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55 Positive Habits that Successful Women do Every Day

Have you ever wondered what it is successful people do differently? They have positive habits that they’ve used daily to improve their lives. Our daily habits are so important, they shape our lives in literally every way. Do you feel like you aren’t productive? Are you struggling to reach your goals? Is your home chaotic when you’d like it to be peaceful? Could your health be better? It all comes down to your habits. Chances are you aren’t doing many of the positive habits I’m sharing with you today.

Good habits make life easy and more productive, while bad habits make life difficult and messy. I’ve found that gradually changing my daily habits has made life so much better, so today I’m sharing 55 daily positive habits of successful and happy women so that you can improve your life.

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You don’t have to change all your habits at once!

It’s really tempting to declare that you’re going to adopt all of these positive habits right now and become a changed person in a day. However, that’s not quite how it works. In fact that’s an almost guaranteed way to sabotage yourself. In the age of free 2 day shipping, food delivery, wifi everywhere, instant access, go go go we’re become accustom to instant gratification. So it makes sense that we expect to change ourselves in an instant, but humans are too complicated for that. Successful women focus on one thing at a time so they can give it their best effort.

Why are habits hard to quit or create?

We’ve all got ingrained beliefs, thought patterns, behaviors, habits, quirks, etc buried deep in our brains. Once your brain creates neural pathways to make repeated behaviors or beliefs automatic, oh baby it does NOT want to let go! That’s why it’s so much easier to go sit on the sofa when you get home from work instead of putting on your running shoes. You aren’t lazy, your brain is just used to certain behavior. Your brain is like a naughty puppy, it takes time, patience, and positive reinforcement to train!

The good news is that you can reprogram your brain to create new neural pathways for positive habits, and at the same time redirect it from old pathways you may want to quit.

So how do you start a new habit?

I’ve written about How to Create Habits and Achieve Your Goals and How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs if you want to read more about that. There is a lot of helpful information there on changing your thought process and using daily habits to improve your life so you really should check them out!

In short though, ideally you should focus on just 1-3 positive habits that you’ll work on at once. Habits are created through repetition and consistency, so you should pick a few that are realistic for your lifestyle. Set yourself up for success.

The most important factor is remembering to do these positive habits. I’ve found having a habit tracker is the best way to be reminded to do a task. Think of them like a game or competition with yourself. I like to print them out and tape it onto the closet door to be checked off every day. You might put yours next to your desk or on your fridge.

55 Positive Habits of Successful Women

1. Take regular walks.

2. Make your bed every morning.

Making the best makes your bedroom look nicer and it helps you start off the day with a small win from which you can build momentum for bigger wins.

3. Fold laundry as you take it out of the dryer.

This may seem a little random but I know many of us are guilty of leaving clean clothes in the hamper for days. I hate folding laundry but if I do it as I take things out it’s less overwhelming and I never have a hamper of clean clothes sitting around for a week. It just leaves you with one less thing to do so you can focus your energy on more important things.

4. Lay out school/work/gym clothes the night before.

Laying out your clothes the night before might not seen like an important positive habit but it is!

Studies have shown that humans get decision fatigue because we have a limited amount of mental energy each day to make choices. We make decisions all day long, and as the day goes on making smart choices becomes harder because that energy tank is being depleted. So towards the end of the day our choices can become less than idea. Eliminate one decision by picking your clothes out the night before and save that energy for more important things.

If you need extra motivation to workout I find it helps to have cute gym clothes I’m actually excited to wear.

5. Go to bed early and wake up early.

6. Keep up with the news.

Having a general awareness of what’s going on in the world is a really important part of being a member of society… and planet Earth. Read at least one news article a day from a trustworthy source.

7. Journal daily.50 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

8. Adopt smart money habits.

Successful women have good money habits. The habits in this post helped me put over $100,000 in the bank by the time I was 30. ->> 10 Money Habits to Build Wealth

9. Meditate daily.

I’ve made a lovely short morning meditation that will start your day off right!

10. Exercise 3-5 days a week.Best Affordable Home Gym Equipment

11. Make a weekly to do list.

Write down & look at your To Do list daily. This weekly planner printable has changed my life and it’s so affordable. A successful woman makes a list and checks it twice.

12. Say “good morning” to people with a smile.

13. Do a 10 minute clean up before bed.

Starting the day with a clean home is going to reduce stress, make you happier, and let you focus on more important tasks.

14. Wear SPF every day.

Your skin will thank you. I love Pacifica’s Sea & C Sheer Face Serum SPF 55, it works great and it’s vegan and cruelty free.

15. Eat mindfully.

Pay attention to your hunger ques and your meals. Eat without looking at your computer or phone.

16. Say NO.

Successful women don’t waste time on things that won’t serve them. They know when to say no. – How to Say No

17. Clean up as you go.

Avoid big time consuming messes by cleaning as you go.

18. Stretch or do yoga before bed.

19. Take vitamins.

20. Successful women make positive thinking a daily habit. – How to Stop Negative Thinking

21. Wash your face morning and night.

In the morning I just rinse my face with water but at night I use Almond Oil to loosen my makeup and Pacifica’s Kale Charcoal Foaming Facial Detox Bar

22. Focus on one thing at a time.

Studies show that multi-taskers are actually less productive than people who focus on one task at a time. Do one task until it’s done or designate specific times to work on a task if it’s going to take an extended amount of time.

23. Keep a notebook nearby for your ideas and thoughts.

I can’t tell you how many times I forgotten good ideas I had because I didn’t write them down… I mean I literally can’t tell you! Write ideas down before they go, have a notebook close, make a voice memo, or use the Google Keep app.

24. Immediately put dirty clothes in the hamper and clean clothes in the closet or dresser.

25. Give out complements generously.

Successful women lift other women up! Make someone’s day by giving them a complement.

26. Have a playlist of songs that make you happy.

A good playlist can change your mood and lift your energy so you can have a positive attitude for the day.

27. Be polite to service workers (waiters, cashiers, etc). Tip generously.

28. Stand like Wonder Woman

Body language is just as important as your words, it can convey confidence or insecurity. Even if you don’t feel totally confident hold your body like you are.

Try standing in front of the mirror in Wonder Woman pose and saying some positive affirmations everyday. You might not believe it at first but positive habits practiced daily over time produce results.

29. Have a designated space for everything in your home and put things away when you’re not using them.

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place,” is one of the most valuable things my grandma taught me. If you always put things away you always know there they are when you need them. It’s very rare that I can’t find what I need.

30. Start the week of right with a Productive Sunday Routine.

31. Assume most people are doing the best they can with the tools they have instead of assuming the worst.

32. Clean your makeup brushes and sponges once a week.

Letting bacteria build up on your makeup applicators increases the chances of getting breakouts, and for many of us it’s easier to feel confident when we have clear skin. This is the best cleaner.

33. Open your windows and doors when the weather is nice.

Fresh air lifts your mood and clears your head!

34. Do the dishes after dinner. Avoid the mess in the morning.

35. Close your eyes and take five slow deep breathes when you’re feeling stressed out.

36. Listen to educational or uplifting podcasts while cleaning or driving.

37. Establish healthy boundaries with people in your life.

We all know those people who just kind of suck the energy out of us, or who are down right toxic. Protect your positive energy by putting up boundaries.

38. Write positive affirmations on Post-Its and put them around your house.

39. Celebrate your wins and successes, big or small.

Acknowledging and celebrating all your wins helps you to reinforce the belief that you are a successful person. Your beliefs influence your actions, so believing that you can accomplish things helps you to take more actions that will further your success.

40. Create visual cues for your goals.

When you working on adopting a new habits it can help you create visual ques that prompt you to take a specific action. – How to Achieve Your Goals by Changing Your Environment

41. Always have healthy snacks available and pre-cut or portioned for easy access (fruits, veggies, nuts).

You gotta have a healthy body and mind to be successful right? Make it easier on yourself by having healthy snacks on hand.

42. Have treats in moderation.

Eating healthy is important for your body but having treats is important for your soul. I put dark chocolate chips in my oatmeal every morning, it feels like dessert and I look forwards to breakfast more than any other meal.

43. Schedule play or relaxing time every day.

We all need time to recharge. Make time to relax and unwind.

44. Look for the solution.

Successful women look for solutions to problems instead of getting frustrated and quitting. Take a step back, take a breath, and regroup.

45. Visualize your desires like they’re already yours.

first thing in the morning and before falling asleep at night.

46. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the most positive habits that will improve your life that I can think of. A successful woman appreciates everything she already has, even when she’s striving for more. Write or think of 5 things you’re grateful each morning or before bed.

47. Open your curtains to let the sunlight in.

When I’m feeling tired sometimes just letting more sunlight into the room makes me feel better, it gives you a boost of energy. If you don’t want neighbors looking in get a non-adhesive window film (I have this, it’s so pretty and easy to put up).

48. Open your mail and recycle it as soon as it comes in.

49. Have a creative hobby.

50. Practice self care daily.

Self care is a positive habit that everyone needs to practice regularly. Successful women know they have to take care of themselves before they can take care of others. – 30 Self Care Ideas for When You’re Stressed Out

51. Take the stairs.

52. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.

53. Tidy up your workspace before you leave it.

Tidy your desk at the end of the day, that way you come back to an organized desk tomorrow with everything where you need it.

54. Exercise your brain with puzzles, crosswords, or educational games.

It’s important to challenge ours brains as we age to help us retain our cognitive abilities. Games and puzzles are a good way to do that.

55. Read a chapter of a personal growth book daily.

Personal development are one of those things that have changed my life. I’ve learned so much about how humans, and my own brain, works. When you understand how your mind works you can use it better, and the books I’ve recommended will do just that. The Slight Edge and Atomic Habits are all about how to develop positive habits. – 12 Best Self Help Books for Personal Development

That’s it my friend! I hope you got some ideas for positive habits you want to try out! I promise these daily habits of successful women will improve your life if you gradually integrate them a few at a time and stay consistent!

Love and light.

I’ve made these cute and simple habit trackers that you can get from my etsy shop but subscribers get this exclusive design free!

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  1. such a great list! and totally agree that you don’t have to change everything at once 🙂 every little change adds up over time! x