How to find real inner happiness

How to Find Happiness Within Yourself

If you want to feel good every day, take note of what already feels good in your life. Not things that give you short term gratification but eventually make you feel bad later (like eating too much sugar or buying something you won’t use), but those things that really mean something.

I might enjoy that 2nd or 3rd helping at dinner in the moment, but afterwards I feel sick and full of regret (so much regret). Only pursuing surface level happiness won’t get you far. Here are my tips on how to find happiness in life today.

Appreciate what you already have.

Take time every single day to appreciate things like being with your pet, being in nature, engaging in a creative hobby, watching your favorite show (not to the point of neglecting important tasks though, because then you just feel guilty and stressed), and being with people who support you and make you laugh.

Celebrate your smallest accomplishments everyday. “I cleaned my bathroom today, success!”

Make gratitude a habit.

When you find yourself wanting more, take a moment to look around and appreciate what you already have. You have to be grateful for what is already good in your life. If you need to, make a list and review it often.

Get into the habit of thinking or writing about the things you’re grateful for each morning and/or night. I have an app called Habits on my phone and every evening at 9pm it sends me a notification to think of things I’m grateful for that day. I check that off every single night and I can honestly say going to bed grateful has made me a happier person.

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Don’t look for your happiness in other people.

If you’re waiting for someone else to make you happy you’re going to be waiting a very long time. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, so you are responsible for making sure it’s a good one.

It’s especially important that you don’t expect happiness to come from a partner, because if you don’t love yourself first whatever your partner gives you will never be enough. As a result, when infatuation fades you’ll just resent them for not being what you need.

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I hope this article helped you! Where do you find real inner happiness?

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Where to find real inner happiness

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