How to Ask the Universe for Money

5 Ways to Ask the Universe for Money

Need a little (or a lot) more money in your bank account and want help from a higher power? It can be confusing when you want to manifest abundance, but you’re not really sure how to ask the universe for money without yelling at the sky through a blow horn or dancing naked in the woods.

I’ve tried a lot of money manifestation hacks, and these are the 5 methods of asking the universe for money that I’ve personally found to be most effective.

You can use one or all of them, but the most important thing is to have faith that the universe will provide what you need when you need it. The universe will send you what you believe you can have. So when you ask it for money, ask with trust and not doubt.

The Basics of Manifesting Money and Abundance

Know how much you want and why

You can’t ask for what you want without knowing what you want. “I want money just because,” isn’t really that motivating for you or the universe. Decide on an amount and know why you want it.

The universe doesn’t care if it’s to pay a bill or to buy a new pair of shoes, you just need to really want it.

And it’s always helpful to ask for “this or something better” because sometimes the universe has an even better option and you don’t want to shut yourself off to it.

Believe it’s possible

When you’re looking to manifest money, it’s important to believe that it’s possible. Just like anything else in life, if you don’t believe that you can have something, then you likely won’t let yourself have it. If your limiting money beliefs are really strong, you have to work through them for these methods to be fast and effective.

However, if you do believe that money is something that can come into your life easily and effortlessly, then the universe will help make it happen because you aren’t resisting it.

One key thing is to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. So rather than thinking about how much debt you have or how tight your budget is, think about the things that money can do for you and how good it will feel when that money arrives.

Here’s more on how to stop doubting your manifestation.

Let go of How and When

Oh baby, this is the hardest step for most people (me included).

One of the ways we sabotage our manifestations is by obsessing about how and when it’s coming. We want a minute by minute outline of exactly where it’s coming from and when the manifestation truck will be driving down your street.

That’s not how the universe works though. It has it’s own timing and we have to chill out and accept it. Try to look for ways you can have fun while you’re waiting.

Be open to opportunities to receive it

The last step is to just relax and be open to any opportunities the universe sends your way to create and receive this money. The universe could send you your dream job, but if you say no then you’re not getting that money, right?

Be ready to say yes to new ideas, connections, and offers that would lead to money.

Ok, lets get into these tried and true ways to ask the universe for money!

How to Ask the Universe for Money

1. Use a Money Manifestation Check

My all time favorite way to ask the universe for money is to use a Money Manifestation Check.

Last year when the catalytic converted on my car got stolen (for the second time) I wrote myself a check for the amount it would cost to replace it. The next day I won $300! And the rest of the money came over the next few weeks.

If you trust that the money will come and release feelings of lack, these checks do work. The money doesn’t always come the next day, so be patient and keep looking for opportunities to receive the money.

To use these checks write down an amount that feels good. If it doesn’t excite you, go higher. If it feels impossible, go lower and work on your money blocks. On the date, write down ‘today’ as if you already received it or it’s about to be delivered.

2. Make Space for Money (Clean Your Wallet)

Any time you’re trying to manifest something new into your life, it really helps to make physical space for it.

If you’re trying to manifest a new car, clean out your garage. If you’re manifesting your soul mate, make space for them in the closet.

When you’re asking the universe to send you abundance, make space in your wallet. Clean out the old receipts, used up gift cards, expired library cards, and anything else that doesn’t belong there. Even if you’re trying to specifically manifest the money into your bank account, cleaning out your wallet symbolizes that you’re ready to receive it.

And make sure you have your banking in order too. If you’re trying to save up money for a big purchase, make sure you have a savings account and maybe consider opening an account just for that thing (many online banks will let you have multiple accounts).

Give money a home in your life.

3. Visualize

Visualization is a powerful tool. Seeing yourself receiving and holding the wealth you want to manifest raises your vibration and tells the universe you want to attract that. It also tells your subconscious mind that this abundance is both important and possible for you.

Once a day take some time to close your eyes and see yourself receiving this money. Feel how amazing it is to have this money in your entire body, let the idea of the universe delivering this money to you light you up.

I have a beautiful free abundance meditation to help you raise your energetic wealth set point to a higher level so that you can start to receive more.

free money manifesting meditation

4. Say Affirmations and Mantras

Often times the reason we don’t have the money we desire is because we have deeply rooted beliefs that say we’re not allowed to have more than a set amount. Along with the other tools I’ve mentioned, affirmations and mantras can help you overcome these blocks.

You can say wealth affirmations to yourself everyday to install a new belief systems into your subconscious mind. Please note that affirmations take repetition and time. They are not a one and done tool. Use them for at least 30 days.

Below I have a money affirmations audio that you can listen to everyday, or you can use an affirmation like, “I am receiving $_____ now and it feels so good!”

5. Write a Letter to the Universe Asking for Money

Another great method you can use to manifest money into your life is writing a letter to the universe asking for what you want. Simply write something like:

Dear Universe, I would like to receive $1500 so that my partner and I can pay for a weekend away at the beach, so that we can relax and reconnect. I ask that this be done for the highest good of all involved, I am open and ready to receive this or something better. Thank you!

Then put the letter away and let the desire go. Trust that the Universe is working to make this happen for you. Look out for ways to take action and co-create with the universe.

Conclusion: Asking the Universe for Abundance

So now that you know how to ask the universe for money, your next step is to put it into practice. Make your request, believe the money is coming, and try to relax and let go as you put yourself into receiving mode.

Here are some additional resources to teach you more about manifesting money:

free money manifesting meditation

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  1. Thank you 🙏🏽 This is so helpful. I never knew about the abundance check and writing a letter to the universe. I am gonna put this to practice.

  2. dear universe,I know you always watch over me even when I was in my mother’s womb you protected me till this day you are still protecting me.universe,I have come before you because am in need and course I know you will help me.dear universe,I need $20,000 to do my visa and also open a business for my parents before traveling out and also pay my depths.. THANK YOU UNIVERSE BECAUSE I KNOW YOU HAVE ANSWERED ME AMEN

  3. Dear universe. Give me $50000 in February as my birthday gift to buy my dream house, car and start a business. Waiting to recieve. Thank you.

  4. Dear universe. Give me $50000 to buy my dream house, car and start a business. Waiting to relieve. Thank you.

  5. Dear universe,I would like to receive 12,000$ by this month , to clear all my outstanding debts,buy a car, and start a business.Thank you.

  6. Dear universe,I would like to receive 350000$ by this month , to build a house,buy a car ,pay my daughter’s fees and start a business.Thank you.

  7. im manifest for money of 50k to have a house car and good job and profind for my kids and grand kids and i want go to c ollege for my nurse licesence

    thank you universe
    anna jones

  8. Thanks for the message. It’s indeed inspiring. The only problem is that when you have very serious financial challenges, doubting is always at the front.
    Let me try as explained. Testimony time is coming.