Valentine's Day Self Care Ideas and Activities

15 Valentine’s Day Self Care Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time to show love and appreciation to those around you, but for some women it can be an unpleasant reminder of what they lack—a relationship. However, this holiday doesn’t have to be a day spent with a romantic partner; it can be just as special when spent alone (or with a friend) practicing self-care!

Being your own Valentine allows you to take the time to honor and love yourself. Self-love is an important part of overall health and well-being, so why not make this Valentine’s Day all about you? In this article, we will discuss how to make the most of this day and show yourself some extra love through self-care.

Whether or not you have a partner on Valentine’s Day, it’s always good to romance yourself a little bit! You can be your own valentine and have an awesome day.

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valentine's day self care ideas

Valentine’s Day Self Care Activities

1. Set the Mood

If you’re having a night in, give your space a fun vibe. Tidy up if you need to, and then put on some fun mood lighting like pink electric candles, a neon ‘good vibes’ sign, or a sunset lamp.

Light a yummy smelling candle or put essential oils in the diffuser. Make your space extra special.

2. Spend Quality Time with Yourself

This might be a good time to tune in and ask yourself, what do you need that you’ve been putting off or neglecting?

Do you need a mental break, or does your body need some care? What would feel like the best way to spend your time?

Take note of what comes up and use that to guide your activities for your Valentine’s Day self care date.

3. Dress In Something Special

Depending on what kind of time you want to have, dress for the occasion.

Maybe you have a sexy dress that’s been hanging in the closet, waiting for the perfect date. Put it on, do your hair and make up, and own what a hottie you are! You don’t have to wait for a date or party to get glammed up.

On the other hand, if you just want to wear pajamas and be super comfortable, wear your favorite pjs and do that! Slip into a cozy satin pajama set and float around like a cloud.

4. Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Take five or ten minutes to write yourself a love letter. Talk about how amazing you are in every area of your life. You can even write it from the perspective of a romantic partner or a best friend.

5. Enjoy Some Comfort Food

Make or order yourself your favorite meal and enjoy every single bite.

6. Get Creative

If there is a hobby or craft you want to do, make some time for it. You could buy a paint by numbers kit or go to a pottery painting store.

7. Love Your Body

Something many of us don’t do often enough is really appreciate all our bodies do for us, instead when spent a lot of time criticizing it and wishing we looked different. Try this Love Your Body meditation, you’ll feel so good afterwards.

8. Have a Spa Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for pampering, whether it’s at home or at a spa. Take a bath with a book or watch a good show with a face mask on.

A full body massaging mat is such a great investment for daily relaxation.

9. Buy Yourself Flowers

10. Write a List of Your Best Qualities

Write the things you love about yourself on scraps of paper and put them in a jar—not for someone else, but so that you can be reminded of your worth. Pull out a paper daily or whenever you need a pick me up.

11. Read a Hot Romance

Here are my favorite contemporary romance novels.

12. Have a Date With Your Bestie

Invite your best friend over for a galentine’s day with all your favorite activities and treats.

13. Make a List of Your Wins & Accomplishments

Give yourself a boost of confidence by writing down as many of your accomplishments as you can think of, big and small! Any skills you’ve developed, milestones you crossed, fears you faced, challenges you’ve overcome, or goals you accomplished. It all matters and is worth celebrating.

14. Watch Your Favorite Movie or Show

Cuddle up on the sofa with a cozy blanket, good food, and your favorite feel-good movie or tv series.

15. Say Positive Affirmations into the Mirror

Affirmations are powerful tools for changing the way you feel and think about yourself. If you’ve never used them before it can feel uncomfortable the first time you use them, but with repetition you start to actually believe them and they erase old lousy beliefs you had.

They become even more powerful when you look into your own eyes in the mirror and repeat one or two affirmations for several minutes. Here are few good ones:

  • I am worthy of love.
  • I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • I am powerful and magical.

Chose one and repeat it until you feel really good.

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I hope you found some self-care ideas to make your Valentine’s Day feel really great! Have fun and don’t take it too seriously, just enjoy yourself.

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