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7 Habits for a Productive Work From Home Routine

Some people thrive while working from home, others need a little help staying on track. For those that struggle to focus or be productive, the most important thing to do is establish a work from home routine.

Routines make important tasks easier to do, they help you create a flow and achieve your priorities.

Today I’m sharing 7 tips to be productive and stay focused while working from home. Set out some goals for yourself and then create a daily work from home routine that will help you meet those goals.

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How to Create a Work From Home Routine

1. Don’t Stay in Your Pajamas

Make getting dressed in the morning part of your work from home routine. It’s tempting to wear your pajamas all day when you’re working from home, but getting dressed in the morning is an important part of being productive when working from home.

Even if you just wear jeans or yoga pants and a simple top, going through the motions of getting ready for work gets you in the right state of mind.

If it helps, set out your work clothes the night before. Do your normal morning routine, whatever that may be. Make the bed, workout, shower, do your hair or makeup, and get dressed for the day.

2. Have a Designated Work Space

It’s important to have a space that is just for working, at least during work hours. This lets your brain know that when you’re in this space, it’s time to focus on work.

If you try to work on your bed or sofa you’ll be tempted to do other things normally associated with those areas like nap or watch tv. Whether it’s a desk in your bedroom, the kitchen table, or a home office, have a space dedicated specifically to working.

Set it up with your laptop, good lighting, any office supplies you need, and water or coffee.

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3. Minimize Distractions

If you have trouble staying focused make sure to remove as many distractions as you can.

Put your phone in another room if you don’t need it for work. Turn off the tv and put the remote away in a drawer. Clean up any messes or clutter that may distract you.

Tell your roommate, spouse, and/or kids that you are working during x hours and not to interrupt.

Play chill music if you need to cancel out other noise in the house or neighborhood. You’ll find tons of playlists on Spotify.

Or even better, try an ambience video on Youtube. You can put yourself at the beach, in front of a cozy fireplace, at a coffee shop, in a snowstorm, the options are endless.

4. Put Task Reminders in Google Calendar

Something that keeps me on track is putting reminders in Google Calendar. It’ll send a reminder to your email and your phone when it’s time to do those tasks.

Make a list of your most important tasks each day. Schedule them during your peak productivity hours. Less important task should be scheduled for times when you’re not as sharp.

Google Calendar is also a great tool to use for Time Blocking. Honestly I can’t sing it’s praises enough, it’s the only way I get anything done.

Another app I like for productivity is Notion. You can make To Do lists, check lists, track goals, make reading lists, keep random notes, journal, etc. It’s similar to Google Keep (which I still use and love) but even better.

5. Schedule Breaks

It can be easy to lose track of time while working at home, so make sure to put breaks in your schedule and step away from your table or desk.

Taking 10 minutes to stretch and look at something other than a computer screen can clear the fog that inevitably comes from sitting and staring at a screen for a long time.

You can do a 10 minute yoga video, meditate, call a loved one, tidy up, read a book, play with your kids or pet, doodle, work on a puzzle, have a solo dance party, use Duolingo, etc.

6. Get Fresh Air

Getting some fresh air every day is really important for your mental health. Not only because it’s a change of scenery, but getting vitamin D from sunlight is essential to your health.

Open the windows when the weather is good, or just stand in the sun that comes through the window if it’s cold outside.

Make taking a walk around lunchtime or when you need a break part of your work from home routine. Set timer for 15 minutes and start walking away from your home, when it goes off turn around.

7. Don’t Work Past Your Regular Work Hours

It’s important to maintain regular work hours, and take time at the end of the day to relax and practice self care when needed. Don’t spend 12 hours working. Make a clear separation between work and off hours.

Creating boundaries between work and home is so important for your mental health. You need time to unwind, to rest, and to recharge. Don’t check your email, don’t answer texts, don’t stand up late working on whatever.

Log off your work accounts, tidy up your desk, and leave your workspace. Use what would normally be commute time to get in a home workout or cook a nice meal. Take your pet or kids for a walk. Spend time with your family.

In conclusion, while you’re working from home establish a daily routine. Get dressed in the morning, have a specific work space, minimize distractions, create reminders for important tasks, take regular breaks, get plenty of fresh air, and only work your regular hours.

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