how to manifest your dream body

How to Manifest Your Dream Body

I know that so many of us dream of having the perfect body, but if you’ve ever gone on a diet—or several of them—and set a new year resolution to go to the gym five days a week you probably know how difficult it can be to make that a realty. It seems like no matter how hard you want it, something gets in the way.

It feels impossible to manifest your dream body, but if you follow each of the steps laid out in this guide, with patience and consistency you will achieve your goal.

The reason this system works at helping you manifest the physical changes you want is because it gets to the root of why you want it and why you’re resisting it, and then you learn how to love your body right at this moment while still making the shift into your dream body.

Finally this guide teaches you how to act like the version of you with a perfect body, propelling you even faster into truly living that dream.

Can you really manifest your dream body?

It you’re feeling skeptical, I get it. My teenage years and early 20s consisted of me trying—and repeatedly failing—to reach my dream body. Nothing worked until I stopped just focusing on the outside and started really changing my mindset.

To be clear, you can’t manifest changing your eye color or growing five inches taller, but you can use the law of attraction to manifest a body that is healthier, fitter, sexier, and feels really good to be in. It’s all about adopting the identity of already having your dream body and allowing your actions to naturally take shape from that positive mindset.

The thing that really stops us from doing the things we need to do to have our dream body is that it goes against how we think of ourselves.

When you go around hating your body and thinking, “I’ll be fat/unhealthy/ugly forever,” then of course you’re resisting eating health and exercise. Having your dream body goes against your identity!

I’ll show you how to change that.

Can I manifest my dream body overnight?

You can’t go to bed 200 pounds and wake up 130 pounds, because manifestation doesn’t work like waving a magic wand.

Some manifestations are simple and happen quickly, others are a bit more like building a house. You have to draw up blueprints (decide on your desire), then you have to lay a foundation for the house to stand on (create a belief system that supports your desire), then you have to actually build the house (taking action to help create a path for your desire to come).

It doesn’t have to take months, but making a big change in your body and health will take consistently thinking in your favor. Manifestation is a mind, body, spirit approach that makes getting your desires so much more likely because your coming at your goal from a more empowered place.

If you’re ready to take manifesting a perfect body seriously, the following steps will help you do it.

To Manifest Your Dream Body, Start With the Mind

1. Decide what you want and WHY

When you want to manifest changing your physical appearance, you first have to know what you want and more importantly, why you want it.

If you want to manifest losing weight so your mom will stop commenting on your body, that isn’t quite good enough—and if someone is rude enough to comment on your body they’ll just find something else to criticize if you change it. So changing your body won’t really solve that problem, and part of you knows this and therefor won’t be truly motivated to change.

If you want to manifest looking like a Kardashian because you think that will get you love, attention, or validation, that also isn’t a good enough why because your desire isn’t about your body, it’s about something much deeper than that—your self-worth—and self-worth can’t be changed from the outside.

You have to really want it for yourself, because it will feel so damn good to make this transformation. Not to please anyone, not to avoid critics, not to fit some standard society says you must fit into. You have to do it for YOU.

2. Find your resistance

If you don’t already have your dream body it’s probably because of a subconscious belief that says you can’t have it. This belief will create resistance when you try to make changes.

If you were ever doing really well at going to the gym 4 days a week and then just when you started to see progress your mind came up with all these reasons why you should stop and all your efforts went out the window, it was because a limiting belief popped up. This belief says, “we aren’t allow to experience this level of health and fitness, so it’s time to hit the breaks.”

Your mind will always act to make your beliefs true, so you have to uncover these sneaky beliefs and change them.

Here are some important journal prompts for manifesting your dream body:

  • If I had my dream body, what am I afraid would happen? (I wouldn’t be able to maintain it, my friends or family would reject me, my partner would feel insecure, etc)
  • How am I benefiting from not having my dream body? (I get to complain about it with my friends, I get to fit in with my unhealthy family, I get to avoid intimate relationships, I can avoid failure by not trying at all, etc)
  • How did my parents treat their bodies, and do I imitate their habits? (eating unhealthy foods, not exercising, smoking, etc)
  • How did my mother talk about her body? (was she very critical?)
  • What am I missing out on by not feeling confident in my body right now?

Answering these questions should give you some clarity around your beliefs. From there you can start to figure out what new beliefs you need to develop.

3. Love yourself where you are now

If your desire for the perfect body was a seed, and your thoughts about your body was the nourishment you fed this seed, what would the quality of the nutrients be? What would the quality of the end result?

You might think having your dream body is just about eating salads and going to the gym, but it starts with your mindset.

Your body can’t and won’t thrive if all you send it is resentment and hate. You have to shift your focus from what you don’t like about it, to what you love about it.

When you love your body you will be more motivated to treat it right. You’ll want to give it good fuel and keep it in shape. It won’t be a struggle to eat the right things and exercise because you’ll be excited to take care of it.

Even though your body isn’t where you want it to be, it still does so much for you and is 100% worthy of love, right now. The more you love your body, the faster it will transform.

This meditation to love and heal your body will help you. Listen to it at least 2-3 times a week while you’re on your journey to manifesting your dream body.

4. Make it your identity

Now that you know your why, what your beliefs are, and you’re committed to loving your body no matter how it looks, it’s time to start being the person who has your dream body, even though you don’t have it yet.

Being that person starts with your identity—which is how you define yourself. Think about how your body is now and what you do with it, how do you define yourself? It might not be so great, which is why you want to change it.

Try this exercise to give you clarity on what you new identity will be.

Start out by writing, “I used to be someone who… and it made me feel…” and list the qualities about yourself that don’t feel so great. Then write, “now I am someone who… and I feel…” and write out who you want to be as if you are already them. Here’s an example:

I used to be someone who ate really poorly and never exercised because I didn’t feel confident at the gym. It made me feel tired all the time, insecure in my body, and I hated looking in the mirror. Now I am someone who eats nutritious meals that not only make me feel good but taste great, I have a toned sexy body because I workout four days a week, and I love what I see in the mirror. I feel so proud of the way I care for my body and the way it cares for me. Being in my body feels so good every single day!

This exercise gives you the identity you want to take action from. When you make being someone who cares for their body your identity, then your actions will naturally flow from that place. Remind yourself that this is who you want to be everyday.

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Next, Take Action to Manifest the Perfect Body


Every single day, close your eyes and see yourself living in your dream body. See how confidently you walk and dress, feel how good it is to be in your body, see yourself eating foods that nourish your body, and see yourself enjoying moving your body in some way each day.

Make this vision of your perfect body crystal clear in your mind, and then do your best to carry that vision with you throughout the day. The law of attraction isn’t working just from your thoughts, it’s working from your emotions and your energy.

You attract not what you think, but how you FEEL. When you feel the happiness, confidence, and self-love that comes from having your perfect body—even when it’s not here yet—you draw that vision to you so much faster.

You may enjoy my Step Into Your Dream Reality Meditation

Use Affirmations

Affirmations help to reprogram your beliefs. They tell your subconscious mind to start believing a new story about how your life should be, look, and feel.

Choose 5-10 affirmations from the list below—or make up your own—that you want to be true about your dream body and use them every single day. Say them as soon as you wake up in the morning, and if possible just before going to bed.

Try writing them down and putting them somewhere you spend a lot of time or putting them as your phone wallpaper. Use affirmations to drill this new identity into your mind.

Affirmations to Manifest Your Dream Body

  1. My body is a beautiful temple and I treat it with love and care.
  2. I love and appreciate my amazing body.
  3. My body is worthy and deserving of love right now.
  4. I enjoy nourishing my body with healthy food.
  5. I enjoy moving my body every day.
  6. I am patient because I know my dream body is a certainty.
  7. Balancing a healthy lifestyle is easy and automatic for me.
  8. My body is wise and I listen to it.
  9. The more I love my body the healthier it feels.
  10. I feel gratitude for my body each day.
  11. My body can heal anything and I am healing now.
  12. I am manifesting my dream body now.
  13. I am safe in my body.
  14. I am willing to show up every day to create my dream body.
  15. I feel pride in caring for my body.

Reprogram with Subliminals

Subliminal audios are affirmations played at such a low volume that the conscious mind can’t hear them but the subconscious still can. With repetition, these subliminals plant new beliefs into the subconscious and help you to experience anything you want. Listening to subliminals, along with other limiting belief work like we do in my identity shifting program Transcendence, can fast track the manifestation process.

For best results listen daily for 30 days. Any time of day is fine, but I use rain sounds so you can listen while falling asleep.

ACT like someone who has your dream body

Think about the version of you who has the perfect body, and then figure out what they do each day to take care of their body.

Do they have perfect skin? Then start taking care of your skin now. Create a beauty routine, do a little research to see what skincare works best for you, start getting facials once a month, etc. You only get perfect skin by taking care of it right now.

Is your dream body really fit and strong? Start a new fitness routine. Show up to your workouts like the most fit version of you would—consistently and without excuses. Challenge yourself, act like that person today and everyday going forward.

How do they eat most of the time? This doesn’t mean go on a diet and never indulge, because the healthiest version of you doesn’t do that. Adopt a way of eating that is sustainable for the rest of your life. Diets don’t work because once you end the diet and go back to the way you ate before it all comes back. You have to make a permanent change that feels good the rest of your life.

Start to dress like someone who has your dream body. Maybe you can’t go buy a new wardrobe today, that’s ok, but you can assess what you have now, donate what doesn’t feel good anymore, and gradually buy pieces that feel like the real you.

Do research, set realistic expectations and goals, ignore your excuses (they come from your limiting beliefs which are not the truth), and start being that person today.

The little actions you take today, tomorrow, and the next day are what add up to the results you want.

Love What You Can’t Change

The final advice I’ll give you is to accept what can’t be changed. Don’t waste your time wishing you had different colored eyes or that your freckles would disappear. Don’t run to a plastic surgeon to nip or inflate places that just don’t need to be changed—I learned that lesson the hard way when I came to regret getting breast implants.

It’s perfectly fine to manifest better skin or losing the last 10 pounds, but focus on loving yourself no matter what you look like because in the end, who you are is more important than how you look.

Use the Love Your Body Meditation, self-love affirmations, and self-love journal prompts.

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