2021 summer bucket list

50 Epic Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2024 + Free Printable

Are you ready for some summer fun? There are so many ways to make good memories it’s hard to keep track of them all, but if you’re ready to have adventures this year this summer bucket list will help you keep track of them all!

Below is a list of 50 activities to put on your 2023 summer bucket list. If you’re a homebody I’ve got you covered, most of these things can be done at home for free or very little money, but I have some summer adventure ideas for you too if you want to spend time out of the home.

These activities will keep you busy and entertained all summer long, and it’s perfect for adults, teens, and families. Many of these ideas can be used on a summer date night too!

Get a free summer bucket list printable PDF at the end of this post.

Put on your SPF and lets make it a summer to remember!

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2023 Summer Bucket List

1. Make a Summer Playlist

I don’t know why but summer needs its own playlists. Make a playlist that feels upbeat and fun to you and will take you back to what will hopefully be a magical summer of 2023 when you listen to it in the future.

2. Stargaze

Summer isn’t just about hanging out in the sun, it’s those warm clear nights with the stars twinkling above you and maybe someone you care about beside you. We can get so bogged down in what’s going on in our lives, but when I look at the stars I remember there is so much more out there and the petty little things we let bother us everyday just don’t matter that much.

3. Have a Picnic

Pack a lunch and take it outside. Go to a park or just put a blanket in your backyard. Enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and the blue sky.

4. Take a Long Bike Ride

Get some exercise and go someplace new. Maybe see if there are places nearby that let you rent a bike and take it on a trail.

5. Build a Bird House

Spend an afternoon building a birdhouse. If you have a kid do it with them, but you can do all by yourself if you want, I won’t tell! You can buy a birdhouse kit on Amazon or at Target.

6. Tie-Dye Your Clothes

Make your clothes one of a kind with a clothing tie-dye kit. It’s summer, you’re suppose to look like a rainbow threw up on you! I’m going to get a kit this summer for my niece (but really for me).

7. Start a Morning Meditation Practice

Daily meditation is a great way to start the day off right. Meditation is known to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. I like to use it as a time to set intentions for the day and just tune into my body before I get distracted by stuff.

I have a 6 minute morning meditation you can use to start the day off right below.

8. Grow a Plant

Make this summer the year you become a plant lady!

Ok so maybe you’ve left a trail of dead plants behind you in the past but why not try again? Try something easy like a succulent or an air plant.

9. Makeover Your Patio or Balcony

Make your outside space someplace you love to be in. Whether you have a patio or a small balcony, you can make that space inviting and fun.

Sweep away all the dirt and leaves, hang up some patio lights, get a cute outdoor rug, put some plants out there, and get a cozy chair you can read, meditate, journal, or just hang out in while you think important thoughts.

10. Take a Road Trip

Take a little road trip this summer. You don’t have to go far or stay the night anywhere, but you can take a drive to someplace you’ve never been and explore for a while. Google “things to do in (city)” and see what interests you.

11. Watch a Sunset

Enjoy as many sunsets or sunrises as you can this summer, appreciate those beautiful colors.

12. Have a Girl’s Movie Night

Watch a favorite movie from your teen years with a girlfriend, you can even do it when you aren’t physically together with group streaming. My picks would be Clueless and Mean Girls.

13. Have a Bonfire With Friends

I don’t know why sitting around a fire is fun but it is and you should do it! Get together with some friends and light a bonfire while you have deep discussions and share scary stories about that Karen lady you saw yelling at the grocery store (ghost stories aren’t in season ok! We gotta make do).

14. Paint a Sunset

Exercise your creative muscles and make some home decor by painting a sunset. It’s one of the more simple things to paint if you’re not a great artist, but there are also some nice paint by number kits you can use too.

15. Make Lots of Smoothies

Stay cool with smoothies all summer long. Try different flavor combinations, make smoothie bowls, have a good time eating something that’s healthy and refreshing.

16. Go to a Thrift Store

Take a day to visit some thrift shops. Challenge yourself to get a new outfit in a more eco friendly way, or upgrade your home decor with pre-loved furniture. Maybe you could paint over something to give it a better look.

summer bucket list 2021

17. Read a Guilty Pleasure Book

Spend a Sunday afternoon reading a guilty pleasure book, or any book you like.

Some of my guilty pleasure suggestions are:

18. Start a Daily Gratitude Practice

Want more good things in your life? Start being grateful for what you already have. When you do this your subconscious mind starts looking for and creating even more things to be grateful for.

There’s a whole psychological process that I’m not going to go into in this post, but when you shift your focus you shift your reality. Try my list of 10 journal prompts for gratitude to learn more.

19. Go Kayaking

If you love being at, in, or on the water like I do look for places around you to go kayaking. It’s such a nice way to spend a summer day and you get an arm workout. Remember to wear sunblock!

20. Do a Coffee Shop Tour

An awesome idea for your summer bucket list is to explore and support small businesses in your area with a coffee shop tour. You can do it over the course of a week or two, just go try new things and get your caffeine fix.

21. Make S’Mores

What’s summer without some s’mores? Did you know marshmallows were invented in ancient Egypt? Only the Pharaohs got to eat them (rude!), but thankfully we all get to enjoy and make delicious treats with them now.

22. Make Ice Cream Sundays

Take ice cream up a level by making an ice cream Sunday. Add your favorite sauces and toppings. If you add a cherry on top that makes it healthy, right?

summer bucket list for 2021

23. Take an Outdoor Yoga Class

Find an outdoor yoga class in your area to stretch your body and zen out your mind. Sometimes these classes will even be free or donation based, so you don’t have to spend much money.

24. Do a Summer Photoshoot With Friends

Set up a fun outdoor summer photoshoot with your friends. You could get a fun pool float, or if you don’t have a lot of space you can get a kiddie pool and make tropical drinks. All the cool influencers kids are doing it.

25. Make Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

Get some lemons and strawberries and make lemonade from scratch. Mmm, refreshing!

26. Fly a Kite

Head to the park and fly a kite. Perhaps a shark or butterfly kite? If you’ve never done it before it does take a second person to get it in the air.

27. Have a Water Gun Fight

Challenge someone to a water gun battle, you’ll both get cooled off and you get the satisfaction of crushing the ego of your foe.

28. Draw on the Sidewalk with Chalk

Draw on the sidewalk with your friends or your kids. Show the neighborhood your mad skills!

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29. Have a Lake or Beach Day

Summer means getting in the water so you can connect to your inner mermaid. Take a trip to the nearest lake, river, or beach and splash your fins around.

30. Watch a Movie Outside

Watch a movie outside this summer, whether that’s at a drive in movie or in your backyard on a projector.

31. Make Homemade Popsicles

Freeze those summer smoothies to make popsicles for easy access later. Bonus points if they turn your tongue a funny color!

32. Play Old Video Games

Did you used to be a master at Mario Kart? Dig out your old gaming system or borrow one from a friend and brush up on your skills.

33. Visit a Public Garden

Spending time in nature is scientifically proven to be good for your health. Boost your serotonin levels by going to a local garden. Take deep breaths of that fresh air, admire the plants, make friends with the birds and butterflies. Sing to the squirrels like a Disney princess (no? alright fine).

34. Make a Blanket Fort in the Living Room

Blanket forts are a staple of childhood, revisit yours by building a fort, making some popcorn, and watching an old movie you love.

35. Visit an Animal Sanctuary or Zoo

A day at the zoo is a wonderful way to spend time outside in the summer. I love learning about all the animals that live there. My grandma loved going to the zoo so it brings up fond memories for me.

36. Make Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza isn’t always as good as take out, but when you make the dough yourself (or buy pre made dough) and put it all together it’s definitely more rewarding than pizza made by someone else.

37. Visit an Aquarium

Take a day trip to an aquarium, just check to make sure it’s an ethical organization and not known for abusing their animals like Sea World.

38. Put a Fun Color In Your Hair

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fun hair colors. Whether you just want to add a hint of color or go all out with neons, express your inner wild child. Be the rainbow you wish to see in the world!

39. Build a Sand Castle

Get more than your toes sandy, build a sand castle so epic the other castle builders are ashamed.

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40. Go Hiking

Pack up water, SPF, and some snacks and take a morning hike with a buddy.

41. Make Cupcakes

Make some cupcakes in summer flavors like lemon or strawberry, or swirl them together (I haven’t tried this but it sounds great in theory!)

42. Go to a Theme Park or Fair

A day at a local fair or theme park is a must for your summer bucket list. Enjoy the rides, get your face painted, and sample as much food as you can!

43. Take a Midnight Swim

Take a nighttime swim under the stars.

44. Make a Crystal Terrarium

Maybe planting a whole garden isn’t for you, but crystal terrariums are a great way to bring color and magic into your space. All of my crystals are from Etsy, I have a list of the best ones here.

You can use a decorative bowl, mug, pot, empty candle jar, or a glass dish. Fill it with pretty rocks, add some fake moss from a craft store, put a crystal or two in there and you’ve got instant high vibes in your home.

45. Play on a Slip-n-Slide

Put a slip-n-slide out on the lawn and get out the hose. It’s a great way to cool down and if you film it you might just get a moment worthy of America’s Funniest Videos.

46. Try a New Salad Recipe

Sometimes you just want a light meal in the summer, and salads are a great way to do that. Try a new recipe and make your own dressing.

47. Go to a Farmers Market

Support your local farmers with a trip to the farmers market and get some fresh fruits and veggies for your smoothies and salads.

48. Rent a Cabin for a Weekend

The busy time for cabins is usually winter, so during the summer you may be able to get a good deal for a weekend getaway in a cabin in the woods.

49. Go Camping

Being forced to sleep in nature where there are bugs and critters is personally my worst nightmare, but if YOU enjoy it then put it on your summer bucket list! If you aren’t able to go somewhere then do it in your backyard.

50. Go Bird Watching

This year a bird made its nest right outside my window and it’s been cool to watch the mama bird come and go. I also have a family of hummingbirds that hangout around our aloe vera plants. They’re so cute and it’s made me realize, birds are cool. Am I a bird person now?

See if your city has any good bird watching spots, or just take a look around your home.

I hope you got some good ideas from this list of summer activities. Check out my Fall Bucket List too, there is also a free printable for that one!

Get your free summer bucket list checklist!

free summer bucket list checklist printable pdf

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