small bedroom decor and storage

20+ Trendy Small Bedroom Decor & Storage Ideas for Adults

I recently moved into a bedroom that’s quite a bit smaller than my old one, so today I’m sharing some small bedroom decor ideas to make the most of your small space, as well as storage solutions to make your room functional, but also feel grown up and look good!

Lets get into these ideas for how to make the most of a small bedroom.

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small bedroom bed frame

Platform Bed Heavy Duty Steel White

Having a low profile bed frame is important in a small bedroom. Every inch counts and a bulky frame can make your space feel much smaller than it is. We have 4 of these heavy duty steel frames in my home and they’ve held up great. You also don’t need a box spring under your mattress because the slats are wide and supportive. This one also allows you plenty of space to store seasonal items underneath, I’ll share my favorite under bed storage below.

Tufted Performance Velvet Headboard

A gorgeous headboard can instantly elevate your bedroom. This one is adjustable, so you can lift it up just high enough to tuck the top of your mattress under so you don’t lose any space. It also comes in other colors.

I also adore this velvet headboard, but just a warning the full/queen really only fits a queen.

Gold Clothing Rack

If you don’t have closet a clothing rack is a good option. This gold one looks pretty and holds a fair amount of clothes.

9 Cube Shelf

These cube shelves are great for any space. You can put anything in them and put them anywhere, I have two in my closet for my books and clothes. The link above is for the 13 inch cube version but there is an 11 inch version as well. I have these blue floral fabric drawers that elevates the look, and they have tons of colors and prints.

C End Table

A ‘c end table’ is a great space saver for rooms, you can tuck the bottom under a bed or sofa and have the table fit perfectly over the arm of your sofa or your bed without taking up as much space as a regular end table.

I’ve also seen these at Home Goods recently so check there too.

small bedroom desk

Side Table with Wheels 24 Inches

These c tables are a bit bigger and have wheels so you can use them as desks.

Folding Desk 31.5 Inches

Whether you have a small bedroom, or your working from home and don’t want to work from your bed this folding desk is a great option! Fold it up and put it away at the end of the day or when you don’t need it.

small bedroom vanity

Vanity Set with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror

This vanity has a fairly small footprint at just 31 inches and it comes with a lighted mirror and plenty of storage space. It also comes in a pretty navy!

small bedroom dresser

Fabric Dresser 5 Drawer / Slim 4 Drawer

These fabric drawer dresses are great for a few reasons. First is that they are most affordable than your regular dresser. Second is that they are so easy to assemble, you don’t have to spend an hour putting together all the drawers and hoping holes are in the right place and that the wood doesn’t split. Third these are slim enough to tuck into a small space or even a closet. Again we have several in my home and they’ve held up great.

Nova Iridescent Mirror

A mirror can make your space feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light. I’m obsessed with this iridescent mirror from Urban Outfitters, but then I like anything that’s iridescent. I also love these elegant hanging diamond mirrors.

Fairy Lights

Small bedrooms can feel cramped, but they can also feel really cozy! Set the mood with fairy lights, a soft throw, and a cup of tea for maximum coziness.

Hanging Planter Vase

A hanging planter is a great way to utilize vertical space and bring some life to a room.

small jewelry organizer

3-Drawer Jewelry Organizer

Organize your jewelry with this small organizer, it measures 6.5″ x 7″ x 5″ and is perfect for a small collection… so not me lol.

Kate and Laurel Soloman White Shelves with Gold Metal Brackets

These white and gold shelves are both elegant and perfect for storage. I have them in my home and they look so good! They come in a set of 2.

small space organization

Plastic Bathroom Tray

These small organizers from Target are a great bargain, the 3″ x 9″ inch size is just $1 and they are great for organizing nail polish, make up, craft supplies, and stationary. They also have bigger sizes.

Gold 3 Tier Organizer

This stacked organizer is so handy for organizing small items like q-tips, cotton pads, flossers, jewelry, paperclips, etc.

small bedroom decor and organization

Post-it Acrylic Tray 3″x6″

This acrylic tray is small but versatile. It’s made by Post-it for stationary supplies, but also looks great on your dresser or shelf with small items. You could put pretty contact paper on the bottom to customize it.

Under Bed Storage

The space under your bed is a great place for storing seasonal clothes, shoes, extra bedding, and more. This one from Amazon has a clear top and a zipper so you can see what’s in it and it doesn’t get dusty.

I also recommend vacuum compression bags for bedding, decor pillows you aren’t using (as if one could have too many throw pillows!), sweaters, etc. The ones I linked from Target have worked well for me!

Gold Bar Pulls / Crystal Pulls

A great way to instantly upgrade a dresser, desk, or night stand is to put some pretty drawer pulls on them. These options from Etsy create instant glam!

Home Office Decor

That concludes my small bedroom decor and storage solutions for now! I hope you got some good ideas, thank you for visiting.

small bedroom decor and storage