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How to Manifest Friendships With Awesome People in 4 Steps

It’s no secret that having a best friend makes life significantly better. Friends are there for us through thick and thin, and they help make our lives more meaningful and fun.

Especially after how isolating the last two years have been, I’m sure you’re ready to manifest a social life asap. Learn exactly how to manifest friendships that are deep and long lasting.

First, define the qualities you want in a friend and work on embodying those qualities as well. Then you have to focus on the thing you want, not the lack of it, and believe the friendship you want is absolutely meant for you. Finally, you have to put yourself out into the world where your future best friend can find you.

Whether you just moved to a new school, or you’re an adult who moved to a new city, or you just haven’t found the right friend group, these steps will help you attract friends into your life.

And it will work for manifesting one best friend, or a whole group of friends.

Lets dive deeper into these steps to manifest a best friend into your life with the law of attraction.

How to Manifest Friends

1. Define who your perfect best friend is

When you are setting the intention to manifest a best friend you have to know exactly who that person is and why you want them in your life.

Think about what you want in a best friend. Do you want someone who is funny and outgoing, or someone who is more serious and down-to-earth? Do you value loyalty, reliability, honesty? Are you looking to attract like minded friends who are positive and working on improving themselves?

Are there certain activities you want to do with them like travel, hiking, baking, oor watching your favorite shows?

What do you want this friendship to bring to your life?

Here are some journal prompts to help you get clear on exactly what kind of friend you want to manifest:

  • How do you define friendship? What makes a perfect best friend?
  • What qualities, values, and morals are important to you? Why are they important?
  • What traits do you NOT want in your friends?
  • What activities do you want to do with your friend?
  • What things would you like to have in common with them?
  • If you spent the whole day with your best friend, what would you do?

Write down in detail the qualities you want them to have and the kinds of experiences you’d like to have with them.

We tend to mimic the people we spend the most time with, so make sure you are setting the intention to attract people who will help you become a better person, rather than people who will drag you down to their level.

how to manifest friendship

2. Be the kind of friend you want to have

Once you know what you’re looking for in your friendships, work on cultivating those qualities in yourself. If you want someone who is kind, honest, positive, and loyal, then you have to be those things too.

The law of attraction is all about like attracting like, so when you embody the core qualities of your ideal friend, that’s what you’ll attract to you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have completely different personalities, it means your core values are similar. It’s about the kind of person you want to be, and be around.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “birds of a feather flock together.” This means that people with similar qualities will choose to be around each other.

The best way to manifest a best friend is by being the kind of person someone else would want as a friend. By being friendly, positive and supportive, you can attract others who are the same.

Also, get clear about what you have to offer. Are you a great listener? Do you make people laugh? What do you bring to a friendship?

If your answer is, “I don’t have any good qualities, I suck” then you need to work on cultivating self-love because I promise that you absolutely do have good qualities!

It’s also important to be yourself and let your true personality shine through. Don’t try to be someone you’re not – you’ll just end up attracting people who aren’t a good match for you.

3. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want

What you focus on expands. So if you are looking to manifest good friends, put out that energy and be open to receiving them.

Believe that you can have one, believe they’re on the way and that you’re going to find each other any day now.

If a lot of doubts keep coming up or you have the feeling that no one would even want you for a friend, then it’s time to dig into your limiting beliefs because we’re all worthy of friendship and kindness, we all have good qualities.

Your limiting beliefs might sound like:

  • I’m not likeable, no one would want to be my friend.
  • I can’t trust people, they always backstab me.
  • I’m too weird, no one gets me.
  • There aren’t any cool people in my town.

If that’s the story you believe, will be able to attract healthy friendships? No, in fact you’ll push them away both energetically and through your actions.

So if you have beliefs like this, start telling yourself a new story. I share some affirmations below that will help, and you can also learn more about how to change limiting beliefs.

how to manifest a best friend

4. Help your best friend find you

The best way to manifest a friend quickly is to put yourself out into the world where you can find each other.

The law of attraction isn’t just a mental act of positive thinking, it’s physical action too.

You have to get outside your comfort zone and put yourself in situations where you can manifest the friends you want.

Think about the activities you’d like to do with a best friend, and then find communities of people who like those things too. That could be online groups, or in person clubs or classes.

If you prefer staying in and watching movies, you may not find the friend you want at a nightclub, so be strategic.

If you’re in school, talk to people. This is easier said than done for shy people (like me), so come up with conversation starters before hand, maybe even practice. If you want to be friends with someone who seems shy or reserved, learn how to be friends with introverts.

Stay open-minded and be ready to meet new people. Allow yourself to be a little vulnerable.

affirmations for friendship
Affirmations to Manifest Friends

15 Affirmations for Friendship

Here are some affirmations to help you attract positive friends. Repeat them a few times a week and allow yourself to feel that they are true. Just saying it and not believing it won’t work.

  1. I’m always attracting the best people into my life.
  2. I have so many qualities that other people want in a best friend.
  3. The more I value myself the more my friends value me.
  4. It’s easy for me to find amazing, supportive friends.
  5. I only attract people who love me for myself.
  6. I am attracting beautiful souls into my life now.
  7. I’m surrounded by uplifting and positive people.
  8. I easily cultivate deep connections with my friends.
  9. My best friends are self-motivated and inspire me to be better.
  10. My friendships feel effortless.
  11. I feel comfortable being my authentic self around my friends.
  12. The most amazing people want to be around me.
  13. I meet cool people everywhere I go.
  14. I am magnetic to people who share my values.
  15. My best friend will manifest at the perfect time.

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Can you manifest friendship with a specific person?

You can absolutely manifest a friendship with a specific person.

Ask yourself, what qualities do they have that are appealing to you? What do you have in common with them? Why are you drawn to that person?

Define how a friendship between you would benefit you both, and then start talking to them. Get to know them, see if they really have the qualities you want in a friendship. If you both have the same priorities and needs, you’ll easily forge a connection.

Remember to be yourself, don’t change for anyone because those relationships never last.

Can you manifest old friends back?

If you want to get a former best friend back, first assess why you lost it.

Did you simply drift apart, or was there an event that broke the friendship?

If you only drifted apart then you have to take steps to reconnect. Go back to the four step system and apply them to your friendship. Define the qualities of your friendship that you loved, be the kind of person your friend needs, stay positive, and take steps to revive that friendship.

If something happened to break trust between you, then you have to work on rebuilding that trust.

If they did something to hurt you, then you have to truly forgive them if you want a genuine relationship.

If you did something to hurt them, then you have to make amends and earn their forgiveness. If they aren’t ready to forgive, then let them and your desire go. You can’t ever force people to do things through manifestation.

How long does it take to manifest friends?

Manifesting friends can happen almost immediately, or it can take a little while for the universe to arrange your paths crossing. Be patient and trust that the perfect best friend is on their way to you.

Don’t obsess over when and how they’ll get here, that only creates resistance to manifesting them. Focus on being the best version of you and really developing the certainty that YOU are the best friend a person could ever ask for.

Can you manifest a group of friends?

Manifesting a group of friends is just as easy as manifesting one friend. Define what you want to attract in a friend group, embody those same qualities and values, believe that it’s possible for you, and take some action to look for that group.

Join a club, take a class, talk to people, give yourself opportunities to find them.

Manifesting new friends can seem daunting, but with these simple tips you’ll be on your way to finding your BFF in no time!

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