Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

15 Great Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

Tis the season for giving, with Christmas and other holidays coming up, but don’t forget to take a break from the holiday hustle to give yourself a few gifts too. I kind of have a one for them, two for me system when it comes to Christmas shopping, anyone else have this problem? I might need an intervention. Anyways, here are 15 holiday gifts to give yourself!

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1. Give Yourself Alone Time

While the holidays can be really fun, they can also be a bit stressful. Take some time for yourself to unwind and de-stress. As an introvert, alone time is how I recharge and vital to my mental health. Maybe go see a movie or stay home for a quiet spa night. Try some ideas from my post on Self Care Ideas to Reduce Stress.

2. Fuzzy Socks

Who doesn’t love cute fuzzy socks? I’ve seen seriously adorable fuzzy socks from Old Navy, Target, and Amazon. Grab an extra pair to give away as a gift.

3. A Self Care Day

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa night. Light a delicious pumpkin spice candle, put on a pore clearing face mask, pour some bath salts into your bath, exfoliate, and put on a luscious body butter.

4. Cute Mugs

I’m kind of obsessed with coffee mugs, I may have bought 3 new ones this weekend. It’s totally fine, I don’t have a problem…

5. Soft New Sheets

There is nothing better than a cozy bed with fresh sheets! These Amazon sheets are so soft and affordable!

6. New Books!

I love reading, I have several book lists for you to check out, and I’ve linked to my favorite books of the year below.

7. Your Favorite Dessert

Get yourself some nice chocolates, a slice of cheesecake, or a fancy cupcake. Alternatively, you can bake the dessert yourself!

8. Light Therapy Lamp

Winter can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is depression caused by the lack of Vitamin D from sunlight. Sitting in front of a light therapy lamp for 30 minutes a day can prevent SAD from making the winter months difficult.

9. A Massage

The ultimate way to reduce tension! Get a massage and feel your stress melt away! Check out groupon for coupons!

10. Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. They’ve been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in adults and are the perfect way to relax.

11. Home Gym Equipment

A new year is coming, and that means the gyms are going to be packed. Skip waiting for your favorite machines and get the Best Affordable Home Gym Equipment from Amazon.

12. A New Journal

How cute are these journals?! I feel like 2020 is going to be a big year (mid 2020 update: lol), be prepared with a new planner or journal to organize your life and write down your thoughts.

13. Winter Raincoat

Get a stylish new raincoat for the season. A cute coat can make your outfit, it can be challenging to find affordable one, but I found this one for about $40.

14. Cute Sneakers

You gotta be comfortable while you power walk through the insane holiday crowds. These Adidas cloudfoam shoes are so comfy, I got a pair last year and I absolutely love them, I get lots of complements on them too!

15. Appreciate Your Life

Maybe it sounds cheesy, but all the things in the world won’t make you truly happy if you aren’t already grateful for the things you have right now. Chances are if you have the means to be on my blog and whatever social media site led you here, you have a phone or laptop and internet access, that’s a something to be grateful for right there!

So take a moment to appreciate all the good things in your life. I wrote a post about Why Gratitude is Essential to Happiness with a list of 60 things to be grateful for if you need ideas!

That concludes my guide on holiday gifts to give yourself! I hope you got some ideas on how to treat yourself this holiday season, and I wish you a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Love and light.

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