how to Stop Wavering On Your Manifestation

How to Stop Wavering on Your Manifestation: The Power of Persistence

So you’ve researched how to manifest, you’ve decided what you want and set your intentions, maybe you journaled or said some affirmations, but after a few days your desire doesn’t come and you start wavering.

You start looking for evidence that your desire is coming, but when you don’t find it you think manifestation doesn’t work, or it must work for everyone but you.

Doubt and fear creep in, you wonder why you even bother trying. It’ll never work, it’ll never come, what’s the point? So you give up.

And then whatever progress was happening behind the scenes, beyond your awareness, comes to a halt. Because you went back to the old story, the old identity, where you don’t have what you want.

In order to get your desires, you have to stop wavering on your manifestation. You have to stop looking for outside evidence that it’s yours, and instead decide that the vision you have in your mind is what’s real, and it’s only a matter of time before it arrives.

Easier said than done, right? Here’s the instruction manual you need to stop doubting your manifestation.

The Manifestation Process

Let’s briefly go over the essential steps of manifestation, just in case you don’t know or need a reminder.

  1. Decide what you want and set your intentions. Start by getting clear on what it is that you want to manifest. Write it down in specific and detailed terms. This will help you stay focused on your goal and avoid getting distracted by other things.
  2. Think like someone who believes they get to have that thing. More specifically, convince your subconscious mind you can have it by crafting a new story about yourself and repeating that story in your mind until it replaces the old one. You don’t have to believe it right away, that comes with time.
  3. Practice and persist in thinking like that person until your identity shifts—which just means the new story has replaced the old one and you ARE the person who has what you want. That means you ignore anything happening outside you and live in the mental story that says you have it right now. Be a little bit delusional.

If you want more information, read my in depth guide to manifesting your best life.

What Exactly Does Wavering On Your Manifestation Look Like?

  1. Thinking Against Your Desire: You have doubts and fears about whether you can actually manifest what you desire. Your thoughts spiral down a path of thinking it will never happen and you let them take over instead of putting them in check.
  2. Inconsistency: You are inconsistent in your manifestation practice. You start out strong, thinking in your favor for a day or two, but then lose motivation.
  3. Impatience: You are impatient and want to see results quickly. When you don’t see immediate evidence of your manifestation, you may give up or lose faith.
  4. Looking for External Evidence: You let your outer reality influence your belief and have all the power. If you don’t see proof you let doubt take over and give up, instead of persisting in your new story.
  5. Focusing on Lack: You’re focused on and thinking about what you don’t want and what you don’t have, when you should be thinking about how good it feels to be someone who has your desires. You allow the lack of what you want to create negative thoughts and emotions.
  6. Negativity: You have a negative attitude towards your manifestation. You may feel resentful or jealous of others who have what you desire, or you may believe that you don’t deserve to have it.

If you recognize any of these signs in yourself, it’s important to take steps to address them and stay committed to your manifestation.

how to stop wavering on your manifestation

What Happens When You Waver On Your Manifestation

The subconscious mind is a powerful force in the manifestation process, and if you don’t believe that you can have what you desire, your subconscious mind will create resistance and prevent your desire from manifesting.

When you don’t get the subconscious mind into alignment with your desire, you will be in constant conflict with yourself. It’s like there are two of you with the same rope around your waist and you’re pulling in the opposite directions. You’ll never get anywhere.

You might make a little bit of progress, but then your conflicting beliefs will pull you back to the old identity and the old reality.

When you go back to the old story of lack and “I can’t have it” any progress you were making stops.

If you know you’ve been wavering don’t beat yourself up for it, your manifestation isn’t ruined—it’s just slowed down. It’s completely normal and everyone does it, in fact studies show that humans are more likely to think negatively than positively.

Part of the manifestation process is training your brain to think in your favor instead of against it.

The easiest way to do this is by choosing a few affirmations to repeat in your head or out loud as often as you can. Affirmations are simply thoughts that reinforce your belief in your manifestation, and you’re thinking all day anyways so you may as well choose positive thoughts, right?

Try affirmations like, “my manifestation is on its way to me now,” or “everything is working out in my favor.” I also have hundreds of other affirmations to choose from:

By following these steps, you can be persistent in believing in your manifestation, even when you don’t see evidence right away.

How to STOP Wavering and Manifest What You Want

1. Practice Thinking From Your New Identity

Think about the version of you who has what you want. What do they think about themselves? What do they believe about what they’re “allowed” to have?

Define who that person is and how they think about themselves, and then practice thinking those thoughts and telling yourself that you are that person right now. Practice makes perfect.

This doesn’t mean telling yourself, “I’m so rich” and then spending money you don’t have! Don’t text your crush a hundred times. Never do anything that would create unwanted consequences.

Let your identity build and grow in your mind, nourish it with empowering thoughts. Practice being that person. When you get into the habit of thinking in your favor, you’ll naturally stop wavering on your manifestation.

2. Ignore the 3D

Never let a lack of physical evidence of your desire stop you from believing in your manifestation. It takes time to get your subconscious mind on board with your desire, and it can take time for the universe to arrange things for you. Even when you can’t see it, know that things are moving beyond your awareness.

You may even experience things that are the opposite of what you want and it’s so tempting to give in, but stay strong. It’s ok to have a moment of frustration and vent when you’re sad or angry—you can cry, scream, or spend a few hours decompressing with your favorite show—but let it pass and refocus. You have the power in your reality, don’t give anything more power than you.

Focus on the feeling of having already achieved your manifestation. Imagine what it would feel like to have your desire and let those feelings fuel your belief. Make that story more real than the 3D.

3. Be Persistent & Believe In Yourself

Whatever you tell the subconscious mind with enough repetition, the answer must be yes. With persistence your desires will come. The more you practice the new identity and thinking that it’s coming, the faster things will shift for you.

Understand that the manifestation process is not always linear, and that there may be delays or detours on the way. Trust that the Universe is working in your favor and that your manifestation is coming to you in the perfect timing.

Believe that you can manifest your desires. When you doubt your abilities, you create resistance, which can prevent you from achieving your goal. Instead, trust in your own power to manifest what you want.

4. Focus on the Positive

Rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what hasn’t happened yet, focus on the positive things in your life. Do things that feel good. Don’t stop living your life because something hasn’t shown up yet.

Express gratitude for what you have in your life, and for the things that you are manifesting. When you focus on what you’re grateful for, you attract more of those positive things into your life.

Remember to trust the process and stay positive. With persistence and belief, you can manifest anything you desire.

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