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Why Can’t I Manifest Money? 7 Money Blocks In The Way of Abundance

Money blocks come from subconscious beliefs telling you that you are only allowed to have a limited about of wealth. Because we are unknowingly acting on these beliefs, manifesting money will be difficult until you overcome them.

If you’ve been trying to manifest money without success, it’s not because it’s impossible or only some people can do it, though it can definitely feel that way. I’ve been in that lousy place of wondering why can’t I manifest money like I see so many other people do, and it feels so frustrating.

It makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you, or there’s some secret that everyone else but you knows and you don’t know how to get an invitation to the club where you get this coveted information.

You might even be great at manifesting other things, but still have a lot of money blocks that prevent you from receiving wealth.

It took me a while to get to the root of why I wasn’t able to manifest wealth like I saw so many other people do, and as these reasons apply to just about everyone, I’m going to share them here. I want to help you attract the wealth you desire too.

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Why Is Manifesting Money Hard?

Manifesting money is hard because most of us tend to have some pretty strong money blocks due to our upbringing.

Have you ever noticed that us humans are prone to resisting things that are obviously good for us or would improve our lives?

There is a silent conflict going on between your conscious mind and your subconscious beliefs.

Your conscious mind is observing the world and finding all these wonderful things that would make your life better, but your subconscious mind is filtering those desires and goals through your belief system and deciding whether or not these things are actually possible for you.

If something you consciously want goes against your belief that you can’t really have it, then you will resist it through your actions and your energy.

Say you want to make one million dollars a year, but you have a subconscious belief that says money is a limited resource and you have to either just be lucky or born into wealth to have it. The subconscious mind always wants to be right, so because you don’t really believe making a million dollars a year is truly possible for you, you will not take action on any opportunities to create or receive that wealth. You’ll make excuses for why it won’t work or why you’re not good enough, but you won’t even be aware that you’re sabotaging yourself.

So your beliefs about money are creating resistance to the wealth you want.

Where Do Limiting Money Beliefs Come From?

Most of our beliefs are formed in childhood when our brains are still developing. Think about the things you heard about money as a kid. Maybe your parents always said things like “we’ll always be broke,” or “making money is really hard.”

Maybe your family had a feast and famine relationship with money, where it would come in and then quickly disappear.

Or maybe your parents were really frivolous with money so as an adult you hoard your money and never enjoy it because you’re afraid it will disappear.

If you made what you heard and experienced part of your belief system, then that’s how you interact with money as an adult.

The good thing is that your beliefs can be reprogrammed! But first you have to know where you are.

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What Beliefs are Blocking the Flow of Abundance?

1. Money is Evil

I’m sure you’ve heard that money is the root of all evil. Because most people want to be good, you might unconsciously block money because you’re afraid of becoming bad or being judged as bad by the people who taught you this.

The truth is that money only amplifies who you already are. If you’re a selfish, greedy person you’re going to be that way with or without money.

If you’re a good, generous person you’re still going to be that way with greater wealth, and you’ll be able to share it and make the world a better place. Good people with money can do a lot of good!

2. Money Changes People

Just like money won’t make you evil, it won’t fundamentally change you in other ways. If you’re someone who would ditch all your friends and principles after “making it” then you were already that person. The money didn’t do anything, it just shows who you already are.

3. Money Makes People Fight

You might have seen your parents fight over money as a kid and adopted the belief that money makes people fight or breaks up relationships, so you’re afraid to have money as an adult.

Perhaps you settle for low paying jobs, or you blow your money as soon as it comes in. Because you associate money with the pain you felt seeing your parents fight, you unconsciously find ways to get rid of money so that it can’t hurt you again.

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Start telling your inner child that it’s safe to have money, literally picture them in your mind and tell them that no matter how much money you have, you will always be safe and cared for.

4. There Isn’t Enough Money for Everyone

Most of us have probably believed at some point that there’s only so much money in the world, and some people get a bigger share than others because of luck or just being more deserving.

If you believe that there isn’t enough money and you only get a tiny sliver, are you going to go after what you want? No, you’re going to hold yourself back.

You’re not going to apply to a better paying job or take action on the amazing business idea you’ve had for ages now. You’ll keep telling yourself there isn’t enough so why bother.

The truth is that there is enough money for everyone. It’s just a matter of believing you can have it and then going after it.

5. Making Money is Really Hard

Have you ever had to do something new, and before doing it you built it up to be this huge impossible thing in your head that felt so hard to do, but after you did it you realized that it wasn’t actually that difficult?

The belief that making money is hard can be what makes it so hard. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in “work” to make money, but it doesn’t have to be this grueling process that sucks the joy out of you everyday.

Maybe you don’t love your job but you need it to pay the bills, that’s ok. But while you’re working that job can you look for another job or ways to make money on the side that you do enjoy? So many people turn their passion or their side hustle into a full time income, there’s no reason why you can’t do that too.

Additionally, while you’re working that job you don’t love, focus instead on being grateful for what it gives you instead of always hating it. Gratitude is a powerful part of manifestation and can help eliminate money blocks.

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6. There’s Only One Way to Make Money

If you believe you can only get money this one way, then that’s the only way your subconscious mind will allow you to have it.

You will ignore other opportunities to receive money without even realizing it.

If you believe you can only make money at a job you hate, you will ignore an opportunity to make money in a way that you could actually enjoy.

If you believe that you can only be wealthy if you marry a rich man, you won’t let yourself create money in any other way.

Our beliefs are often self-fulfilling prophecies because we are always working to make them true.

7. I’m Not Good Enough or Worthy of Money

So many of our limiting beliefs come down to not feeling worthy in some way.

We think we have to “earn” money, not by the hours we put in or the effort we make, but through earning someones love, approval, or acceptance.

When I was a kid my family had a strict budget, so usually I was told no when I asked for something. As a kid I didn’t understand why we had less money than other people or why my friends had more toys than I did, so at some point I could only guess that I wasn’t good enough to have those things.

That belief stuck with me as an adult and I didn’t realize it until I was 30. All those years I resisted money because I didn’t feel truly worthy of it, along with having other limiting beliefs around money.

They’re called limiting beliefs because they limit our vision, creativity, intuition, and our courage to go after what we want and deserve. The opportunities to receive wealth are there, we just can’t see them because our beliefs are running the show.

How to Erase Those Limiting Money Blocks

Now that you know what’s keeping you from manifesting money, start noticing when your money blocks show up in your life. Question them, ask if they’re true and make sense. Choose new thoughts and feelings about money that feel empowering instead of fear based.

If you enjoy journaling you can mull over these questions:

  • When I think about why I struggle with money, what thoughts, emotions, and memories come up?
  • If a belief doesn’t make sense, what would be a better and more empowering belief to have?
  • If there was a version of me that had all the wealth I desire, what would they believe about money? What daily actions would they take to create money?

Try listening to the manifesting money mantras video below, and you can also try my money manifesting subliminal, which is designed to reprogram your subconscious mind while you do other things, even while you’re sleeping.

Money affirmations, in combination with other forms of belief work, can help you adopt new beliefs over time.

Some beliefs are harder to dismantle than others, so be patient during the process. They weren’t developed in a day so it’ll take more than a day to reprogram them. In time manifesting money will be automatic and easy.

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