50 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

55 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts for Mindfulness and Growth

The best way to learn about the world is by asking questions, so it makes sense that to get to know YOU better you have to ask yourself some deep questions too.

With these self-discovery journal prompts you’ll figure out what’s working for you right now, what isn’t working, and what you’d like to get out of your life. Ask yourself these questions and you’ll be on your way to being your best self

If you’ve been feeling a little lost or aimless, these journal prompts will help you get back on track with your goals and in tune with your true desires.

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The Benefits of Journaling for Self Discovery

Journaling has so many benefits. Many of us go through life without really checking in to what’s going on inside. Journaling is a powerful tool that can help you pull deep feelings out of the murky well of your mind so that you can process and understand them better.

Getting your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper through daily journaling can give you a new perspective on things going on internally and in your life.

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Checking in with what’s working and not working can help you get back to being your authentic self. Really thinking about your answers will help you to be more mindful about your choices and actions going forward.

I don’t recommend trying to answer all of these questions for self-discovery in one go, that would be too overwhelming. Instead use one or two as daily journal prompts. Challenge yourself to answer a question a day and see how far you come in your personal growth journal.

If you regularly journal, these questions can be great for those days where you feel stuck and don’t know what to write.

You can even use these self discovery journal prompts in your daily meditation by asking your higher self or whatever you believe in the question at the beginning and seeing what comes up. You might get an answer during the meditation, later in the day, or in even your dreams.

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journal prompts for self discovery
Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

55 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

1. What are 10 obvious things that make me happy?

2. What are 10 things that I don’t appreciate as much as I should? – 60 Things to be Grateful For

3. What activities brings me the most joy? What could I do more of to increase my happiness?

4. What qualities do I love about myself?

5. What qualities do I admire in other people/my hero? How can I cultivate those qualities in myself?

6. How often do I feel stressed out or anxious? What triggers those feelings? Can I create a system that helps me cope with those feelings? – How to Change Your Emotional State

7. When I close my eyes and picture my dream life, what do I see or feel? What small daily actions can get me from here to there?

8. Do the accounts I follow on social media make me feel good or bad about myself? What do I need to see more of and less of to care for my mental health?

9. What limiting beliefs do I need to change so I can move towards my goals?

10. What habits could I change to improve my life? – 15 Bad Habits that Might Be Ruining Your Life

11. What does success look like to me? If I was always successful what would that look like?

12. What does failure look like to me? If I don’t succeed at something the first time is it fair to call that failure?

13. What do I fear most? If I wasn’t afraid what would I do?

14. Is my lifestyle as healthy as it could be? What are a few simple ways I could improve?

15. What are some of my accomplishments, big and small?

16. Do I believe I’m worthy of my dreams and goals? If not how will I work to change that? – 15 Ways to Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem

17. What does a perfect day in my life look like? How can I gradually shift my routines to make that a daily reality?

18. What people or situation drain my energy? What strategy can I create to deal with or avoid those situations?

19. Where do I want to be in 1 year? How can I break that down into steps I can work on monthly, weekly, and daily? – How to Set Intentional Monthly Goals

20. What am I really good at? How did I become good at those things? Can I use that method to get good at other things?

21. Am I using my time wisely? How can I manage my time more efficiently?

22. What would I like to learn more about? When will I schedule time to research it?

23. Do I tend to self-sabotage in any areas or situations? What should I do instead?

24. How can I practice self care? What is self care to me?

25. Are my current daily routines serving me? Can I change up my routine to be more productive?

26. What are my greatest strengths? What would I like to be a strength?

25. Do I surround myself with uplifting people?

26. What is really challenging me right now? Can I break it down into manageable steps?

27. What do I need to say ‘no’ to more? – How to Say No with Personal Policies

28. What do I need to say ‘yes’ to more? When have I not done something I really wanted to do?

29. What advice would I give to my younger self?

30. How would I describe myself to a stranger?

31. Do I enjoy being in my home? Does it make me feel happy, overwhelmed, sad? How can I improve my home so that it makes me feel peaceful and happy?

32. How do I want people to treat me? Do I allow people to treat me badly? What boundaries do I need to put in place?

33. Do I treat people the way I want to be treated? Do I have internal biases that I need to evaluate? How can I do better? How can I fight injustice when I see it?

34. What is missing from my life right now and how can I get it?

35. What are my morals and values? What do I stand for or against? Am I living up to my values?

36. What do I fear letting go of? Is that fear rational? Would my life be better if I did let go of that thing?

37. When has staying in my comfort zone made me miss out on something good?

38. What is my top priority goal and what steps am I taking to achieve it?

39. What would I like to get better at? When will I take time to learn or practice?

40. What recharges my batteries when I’m feeling drained? How can I make sure to do that more?

41. Something I need to work on in one area of my life is…

42. What would I like to leave in the past?

43. Am I being authentic in my interactions with other people, or am I trying to people please?

44. What do I want more of in life?

45. What would I regret not doing if the world ended tomorrow?

46. What do I need to forgive myself for? When did I maybe not act my best?

47. How can I simplify my life? What is feeling too complicated or overwhelming?

48. Do I make excuses for anything when I need to take responsibility? Do I blame other people too much and give away my power?

49. What is most important to me in life?

50. What would I do if I didn’t care what other people thought? Is what I want more important than what other people think?

51. Reflect on the last year, what were the highs and lows? What can I do differently?

52. Is my morning routine setting me up for success? Could I be more productive? – The Best Morning Routine for Success

53. What do I need to organize so that my life is more productive or less stressful? What are 5 things I can do this week or this month to become more organized?

54. What lessons have I learned from challenges in the past? How have they made me stronger?

55. If I could change anything right now, what would it be? Can I find one small way to get me closer to that desire today? What could I do tomorrow?

Free Self Love Journal Prompts PDF for Subscribers

Free Self Love Journal Prompts PDF

Final Thoughts

Once you use these self-discovery journal prompts you’ll find that they lead to real personal growth. You’ll know what you want, what you DON’T want, and what you need to change about your life.

After you’ve answer these questions look over your answers and see where you can make small changes and keep coming back to them to check in. As time passes you’ll see some amazing results.

We all have things we need to work on, so don’t stress if you find that you need to make some major life changes. Work on a little bit at a time.

I hope you find these self-discovery journal prompts for mindfulness and personal growth helpful! I appreciate you visiting my site so much!

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  1. This is so helpful – as a blogger it is good for me to be in the habit of journaling to improve my writing and ideas – however sometimes I get stuck for things to question – I will defo use some of these questions in the future – what a great way to help get to know yourself better! thank you