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Is Manifestation a Sin? An Honest Discussion

Manifestation is the process of having a desire and, through positive thinking and inspired action, inviting that thing into your life through the Law of Attraction and the Universe. It’s a powerful tool to improve your life and achieve your goals.

While manifestation is seen as empowering to those who use it, there is a debate as to whether manifestation is a sin or goes against the bible.

Certain religious groups say that by doing so, we’re failing to trust and rely on God for our needs and wants, which could be seen as a sin. Some even question if manifesting is dangerous.

For others, manifestation deeply involves a relationship with god because the point of trying to manifest something is to be happy, and a loving god would want you to experience happiness.

Lets further explore the question of is manifestation a sin, and what the bible says about the Law of Attraction.

The Core of What Manifestation Is

Manifestation is the act of bringing into existence that which we want with the aid of a higher power. When we say “I’m manifesting this,” we’re asking the universe, god or even just our higher selves for help in creating something.

Whether or not manifestation is a sin depends on your intention. If you are manifesting things that bring you joy and are for the greater good of the world, then it’s a beautiful and positive thing. If your intentions are selfish and harm anyone, then manifestation can be bad.

If you break the process of manifestation down to it’s roots, here’s how it goes:

  1. Have a desire and set an intention to bring that desire into your life.
  2. Feel gratitude as if you already have it because you trust that the Universe will deliver it.
  3. Be willing to take action to work with the Universe (or God) to create it.
  4. Be open to receiving it in a way that is for the highest good of all involved.

Setting an intention to manifest something and sending your desire to the universe is just like praying to god for something you want, I’ll give you examples of how the bible supports this process.

Someone might want to pray for or manifest a healthy body or their soulmate, which obviously is not evil or dangerous.

If you pray for harm to come to someone, then of course praying could be a sin just like if you wanted to manifest something hurtful happening to someone you don’t like.

Both prayer and manifestation are tools that allow you to communicate your desire to a higher power. They are neither good or bad by themselves, it’s all about how you use them.

What Does the Bible Say About Manifestation?

You can find each step of manifesting in the bible.

Lets look at the first step of manifestation, having a desire and setting an intention.

In the Christian faith, it is not a sin to speak about what you want in life, in fact the bible says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Mathew 7:7

When you pray you first thank god for what you have, and then you ask for the things you want. In fact, many Christians believe that showing gratitude and then talking about your desires can be a form of worship.

Furthermore, when we talk about what we want in life, we are making a declaration that God created these things out of love for us. He made it for you, so how can it be a sin to want it? Though of course, desiring things out of greed is always going to be wrong.

Now let’s look at the second step, feeling gratitude and believing it’s possible for you.

In manifestation you ask for what you want with the assumption that it is already yours, because you have faith in the universe, source, or god that it is possible for you.

In the bible Jesus says, “all things are possible to him who believes.” – Mark 9:23

Manifestation is all about faith in something bigger than yourself.

And then of course prayer and a relationship with god is all about being grateful for all that he has done for you, and all that he will do for you in the future, so the bible supports manifestation up to this point.

In the third step you take action to manifest your desires.

Manifestation requires that you take action to help create the thing you want because things don’t just magically appear while you sit on the sofa watching Netflix.

The bible says “faith without works is dead…You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.” – James 2:20-24

So you have to have faith and take action. That doesn’t mean you do it all on your own, it means you work with god or the universe to create what you want.

And in the fourth step of manifestation, be open to receiving it for the highest good of all involved. You have a choice whether or not to accept the blessings that are sent to you.

Of course, if you are asking for something that is not for the greater good of all involved, then you reap what you sow and receive bad things.

Does Manifesting Go Against God’s Will?

If you believe that god gave you freewill and wants you to pursue things in life that bring you joy, then manifesting isn’t against god. Additionally, when you are able to fill your own cup, then you are better able to give to others.

If done with the right intentions (and many in the manifestation community emphasize this) manifestation allows you to help others as well as yourself.

Some push back from Christians is that manifestation goes against the will of god because it makes you believe that you are the all powerful creator of the universe, but really manifesting is about being a co-creator and working with a higher power to invite the things you want.

It’s about being humble and knowing that you can’t always do it all on your own.

When you’re manifesting something you aren’t moving all the chess pieces yourself, you’re getting help from the universe.

Is Manifestation Selfish?

Growing up in church I heard countless stories about people praying for their team to win football games or praying to find their keys.

Is asking the universe for help with manifesting a new job any more selfish than praying to win a high school football game? There are people starving in the world and Christians want help winning a sports game???

Sure people might want to manifest money, success in their business, or a beautiful home, but those things are not inherently selfish. Manifesting success and wealth can mean that you have more money to take care of your family and donate to important causes.

Both religion and manifestation can be used for selfish reasons. There are people who want to manifest millions of dollars just to hoard it, and there are religious leaders who pay themselves millions of dollars from their congregation’s donations so they can drive $200,000 cars and live in mansions while people who come to their church live in poverty.

It’s all about your intentions.

Is Manifesting Dangerous?

Whether or not manifesting is dangerous all depends on how you use it. If you use it to improve your life and fulfill your dreams in a positive way, then no it isn’t dangerous. However if you have bad intentions then that will backfire on you. Because the Law of Attraction says like attracts like, the negative energy you direct at other people will come back to you.

Why Manifestation Is Not a Sin

As I teach and understand it, you must feel deep gratitude for the things you have now as well as the things you desire before you receive them.

To me gratitude is a form of love. If manifestation is done with genuine love and does not bring harm to anyone, then how can it be a sin? When you manifest with the desire for pure happiness and positive intentions, then you are making the world a better place

Manifestation can be a great tool that helps you to shape your life. It allows you to have an active role in creating your own reality through your thoughts and actions. Instead of being a passive bystander in your own life and letting it just happen to you, you are looking inward and asking how you can contribute to the fulfillment of your needs, desires, and goals.

If you believe your god loves you and wants your happiness, then you can use manifestation as a way to tell him your desires and co-create with him for the greatest good of yourself and those around you.

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