like Darth Vader, but if he was relaxed and not about to commit murder. Let your belly expand along with your chest.

Box Breath:

Inhale for a count of four seconds
Hold for a count of four seconds
Exhale for a count of four seconds
Hold for a count of four seconds.
Repeat until you feel calm and relaxed.

14. Be Present

We are usually thinking about either the past or the future. Whether its something negative or positive, you might be missing out if you don’t stop and come back to the present moment.

Take in what’s happening right now. Enjoy your next sip of water, notice how it feels to take in air and expand you chest. Pay attention to your pet, partner, or kids and really consciously interact with them.

Tune into how you’re feeling. Do you need to get up and move around, or lay down and put your feet up for 15 minutes?

Just exist for a moment without an agenda. Let everything else go and be in the present moment.

15. Play

Do the simple things that make you happy! Play a game, engage in a hobby, roll around on the floor with your pet or kids, dance, etc.

Take a break from work for 15 minutes and do something that feels fun.

An adult coloring book is always a good way to just be creative.

Still Struggling? Face Your Demon

Sometimes you just have to confront whatever demon has been chasing you. When I’m feeling anxious or stressed and a 15 minute activity isn’t enough then I go further inward and investigate the issue.

If you’re really struggling with feeling down, this guide to improving your emotional state will help you go deeper into why you’re feeling this way and how to fix it.

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