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Manifest Your Dream Car With the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a powerful tool that can be used to manifest anything you desire. If you want to manifest your dream car, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success and speed up the process.

In order to manifest a car with the law of attraction, you must first focus on what you want the car to look like, how it will make you feel, and what benefits it will bring to your life. Next, believe that you can have it and clear any doubts, live in the mindset that it’s guaranteed for you. Finally, look for ways you can take action to help attract the car.

Lets dive deeper into this process.

How to Manifest a Car in 7 Easy Steps

1. Be Crystal Clear About What Car You Want and Why

First, get clear about what kind of car you want to manifest. Be specific and know exactly what you want including the make, model, color, mileage, and any upgrades you want.

If you aren’t sure what specific car you want, be really clear on what you want the car to do for you. Maybe you have a long commute and need it to have good mileage. Maybe you have kids and need plenty of space and upholstery that is easy to clean. Maybe you want to go on road trips and need a car that’s known to be really reliable.

Having a clear “why” behind your desire is essential to manifestation, because it’s not necessarily the thing we want, it’s what the thing will do for us and how it makes us feel. So get clear on what you want and why you want or need it.

2. Release Any Blocks

There are two parts of you at play in manifestation. There is your conscious mind, the part of you that is thinking and observing your surroundings now. Then there is your subconscious mind, which you aren’t aware of but it’s always working in the background, even while you sleep.

Your conscious mind is looking around and seeing things that it wants. It sees a car you like and decides that’s the one you need to have. But your subconscious mind is viewing your desire through the filter of your belief system, and you may have beliefs that say getting that car is not possible, or it’s too expensive, or you aren’t good enough for it because of a myriad of reasons.

So if you decide, “this is the car I want” but a voice in your head says “there is no way you can have that car,” then you have to do a little digging to find out what subconscious beliefs are blocking your desire.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you feel doubt around whether or not you can manifest your dream car:

  • Why do I feel like this car can’t possibly be mine?
  • What am I afraid will happen if I get this car? (Are you afraid people will judge you, will someone take it away, will you ruin it somehow?)
  • Why does the money to pay for this car feel out of reach?

When you get to the source of your limiting belief, create a new story about why that belief isn’t true.

Let’s say your doubt comes from the belief of “I’m not worthy of this car because no one in my family has ever been able to afford a car this nice. If I got this car they would think I’m wasteful or a snob.”

So you would choose a new story to tell yourself like, “I’m so worthy of this car, getting it will show my family that they can break boundaries and go after their desires too.”

Build up as much confidence you can that you already deserve the car and it’s meant to be yours. Doubts can be really stubborn, so you may need to hype yourself up everyday. With practice you can make this positive mindset permanent.

Learn more about how to overcome limiting beliefs.

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3. Visualize Having Your Dream Car

When you’re manifesting a car it’s important to tap into the feelings that having a new car will give you. A great way to do this is through visualization.

Either every day or a few days a week imagine yourself driving your dream car and enjoying the experience. See yourself driving it off the car lot, imagine how it smells, maybe you roll down the windows and feel the wind on your skin. Visualize driving the car to your favorite coffee shop or to any place you love. See yourself driving the car home, and getting in it everyday.

If you can, take the car for a test drive or rent it for a day to help you get a crystal clear picture of how the car feels to drive.

You can also create a vision board with pictures of the car and the places you want to travel to in it. Use a manifestation check and write a check to yourself for exactly how much the car will cost.

4. Feel Excited and Thankful Right Now

Next, focus on feeling gratitude as if you already have your dream car right now. Gratitude is the fastest way to raise your vibration into alignment with that you want. Let me explain.

Everything in the universe is vibrating at it’s own energetic frequency, including you and me. Our vibration changes depending on how we feel. When you feel fear and lack, your vibration drops. When you feel happy and excited, it goes up. Just think about how your body feels with certain emotions.

When you feel sad your body feels heavy, when you’re angry you feel tight and constricted. At the other end of the emotional spectrum, when you feel happy your body feels almost weightless, like you could float away.

The law of attraction is not just working from your thoughts, it’s working from your vibration. Having your dream car would feel so exciting that of course your vibration would go up, so you want to feel like the car is already in your driveway right now to shift you into energetic alignment with your desire.

Then the law of attraction will bring it to you in the physical world because like attracts like.

You don’t have to feel happy and excited all the time, but definitely tap into those feelings when you are setting your intention to receive this car.

how to manifest a car with the law of attraction
Manifest Your Dream Car

5. Be Open to the Possibilities

Sometimes we get in the way of attracting our desires because we decide that the thing can only come one way.

This creates an energetic block to things coming through other means that might be faster or easier.

If you decide that getting your dream car can only come through working 60 hours a week, giving up things you like, and never doing anything fun, then you’re going to shut down opportunities to get your car in an easier way.

And you won’t even realize you’re doing this because it’s all subconscious.

Adopt the affirmation of “I don’t know how, but the car of my dreams is on it’s way to me now and it feels so good to receive it.”

Don’t worry about the how or when, just focus on the feeling of it already being done.

6. Ask What Step You Can Take Today

Manifestation is rarely just mental or energetic, it usually also takes some sort of physical action.

Ask yourself what you can do right now to make physical or energetic space for your car to come.

Open a new savings account just for your dream car fund and set up automatic transfers to that account.

Look at your budget and make some adjustments, or if you don’t have a budget then make one.

Check your credit score, if it’s not great then start working on raising it.

If you want to park your new car in your garage but it’s full of junk, clean the garage now. Creating physical space for your car will make energetic space for it too.

If part of the reason you feel crappy about your current car is that its dirty, then deep clean it. Make it the best version of that car it can be. Then you’ll feel more appreciative for your current car, which will raise your vibration.

7. Release the Desire

Another important part of manifestation is releasing attachment to the desire.

You can’t have the certainty that it’s meant for you if you’re also constantly asking “when will it get here?”

Trust that it’s meant for you, trust that it’s on the way right now, and let the desire go. Try this short meditation to help release any desperation and attachment to the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manifesting a Car

How long does it take to manifest a car?

Manifestation never has a set timeline, but you can absolutely manifest a car within a few weeks or a few months.

Getting hung up on when creates resistance, so focus your thoughts and feelings on it already being done for you.

Another affirmation you can use daily is, “my dream car is meant for me and it’s on it’s way now!”

How do I know I’m close to manifesting my dream car?

Some signs you’ll find are seeing the exactly car you want on the road frequently, a friend getting a new car (because what’s possible for them is possible for you), and finding a lot of great deals on cars even if they aren’t the exact one you want.

This is the universe kind of warming you up to receive the best deal on the car you want and giving you the opportunity to be absolutely sure about your desire.

Here are 8 signs your manifestation is coming.

So now you can see that manifesting a car is done by knowing exactly what you want, overcoming your mental blocks, feeling gratitude like it’s already yours, opening yourself to any possibilities, taking small actions, and releasing any feelings of desperation.

Trust yourself, it will come!

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