how to make space for your manifestation by decluttering your home

How to Make Space for Your Manifestation – Can You Manifest By Cleaning Your House?

Stepping into the world of manifestation can be really exciting. All of the sudden you realize that anything you want can be yours, but no matter what method you try some things may seem to stay out of reach.

Whether you want to manifest one particular thing that’s been elusive, or you want to completely overhaul your life, an often overlooked method that opens the door to your desires is simply preparing your physical and mental space to receive it by letting go of things that may be in the way.

If you’re looking to make big changes, you really have to make space for your manifestation. Whether that is decluttering your home or cutting out an unfulfilling relationship, clearing out what doesn’t serve you makes room for what will.

As silly as it may sound, you really can manifest by cleaning your house! Let’s talk about why letting go makes it easier to manifest new and positive things.

Why Decluttering Helps You Manifest Faster

Sometimes the reason what we want hasn’t come is because there’s no physical, mental, or energetic space for it. When we hold onto clutter, habits, people, circumstances, or beliefs that don’t benefit us anymore, we’re actually pushing away the things that we want and that would improve our lives.

For example, if you want to manifest a new car and park it in your garage, but your garage is filled with junk and your current car has old french fries under the seat, are you really inviting in a shiny new car that you will value and take care of? Not really. You’ll get much faster results when you make physical space for a new car and take care of the one you’ve got because you’re sending a signal to your subconscious mind that you’re ready for what you want to show up.

Mental clutter can be just as much of a deterrent to your manifestation as physical clutter. If you want to manifest abundance but your thoughts are consistently and loudly the exact opposite of what you want, then that will get in the way of your desire too.

When you start clearing away the things that aren’t serving you, there will finally be room for what you really want and it will be so much easier to call it in.

How to Prepare to Receive Your Manifestation

To optimize your life to receive your manifestation, identify what doesn’t feel good about your environment, routines, relationships, behaviors, habits, etc. What isn’t serving you, what stresses you out, what do you want to leave behind?

If there are specific, physical things that you want to manifest, what might be in the way of them coming in?

Make a list of these things and then identify what you can act on today or this week. Maybe you can’t quit your job today, but there are things that you can remove from your life that will make space and give you more peace.

Take action to release what doesn’t feel good in your life, and you’ll find that magical things start showing up because you made space for them. Here are some tangible things you can do to make space for your manifestation, starting right now.

how to make space for your manifestation by decluttering

Make Physical Space for Your Manifestation

  1. If things are generally feeling stagnant, set the intention that you are inviting positive energy into your life and do a thorough clean in any area of your home that feels cluttered or unorganized. Your intention is powerful, so whatever physical action you take will be amplified by the right mindset. When you finish acknowledge the space you’ve created.
  2. If you want to manifest money, clean out your wallet and handbag. If your wallet is falling apart, replace it. Give money a proper place in your life. I recently bought a new wallet because my old one had the print peeling off and I got a boost in sales, it works!
  3. Let’s say you want to manifest your partner moving in with you, but there is literally no space for their stuff in your home. Try clearing out a section of your closet or even just a single drawer and telling yourself “this is for my partner.” This will create momentum and tell your subconscious that you’re ready for this change.
  4. If you want a new car, clean and wash your current one. Make it the best version of that car it can be, even if it’s old. If you have a garage, clean it out so your new car has a nice home.
  5. If you’re manifesting a new home, do a deep clean and declutter of your current one. Pretend you’re moving in a few weeks and donate anything you wouldn’t want to take with you. Making your current space more peaceful and enjoyable puts you in receiving mode simply because you feel less stressed out.
  6. If you want a job working from home, create a home work space where you can focus and feel inspired. Having that space ready to go will get you in the mindset of already having that job, which makes it manifest faster.
  7. If you want to manifest a stronger body by working out from home, set up an area for your equipment (it can literally just be a shelf or corner of a room) and organize your workout clothes. Make it easy for yourself to take inspired action.
  8. If you want to manifest a healthier body, organize your pantry and fridge so that healthy options are easy to access. Also, stop identifying yourself as someone who is unhealthy or lazy. Start thinking of yourself as super healthy and in great shape, when you adopt this new mindset consistently, your body will follow.

Even if you aren’t in the perfect environment, make the best you can with what you currently have. You don’t have to make it perfect today, you just have to make it better.

I have a handy guide to declutter your life in one week that you may find useful!

Manifest by Creating Mental and Energetic Space

  1. Manifest creativity and new ideas by decluttering and organizing your space and surrounding yourself with beautiful or inspirational things. Research has shown that our environment influences our mental state, so an organized home will allow us to get into a creative flow more easily.
  2. Invite healthy relationships by cutting off or setting boundaries with toxic ones. Keeping people in our lives that hurt us can cause us to attract more of the same because we’re telling our subconscious mind, “this is the way it’s supposed to be.” Learn about how to manifest new friends or how to manifest a soulmate.
  3. Manifest positivity by releasing complaining, judgment, and criticism. What you focus on expands, so to manifest good things you have to stop giving all your attention to what you don’t like about your life or other people. Shift your attention to what makes you happy. Make space for good energy by clearing out negative mental clutter.
  4. If you have mental clutter in the form of repetitive thoughts and beliefs that contradict the life you want to be living, start to release those thoughts by replacing them with empowering ones. This can be the hardest thing to let go of, so the key is to be consistent and catch yourself when you’re thinking negatively about yourself or the thing you want. I use affirmation audios to train myself to have better thoughts, I have dozens of them on my Youtube Channel.

As you assess what you can release to make space for your manifestation, remember that it’s a process. You don’t have to do it all right now, and there isn’t a wrong or right way to manifest.

Focus on the space and freedom you’re gaining right now, rather than the thing that hasn’t manifested just yet. One sure way to slow down your manifestation is focusing on the lack of what you want, so experiment, play, and have fun with the process.

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  1. Great post! Thank you for the ideas. I have a bit of decluttering to do in our house we bought last year, and this was great motivation! I need to make some space for all the great things coming for us in this still-new-to-us house!