going with the flow of the universe

10 Tips for Going With the Flow of the Universe and Surrendering

Guest post by Natasha Gisela from Confidently Healthy

Are you trying to make something happen in your life but no matter how hard you try, nothing is working and you feel like you’re up against a wall? Going with the flow of the universe would be so much easier, but it’s not so easily done.

Sometimes we try to force the things we want to happen right now, but that can get in the way and actually create resistance to the very things we dream of, so how do we balance relaxing and living in the moment with pursuing the things we desire?

In life we tend to want and hope for things so intensely and we forget that sometimes what you want comes easier when you go with the flow of life and trust the universe to arrange things in the best way for you, instead of trying to control everything.

Holding on too tightly to the things we want and expecting them to come right this moment can cause stress and burnout that will prevent you from having the things that you want in this life.

In many cases, learning to go with the flow of life brings more success than trying to swim against the current.

What Does It Mean to Go With the Flow of Life?

A lot of people think that surrendering to the flow of life means being nonchalant toward your goals (or not having goals at all) and not making any effort to get what you want. 

There is a sweet spot between not making any effort at all, and struggling and contorting yourself to force something to happen in a certain way and time. When you find balance between these things, this is where living in flow happens.

In life you have to be ready to receive your blessings by preparing your bucket for the thing you are asking for. 

However, being prepared doesn’t mean you have to hustle and grind to get what you’re seeking; it means to prepare internally; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And then yes, you take action to create what you want but you don’t self-sabotage and make yourself miserable by having unrealistic expectations, trying to do it all yourself, and then giving up when you don’t see results immediately.

When you begin to look at these elements within yourself you can then begin to release resistance in your life.

How do you do this? 

You simply ask yourself; who do you want your future self to be and what are you currently doing today in order to bring that version of you into the now?

Then you relax and you begin to bring that individual in with your habits, rituals and routines a little at a time with the following steps.  

Trust that if you do this each and every single day then it will only be a matter of time before you reach your goals. 

Steps to Learning to Go With the Flow

1. Develop Self Awareness of Your Resistance

Lack of self awareness creates self sabotage in every area of life. Looking internally can be really uncomfortable at times, but we can learn a lot from it. 

You must ask yourself what is triggering you and preventing you from going with the flow of the universe?

Is it a need to control your exterior reality? Or a fear of you not doing enough, being enough, trying enough?

The fear of not being enough is an illusion; in fact you are perfectly enough because you’re making strides towards being a better person because you have chosen awareness.

Unfortunately, in life so many people think that ‘success’ defines if you are enough; however, you are already enough because you are alive. 

During this time of you figuring out where you’re resisting the flow of life, look for the beauty – you’re trying and failing; learning what you do and don’t enjoy, what works and what doesn’t. 

I want you to get off the competition treadmill and get on the creating platform. What are you creating for YOUR life?

Unfortunately, when you look at Instagram, we are always trying to show off rather than trying to produce profitable things that will lead to real and lasting results.

How can we get off this competitiveness and lean into creativity?

Let’s first understand what the definition of creativeness is. 

Creativeness is the ability to create something out of anything with anticipation, knowledge and belief of your worth in yourself that causes you to radiate. 

There is something powerful, when you’re creating something from your own lane – you start only to pay attention to what you need to do in order to achieve the goals that are going to bring you the life you want to live.

This is what I call intentionally working with the flow of life. You are focusing on creating within the now to create a better future.

2. Trust that Good Things are Meant for You

Something that I wished I understood a lot sooner is to trust that the good that is meant for you will not slip by you.

Life wants you to have the best things, not the crumbs; that doesn’t mean not to work or strive for the things you want, but learn when to take action and when to rest and receive.

As we move through our lives, we often encounter difficult moments. We may feel like we’re struggling against something, or that we’re not making any progress. But in the vast majority of cases, if we surrender to the flow of life, things will eventually work out. 

The key is to not get too bogged down in our fear and doubts, and to just trust the universe. If we do this, chances are good that everything will eventually fall into place.

When you trust and know that good things are coming you can detach from the when and how and just surrender. Then your desires flow to you.

Here is a short but sweet meditation to help you let go and let good things come to you.

3. Breathe Through the Challenges

Challenges? These are like roses! If we didn’t have challenges, the goal wouldn’t be so sweet! However, you create your own challenges by not processing the trauma that is within your own self. 

This is where meditation comes in. Slowing down, breathing, and visualizing your goals as if you already have them not only brings you peace, but makes your subconscious mind more receptive to living that reality.

Honor the setbacks and then realize they are just lessons; you just had to accumulate knowledge and persistence in order to achieve the goal that you desire.

4. Look For Joy

How can you enjoy more of the journey and release the tension of acquiring the goal?

Use the power of gratitude to change your life! Gratitude is giving thanks for what is already yours and what you want to bring into your life.

Gratitude helps you to bring peace, prosperity and opportunities into your life. Gratitude helps you appreciate where you’re at now and what you’re creating. It helps you enjoy the present moment instead of living in the energy of ‘why isn’t it here yet?’

You can begin to practice gratitude by saying thank you (and actually feel it) when you wake up in the morning. 

Then you can go ahead and begin to write 10 things that you’re grateful for, 10 things that you’re excited for and 10 things that you love.

It is as simple as that! I love writing them down in my journal, I have a stash of them in my room and office. It feels so much better to focus on what I am grateful for than complain about something or someone I can’t change. 

Try the Manifesting Through Gratitude 7 Day Challenge

5. Release the Need for Perfection

There is no such thing as perfect, but there is something called done. If you keep on dealing with the small little things that do not bring in any profit or bring you any self development: you will always stay stuck and never make progress in this thing called life.

There is a reason people say ‘don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good,’ because it keeps you from trying new things and leaning into the creative process. 

I used to be trapped here. I would say things; ‘I’ll wait till I’m this. I’ll wait to have this.’ When all it does is postpone happiness and experiencing the life that you want to live.

It’s like the movie Soul; we all thought that everyone has a purpose, but it is the experience of life that makes life worth living.

Trying new things. Enjoying the journey because when one journey ends another one begins.

going with the flow of the universe

6. Lean into Your Intuition: It Will be Your BEST Friend 

Have you ever done something that you knew was not for you but you did it anyways? How did you know it wasn’t right before you did it? That would be your intuition telling you that it wasn’t for you. 

Your intuition is the most powerful thing that will help you flow in life. It has always been there but the distractions and noise of the world and our egos often drown it out.

Surrendering to the flow of life is effortless when you let your intuition guide you. Listening to this inner voice isn’t always easy, but it is up to you to stay connected and grounded to it.

I suggest walking on grass nightly before bed to calm your nerves and to soothe your soul. Take occasional breaks from social media. Learn to trust your first reaction to situations, instead of the ego that comes up with all sorts of fears and doubts to keep you in your comfort zone.

7. Be Present

Listen, we all worry if we are going to like something, if we are going to have the money for something, if we’re going to fail or succeed. 

However, what worry does is take away the joy of today and keeps us from living in flow. I’d rather be in peace today and ask, believe and receive the things that I desire instead of constant worrying about what my future will look like. 

Ask yourself what can you do now that will help you create a happier experience tomorrow. Do that, then relax.

8. Make Time for Play

Don’t forget to enjoy life while pursuing your goals.

I once made the mistake of creating my schedule around everyone else’s; this caused me a lot of unhappiness and misery because I was living a life not of my own. 

Eventually I asked myself, what do I actually enjoy doing daily? If no one else’s expectations mattered, how would I spend my time?

You see something funny happens when you let go of your goals, you can actually start living your life.

Your goals are not going to leave you, rather you start adopting a ‘this is my life’ mentality and start pursuing the right ones instead of the goals other people think you should have.

This is when you can let go and start to relax and start to embody the identity of who you want to become rather than trying to force things to make things happen. 

You can begin to breathe and start experimenting and say maybe I will try a fresh, heart centered approach to bring me more fulfillment.

9. Take Imperfect Action

Sometimes you just have to go for it. 

Even when you doubt yourself, even when you’re afraid, even when you don’t know all the steps to take. Everyone has to start somewhere, and more often than not none of us really know what we’re doing when we’re trying something new.

When inspiration hits, do it. That is the universe pointing you in the direction of the right path and if you take it you’ll find your dreams unfolding before you with ease. 

Taking imperfect action allows you to flow with life instead of resisting because something isn’t just right.

Learning to change your limiting beliefs can be difficult, this free worksheet can help get you started.

limiting beliefs free pdf printable

10. Learn to Handle Disruptions to Your Routine With Grace

Disruptions come and go but there is something in life called grace and ease; it is learning how to manage them with sophistication that will make everything worthwhile.

If you want something or have ambition of any kind-you have to learn how to put yourself out there. Even with the constant nos and rejections, the boredom when nothing is happening, you still will look back in years to come and say wow.

I did this-I built this because at the end of the day, time passes anyways and I would hate to be someone at a job that I do not like because I refused to try because I was afraid.

Sometimes, going with the flow is going against the grain one step at a time.

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