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And you feel like you might be getting in your own way somehow? Maybe you’ve been successful in some areas or you made a little bit of progress, but you’re not feeling so confident that you can manifest other things.

Perhaps you see people on social media manifesting their desires and they make it look so easy, but for you it’s like pushing a boulder up a hill.

The more time you spend trying to manifest something the more it seems to resist you, and you just can’t figure it out. The doubt begins to build, you lose more confidence in yourself by the day and wonder, “what am I doing wrong?

The issue may be your self-concept, which is the way you see yourself and your ability to have the things you want.

Reality is like a mirror of our subconscious belief system, which most of us aren’t really aware of. Our outer experiences are created by our inner states—the beliefs we hold about ourselves and our capabilities. So even when we feel like we’re doing all the right things, if our self-concept isn’t on board then nothing significantly changes.

If you believe you aren’t worthy of it, you won’t let yourself have it.

If you believe you are powerless, then you will find ways to stay powerless every day.

If you believe you don’t know how to make it happen, you will avoid taking the next step like the plague.

If you believe life can’t get better, you won’t let it.

If you believe you can’t do it, then you won’t do it.

Inner Alchemy is a tune up for your self-concept and manifestation confidence.

It’s a way to hit the reset button and build up your confidence in your manifestation abilities quickly and easily. In this program you’ll be speaking to your subconscious mind and installing the following beliefs:

  • I Am Already Worthy
  • I Am Free of Limitations and I Am Ready to Move Forward
  • I Am Magnetic and Magical
  • I Know My Power
  • I Know What To Do Next
  • My Life Is Only Getting Better
  • I Can Do Anything

For 14 days you’ll take a little break from trying to manifest external results and instead manifest internal results. Slowing down and resetting your inner state, building your self-concept, will move the needle faster than fighting the 3D reflection.

What’s Included

7 Affirmations Audios: You’ll get seven affirmation audios (around 10 minutes each) designed to help you break free from old patterns, trust your inner authority, and manifest your desires. These audios will download new beliefs into your subconscious, replacing your old limiting self-concept. You’ll use each audio twice a day for two days before moving onto the next theme.

7 Journal Prompt Assignments: These thought-provoking prompts will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you find the areas where you’ve been stuck so that you can debunk old beliefs, while also uncovering your inner wisdom and the ways in which you have already succeeded at manifesting hard things.

Lifetime Access: You’ll have lifetime access to all program materials, so you can revisit them whenever you need a confidence boost or a reminder of your inner power.

What You’ll Gain

A Stronger Self-Concept: You’ll work through 7 transformative themes that will reset and build your confidence in your ability to create any life you want. You’ll learn to embrace who you really are—without the labels and limitations that others have put on you—and recognize that you already have the answers you seek.

Evidence That You Already Know How to Manifest: You’ll realize that you’ve already manifested so many great things, you just didn’t know you were doing it. With this evidence your belief in your power will sky-rocket, which will make your desires manifest so much faster.

Excitement About What’s Coming: With the tools in this program you’ll start to feel unstoppable. You’ll get so excited about your future because you’ll know down to your bones that you can manifest what you want.

Trust In Yourself: On this journey you’ll build trust in yourself so that you can do and have anything you want.

Who Is This Program For

  • Your self-confidence as it relates to manifestation has been feeling low and you desperately need a boost.
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and your inner wisdom.
  • You know deep down that you’re powerful but you’re getting in your own way.
  • You’re feeling obsessed with how and when your desires will manifest and it’s becoming exhausting.
  • Doubt is starting to creep in about if you can actually manifest the thing you want.
  • You’ve had some success with manifestation but lately you’ve been feeling stagnant and things aren’t moving as fast as you would like.
  • You’ve been focused on your desires and staying positive, but the 3D still isn’t shifting or it’s moving at a snail’s pace.

Or maybe you feel pretty confident in your manifestation skills, but you still want to take your self-concept to the next level.

What do you have to do to get results?

I’m here to guide you down the path to success, but you have to show up and do the work. You have to use the tools and be open to trying new things (or trying them in a different way if they didn’t fully work in the past).

You have to be curious and willing to explore your belief system, to break old patterns and give up your fear and doubt.

You have to persist and trust that you can get the results that you deserve. Changing the beliefs that have been with you your whole life can take time, so you have to be a little patient.

And for just 14 days, you need to hit pause on looking for external results and instead focus your attention inwards to build new stories about yourself.

If you’re ready to make a big internal shift,
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Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is a digital course, and it is very affordably priced, refunds are not available for this program.

A new lesson (7 total) will be released every other day, but if something comes up you can absolutely take a break and come back when you’re ready.

Transcendence takes a deep dive into your belief system, rebuilding your identity from the ground up with a wider variety of tools like EFT, meditation, and breathwork.

Inner Alchemy is perfect for when you already understand how your subconscious mind and manifestation works, but you need extra help and accountability putting what you know into practice and disciplining your thoughts. It’s a continuation of the work we do in Transcendence, but is great as a stand alone program as well.

Even if you’re not really focused on manifestation, you can still benefit from Inner Alchemy because it helps to rewire you mind to have an empowered view of yourself.