The Magic Money Bundle

For just $27 you can get 4 of my favorite money manifestation tools to speed up your results.

You know you are meant to have, be, do, and create so much more, but first you have to reprogram your subconscious mind to be your ally. Through no fault of your own it’s been taught to fight against wealth and the things you truly want, and we need all the tools we can get to transform into the sparkling versions of ourselves that attracts money like honey attracts bears.

That’s were the Magic Money Bundle comes in! Here’s what you get…

the manifestation roadmap

The Manifestation Roadmap

A step by step guide to manifestation with journal prompts to dig deep & access your manifesting power. This 27 page workbook will help you find the roadblocks that are keeping you from creating what you really want.

manifestation checks

Money Manifestation Checks

Get my best selling manifestation checks in 6 beautiful designs. These are powerful visual tools that tell your subconscious mind to look for ways to create and receive the wealth you desire. Print them out and put them on your vision board.

limiting beliefs breakthrough

Money Manifesting Subliminal Audio

This audio contains 75 positive money affirmations recorded in my own voice on a 1 hour loop, set at a very low volume that only your subconscious mind can hear. Subliminals work because the conscious mind cannot reject positive statements like “money is always flowing my way” if it can’t hear them. It’s set to relaxing background music you can play while you work or while you’re falling asleep at night.

limiting beliefs breakthrough

Morning Money Affirmations Audio

Short on time in the mornings? This quick 4 minute audio will go through 35 positive money affirmations and allow you to repeat them and set the tone for the day. Listen while you make your coffee or get ready in the morning.

P.S. after using the subliminal for a week I won $300, it blew my mind!