home office decor from amazon

Gorgeous Home Office Decor from Amazon

I’ve been really inspired to spruce up my home work space, and luckily I’ve found some stunning home office decor from Amazon, and one from Target, that I want to share with you. I know a lot of people are working from home now and it’s important to have a space that you enjoy being in. I seriously love every single thing on this list and I hope you do too.

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Even if you don’t buy anything new, just changing what you already have around can help you feel more creative and inspired. In fact your environment can be key in achieving your goals. But if you just want to see some pretty office decor keep scrolling!

Small Bedroom Decor & Storage Ideas

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Stunning Home Office Decor from Amazon

Gold Three Tier Wall Shelf

This gold shelf is a beautiful way to store office supplies or display small decor items like plants, crystals, and art.

Coral Velvet Office Chair | White & Rose Gold Chair

Bloom Daily Planner

Of course you need a planner for your home office. If you like single sheets you can try my daily or weekly planner printables, but if you like a notebook style planner this Bloom planner is stunning!

Marble Mouse Pad

Make your mouse pad cute! This one comes in multiple prints that are so pretty and will make your space a pleasure to work in.

Wireless Mouse

Obviously your pretty mouse pad needs a pretty mouse. This one comes in multiple fun colors to choose from.

White and Brass Desk

I have this gorgeous white and gold desk, the drawers are big enough for all my office supplies, but you can use it as a vanity as well!

Set of 4 Black & White Art Prints (Unframed)

Some pretty prints on your wall can just add the right touch to your work space. These prints are affordable and cute but simple enough for a professional environment.

Fuchsia Area Rug

The right rug can take your home office from blah to ooh la la! This one is great for a feminine space but I also love this cream and blue vintage looking rug if you want something more subtle.

Rose Gold Phone Holder

Many of us use our phones for work and this phone holder is functional as well as nice looking!

Faux Marble Bookshelf | Satin Gold Bookshelf

Rose Gold Light Box

Rose Gold Light Box

Give yourself inspiring messages to read everyday with this pretty rose gold light box.

Gold 3 Tier Organizer

Gold 3 Tier Organizer

This organizer is a beautiful way to sort and display your office supplies. Use it for paper clips, post-its, stamps, and any other small items.

Rose Gold File Organizer

This file organizer is a great way to sort your papers and mail while also looking fabulous on your desk!

Rectangle Marble Tray

Rectangle Marble Tray

Organize your office supplies and a few small decorative items or a candle on this beautiful marble tray.

Rose Gold Gel Ink Pens

You have to write stuff down, you may as well have pretty pens! While you’re at it you should get a cute pen holder too, or reuse a cute candle jar. I also own and recommend the Sharpie S-Gel pens, they have a soft gold color that’s really pretty!

Artificial Eucalyptus Plants

Plants are proven to boost your mood, but if you can’t keep a real plant alive a fake one will do!

Rose Gold Clock

We all count down the hours until the work day is over, you might as well do so with a gorgeous clock!

Insulated Tumbler

It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re working. I’ve had this tumbler cup for about a year and love it! It’s great at keeping your drink cold.

Color-Changing Oil Diffuser

Ok this one is from Target, not Amazon but it’s cute and you need it if you like diffusers!


This stone is believed to help you manifest prosperity, money, and abundance. I’m not saying it will, but it’s pretty to look at!

Thanks for vising A Point of Light! I hope you found a few things you like from this list of home office decor from Amazon.

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