Can You Manifest for Someone Else

Can You Manifest for Someone Else Using the Law of Attraction?

Manifestation is the act of bringing a desire from your mind into the physical world using your mindset, energy, and physical actions. It’s something we do for ourselves every single day, so it’s natural to wonder if we can manifest good things for the people in our lives.

The answer to can you manifest for someone else, is that you can only help people manifest things they also want and are aligned with. If you try to force something on them that they are not aligned with, they’ll only reject it and you’ll be the one left unsatisfied.

Just like your mom can’t manifest you loving cabbage (mine has tried), you can’t make someone do something that they don’t really want to do. That would be violating their free will.

You can help someone manifest something, but they have to be receptive to it. You can hold good energy and intentions for someone else and offer to help them work on their goal, but they have the choice to take or leave it.

The Law of Free Will

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but that’s not the only universal law that comes into play when we’re manifesting the things we want. There is also the Law of Free Will, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Some manifestation teachers will tell you that you can control other people through manifestation, but this is an ego driven belief. We are all the creators of our own lives and we do influence our personal realities with our beliefs and actions, but we cannot control everything in our environment.

With the exception for those living in an oppressive country where certain freedoms are restricted, we all generally have the freedom to choose our own beliefs and actions as we grow up and become independent from our parents.

People can choose to make good choices for themselves, or bad ones. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You can help people with manifestation, but you can’t force something on them that isn’t in alignment with their own desires.

Think of it this way, if someone tried to manifest something for that you didn’t want, it wouldn’t feel very good would it? So you have to be careful to take their desires into account when manifesting for someone else.

If you want to manifest your soulmate, you can go on dates and pursue someone who interests you, but you can’t ever manifest someone loving you through sheer force of will. Both people have to be receptive and have the desire to be in a committed relationship with the other person.

Can You Manifest for Someone Else Using the Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Something for Someone Else, the Right Way

So while you can’t do all the mindset, energetic, and physical work to manifest things for other people, you can help them manifest it for themselves.

You can help them manifest the things they already want, you can support them in the actions they need to take, you can cheer them on. Offer to help, be their support system, but don’t impose your will on them.

Encourage people to see beyond their own blocks and limitations. Sometimes we want things but don’t see a way to get them, so if you know someone wants to manifest something but you can see that they are getting in their own way, gently help them see a new perspective.

Let’s explore some specific examples of how you can help someone manifest.

How to manifest a job for someone else

When you want to manifest a job for someone else, the best way to do it is by offering your help. By being available to assist them in any way possible, you’re increasing the chances of them finding the right job for them.

Let them know that you are available to help them look for job listings, write resumes, and practice interview skills. Not only will this make the process easier for them, but it will also show that you care about their well-being and success.

If you’re truly committed to helping someone find a job, be sure to follow through with your offer. Don’t just say you’ll help and then disappear; actually put in the time and effort to make a difference. Sometimes all it takes is one phone call or email to make a difference.

I once saw someone say that she alone had manifested a job for someone because she had submitted the resume for that person to all these places, but you can’t go to someone’s job interview for them and show up on their first day of work. At some point, the other person has to do their part so understand you can only do so much.

If someone you know is trying to manifest a job, here are important tips for how to manifest a job.

The most important thing to remember when manifesting a job for someone else is to listen to what they want and help them find options that fit with their skill set. Don’t push them into something they would ultimately be unhappy with.

Can I manifest for my child?

Whether or not you can manifest for your child depends on how old they are. Obviously, when children are very young they aren’t making many independent choices. The parent decides what they do and when they do it.

All children eventually grow up and start choosing their own way, so at that point you can only guide them to the best choices. Help them see the possibilities in life, let them know that you’ll always be there to help them, and encourage them to manifest good things for themselves.

Teach them how to get their mindset, energy, and actions in alignment with their desires. That is the best way to help your child manifest success and happiness.

How to manifest happiness for someone else

It’s a credit to you that you want to manifest good things for others. The first thing to be aware of is that you can’t force people to be happy, generally that’s something we have to find for ourselves. You can help someone you love manifest happiness, but you can’t do all the work for them.

Sometimes people have been in a negative mindset for a long time and that can be really hard to break out of, or maybe they’re just going through a hard time and will eventually find happiness again on their own.

One thing that you can do is to show them kindness. This could involve doing something as simple as smiling at them or complimenting them on something that they have done. If you know they’re struggling offer to help them in some way. Kindness is often the key to making someone feel good about themselves and helps to brighten up their day.

Another thing that you can do is help them to focus on the positive aspects of their life, when it’s appropriate (pointing out that other people have it worse so they should just be happy is not helpful).

It can be easy to take the small things for granted, but if you focus on the good in life, it can make a big difference. You can encourage others to be positive by being positive yourself. Try to find something good in every situation, and be happy for other people’s successes. Just being an example can go a long way towards manifesting good things for the people you care about.

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Can you manifest bad things for others?

Whatever energy you send out will come back to you, so having bad intentions for others is a guaranteed way to make your manifestation backfire.

In fact it may come back worse.

Now sometimes people do terrible things and it’s natural to want justice and accountability. In this case wanting them to reap what they’ve sown doesn’t mean you’re going to attract something bad to yourself.

The thing you have to be wary of is being obsessed with getting them back to the point where you are constantly holding onto the energy of wanting revenge, that’s when you start attracting negativity towards yourself.

If you can take positive action towards getting justice, do so. If there’s nothing you can do, do your best to let it go.

They will manifest their own karma back on themselves, so you really don’t need to attempt to manifest revenge on them.

Is someone manifesting bad things for me?

When bad things happen some might wonder if someone is trying to manifest bad things for you.

Because we live on a planet with over 7 billion people, it’s inevitable that other people’s choices will impact us at times. Our choices sometimes ripple out into the world, both for good and bad.

But just like you can’t impose your will on others, they can’t impose their will on you. They can take actions that directly impact you and in that way yes people can manifest certain bad things onto others, but they can’t manifest harm on you outside their actions.

Someone can come into a situation holding negative energy and directing it at you (maybe they are rude or have a bad attitude), but you can absolutely refuse to take on their energy and shield yourself against it.

Remember you can’t control other people and they can’t control you, it’s your choice to take on someone’s drama or to set boundaries and walk away. If you think someone is manifesting bad things for you, visualize a bubble of positive energy around yourself that will return any negative energy to the sender, it’s their problem not yours.

You also have to be careful that you’re not projecting your own insecurities, judgement, or ill intentions on someone else and pretending that they are the source of that energy. Sometimes we’re the one holding the negative feelings and because we don’t want to take responsibility we project it outwards and blame it on other people.

I hope that clearly answers your question on whether or not you can manifest for other people. You can help people manifest things that they desire, but you can’t impose what you want on them if they aren’t also aligned with that thing. Here are a few more manifestation resources:

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