Bullet Journal Supplies

The 6 Ultimate Bullet Journal Supplies

Bullet journaling is the latest trend among planners and journalers, and for good reason. Bullet journals allow you to arrange your life and thoughts in whatever way is most effective for your needs. The beauty of it is that it’s totally customizable and you can be as creative or simple as you like. Below are 6 essential bullet journal supplies that you might find helpful!

You might use your bullet journal to track the following:

  • Meal Plans
  • Important Dates
  • Books Read
  • Budgets
  • Bucket List
  • Water
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Goals
  • Habits
  • To-Do
  • Shopping List
  • Workouts
  • Weekly Schedule

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The Bullet Journal Method

If you’re new to bullet journaling then you might want to read about the bullet journal method created by Ryder Carroll. It has a lot of helpful ideas and suggestions for how to use your bullet journal. You can also search Pinterest for thousands of spread ideas.


Obviously a dotted journal is vital! You can go for the classic black or a cute print. Each is under $10!


Not all pens are created equal, if you’re serious about journaling you’re going to want good quality pens. The set above is really good and comes in several sizes so you can see what you like. I also love the Sharpie S-Gel pens, I have them in the champagne color and they’re so pretty!

Highlighters & Markers

bullet journal highlighters
markets for bullet journals

If you like making pretty spreads you might want some nice highlighters. They can also be helpful for organizing different categories or priority levels.

Washi Tape

gold foil washi tape
washi tape for bullet journal

Washi tape is a beautiful way to enhance your journal. There are hundreds of gorgeous tapes on Amazon and etsy, the ones on the left in particular caught my eye.

Supply Storage

bullet journal supplies

I love a good organization system and this bag will keep all your journaling essentials together and easily accessible!

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I hope you found this post helpful! I think bullet journals are such a creative and fun ways to plan our your life. I’m always amazed when I scroll through Pinterest for spread ideas. What are your favorite bullet journal supplies?

Love and light.

Bullet Journal Supplies

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