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5 Steps to Manifest In Your Sleep

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to manifest in your sleep, it absolutely is and there are five simple steps you can take before bed each night to call in your desires.

Manifesting while you sleep is all about elevating your mindset and your energy to the highest possible level before inviting the universe to send you the things you desire. Then anchoring this desire into your subconscious mind with positive commands and vividly seeing and feeling yourself receiving your desire.

While you sleep your mind and the universe will start looking for ways to help create this. Let’s explore exactly why this works and more details on how to do it.

Why Manifesting in Your Sleep Works

The better we feel the easier it is to manifest what we want. We attract things that match our dominate vibration (the frequency your cells are vibrating at), which is determined by the general tone of our thoughts and feelings.

These bedtime manifestation practices are designed to raise your vibration, making it so much easier to attract the good stuff than if you went to bed stressed out. When we want things, what we’re really after is the feeling we think that thing will give us—and we all want to feel good.

As you start falling asleep the conscious mind begins to relax, giving you better access to the subconscious mind so you can give it commands and rewire old limitations. This makes it a great time to decide what you will create in your life, despite any fearful protests by your ego.

Additionally, as you get sleepy and drift off your brain shifts into a theta state. Theta waves allow you to enter a healing state, and that becomes even more powerful when just before sleeping you’re giving your mind positive messages and feeling really good.

Together this really boosts your ability to manifest before bed.

Do This Before Starting Your Nighttime Manifestation Routine

There are a few things you need to do before using this overnight manifestation technique—actually get read for bed. Get in your pajamas, brush your teeth, turn off or put away your electronics if you’re not using them for relaxing music, stretch, do anything you need to do to get your mind, body, and physical space ready for sleep.

Having a regular bedtime routine will send a signal to your mind that it’s time to rest, and you need to be in a relaxed and restful mental and physical state for manifesting while you sleep to be really effective.

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How to Manifest In Your Sleep

1. Be In the Present Moment

During the day we give our attention and energy to so many external things. Just think about how much time you spend thinking about the people who annoyed you and the things you can’t change. What good does it do? None.

Coming back into the present moment pulls that energy back into your body so that you can use it for the things that really matter.

Try closing your eyes and taking deeps breaths, making the inhale and exhale as slow as you can. Focus on the feeling of air moving down your throat and into your chest and belly, and then the reverse as you exhale. Allow the exhale to take any tension with it.

Think of the inhale as creating space for what you want, and the exhale as releasing any mental clutter that was getting in the way.

Do this until you feel really calm and connected to your body and the moment you’re in.

2. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a great way to get your mind into a positive state, and it helps you trust that the things you want to manifest are absolutely possible for you because you’ve already been blessed with so many other wonder things.

Every night before bed think about the things from your day you’re thankful for. Write them down if you want to, share them with your partner, sing your list to your pet. Just feel joy at the amazing things in your life.

It can be seeing a beautiful clear blue sky, your friend bringing you a coffee, time spent with a loved one, your pet, making a sale, having a day off, how cute you looked in your outfit, getting a new idea that really excites you, etc etc.

There are so many things in life to be thankful for, and when you really feel gratitude it raises your vibration and helps you attract more good things into your life!

I have a great 7 day Manifesting Through Gratitude challenge to help you master this amazing method.

Even when you’re not trying to manifest anything, gratitude just makes you feel good so I recommend developing a regular daily gratitude practice.

3. Tell The Universe What You Want

Now that you’re in a really powerful high vibration state, it’s time to invite the Universe to help you manifest your desires as you sleep.

First, decide what you want and know why you want it. If you ask for something but your heart isn’t really in it, you’re not going to be energetically aligned with that thing.

The Law of Attraction is sending you what you’re a vibrational match to. The stronger your emotional connection is to your desire, the more likely you are to get it.

The key to manifesting in your sleep (and at any other time) is to focus on what you want, not what you don’t! So instead of saying ‘I don’t want to fight with my boyfriend anymore,’ tell the universe ‘I am manifesting a supportive and joyful relationship with my partner, where our time spent together feels really good!’

Or, instead of asking to not be broke anymore, tell the universe ‘I am inviting in my desired income and a bank balance that makes me feel so good, in the most easy way possible.’

It helps to state your desire as if it’s already done or happening now and then get excited about what’s possible. You’re not asking for permission to have something, you’re putting in an order to the universe.

As you sleep, both your subconscious mind and the universe will start working on ways to manifest what you want.

4. Program Your Mind With Positive Affirmations

While it’s easy to really want to manifest something on a conscious level, it can be a little more challenging to get your subconscious mind on board. Anytime you want to make a big change in your life that goes against how things are “supposed to be” your ego will throw all sorts of excuses at you for why it’s just not possible. What a drag!

But, luckily you can reprogram your mind to accept a reality where you get to have what you in these next two steps.

Turn what you want into an affirmation by creating an ‘I am’ statement where you have the thing. Say you want a healthy body, so you would create an affirmation like, “I am healthy and strong and I love my body.”

Or you could start with, “I am becoming healthy and learning to love my body.” Try that for a week or so and then drop the ‘becoming’ when you’re ready.

Here are some other affirmation to try:

  • I am perfectly aligned with my desires.
  • I am already worthy of my dreams and they are on the way right now.
  • I am magnetic to the things I want.
  • I am attracting a partner who loves and adores me.
  • My body heals while I sleep.
  • Tomorrow will be a beautiful day.
  • Everyday I wake up feeling more confident in myself.
  • I can sleep peacefully knowing my desires are manifesting now.
  • I am allowing my desires to come with ease.
  • While I sleep I attract things that increase my happiness.

Get my full list of Sleep Affirmations.

5. Visualize Receiving It

The final step is to create a mental picture of you receiving and experiencing your desire. If you want to manifest a new home, see yourself getting the keys and walking through the door, decorating each room, waking up in your bed and making breakfast in the morning, sitting on your sofa and relaxing with a cup of tea, and feeling so good to be there each day.

Whatever the thing you want is, see yourself having it and feel the joy and excitement of it. And then tell yourself over and over again, this is mine. It’s meant for you and it will happen, trust the process.

I have a guided meditation to help you visualize being in your dream reality, try this before bed each night for a few weeks and see what happens.

How long will it take to manifest while I sleep?

We all want our desires to manifest right now, and while some things can happen overnight other things can take time so you really have to trust the process and keep your faith.

Maybe you want to manifest your soulmate, if you’ve decided exactly the kind of person you want to be with and you’re fully confident in what you deserve, then you’re not going to waste time with someone who doesn’t meet your standards. You could meet the right person next week because you’re in full alignment that relationship.

But if you’re not really sure you deserve the kind of loving and supportive relationship you say you want—and you’re wasting time with people who deep down you know can’t give you it—then it’s not going to happen until you get your act together.

Sometimes we unknowingly resist what we want to manifest, and we have to work through that.

It might also just be that it takes time to get through the logistics of creating that thing. Be patient and do your part as a co-creator with the universe.

I’m wishing you all the success and joy you desire! Here are a few more articles that may help you out. Subscribe below for more manifestation resources.

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