can you change people with manifestation

Can You Change People With Manifestation?

Manifestation is a powerful tool for changing your life and getting the things you want, but is it possible to change people with manifestation?

The short answer is no, you can’t change people with manifestation because everyone has free will and their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and desires that influences the way they behave.

When we manifest something we are changing our energetic vibration to match the thing we want, we aren’t changing someone else’s vibration. So we can’t manifest someone to change because we don’t control their feelings or vibration, only they can.

You can however use the Law of Attraction to attract the right kind of people into your life that you don’t need to change. Let’s talk about this more.

The Law of Free Will

Just like the Law of Attraction impacts manifestation, so does the Law of Free Will.

The Law of Free Will simply states that each human being has the freedom to do what they want to do and to be who they want to be.

Of course there are times when our options are limited because someone with greater power tells us no. That might be a parent restricting a child, a dictator controlling their citizens, or even an abusive person controlling their partner. Those circumstances aside, most of us have the freedom to act however we want for good or bad.

We are all responsible for our own choices, baring extreme circumstances, other people cannot control us and we can’t control them.

So because of this universal law, we cannot force someone to change just by willing them to. In fact trying to violate someone’s freedom will always come back to hurt you.

Should you try to manifest someone changing?

Before you try to change someone through manifestation, ask yourself if you would want someone to attempt to change or control you through the same method? The answer is probably no, because you value your freedom and your right to be in charge of your own life.

No one wants to be manipulated or forced to do something out of alignment with them. Even if you want to change someone “for their own good” it’s still not great to force your expectations and ideas on them.

Now some people will insist that they have manifested someone doing what they wanted. They’ll say “I got hired for a job I wanted, so I changed them through manifestation.” This is Ego driven thinking. The truth is that person changed themselves to attract the opportunity to match what the employer needed, not the other was around.

A woman might say “I manifested my boyfriend proposing to me,” but actually her boyfriend proposed because he wanted to (at least if it’s a healthy relationship he did). If the boyfriend was forced to propose through “manifestation” (in this case manipulation) then that would eventually backfire on the woman because his free will would have been violated.

Why we try to change people

There are many reasons why we want to change people. We may want to change them because we think they are doing something wrong, because we think they are not living up to their potential, or because if they just did something our way then it would be “better.”

That’s not to say that people can’t behave terribly (there are definitely rude, mean, and toxic people out there) and that we’re not allowed to want them to be better, but it’s important to be honest about the real source of the issue is.

Sometimes (but of course not always) the real reason why we feel the need to change someone is because we are lacking something inside ourselves and want someone else to fill the void with love, understanding, validation, acceptance, etc, but the truth is that we’re the only one who can do that.

When we see lack in other people it can often be a projection of the lack we feel inside us, and it’s much easier to demand someone else fill that empty space than to take responsibility for our own feelings and needs.

When there is something inside ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge we project it onto someone else so we can criticize that quality without hurting our ego.

It’s so much easier to demand that someone else change, rather than doing the inner work to change ourselves. It’s easier to demand that your boyfriend show you love, then to do the work to love yourself. But, that doesn’t mean you tolerate poor behavior from people.

If that person doesn’t want to change, then it’s our responsibility to either set healthy boundaries, cut them from our lives, or accept them for who they are.

You must also realize that your happiness is not dependent on someone else’s behavior. Believing this is giving your power away.

can you manifest people into changing

Here’s how you can manifest what you want from someone

You can ask, you can have conversations, you can exchange ideas, you can offer to help them when they are in need, you can tell them what you need and they can make the choice to change, but you cannot change who they are as a person.

The Law of Attraction is not about changing people or attracting them to you just by wanting it. It is about changing yourself (specifically your vibration) to be in alignment with what you want.

This should not be confused with becoming a different person to make someone like you because that’s coming from the energy of desperation and lack. You cannot get what you truly desire when you are not being authentic to yourself, you will feel like a fraud and eventually self-sabotage.

You will end up manifesting all the wrong things and be even more unhappy than when you started.

Focus on shifting your energy from “can I have this? am I good enough?” to “this is meant for me and I’m ready to receive it in the way that is best for me and all involved.” Then you will attract what you want, whether its from that person or someone else.

Then the things you don’t want will fall away because you aren’t energetically aligned with them anymore. This can mean that certain people aren’t in your life anymore, and you have to make peace with that if you want something better.

You must also lead by example, you can manifest what you want from people by embodying what you want to see (without demanding anyone follow you) and then you’ll naturally attract people who have the same priorities.

Want to manifest someone to change their mind?

Then have a conversation with them. Share your point of view and listen to theirs. Ask them how they feel and why they feel that way. Be open to a different perspective. Really hear them and put yourself in their shoes as much as you can.

Focus on what you already have in common and accept them wherever they’re at. We all have different life experiences and they may not have had the opportunity to gain the same insights that you have, so you can’t expect them to change their mind just because you want them to.

If they’re open to it you can share your point of view but don’t force your ideas on them because that will only create resistance between you.

How do I manifest my boyfriend to love me more?

The honest answer is that you can’t force someone to love you. If you find yourself trying or wanting to force your partner to love you more, what you actually want is love from yourself but you don’t feel worthy of it.

You need to look within and ask “why don’t I feel worthy of love, and how can I give it to myself?”

Because if you did feel worthy of love you wouldn’t even waste your time and energy on someone who can’t give it to you, you probably wouldn’t have even attracted them in the first place. If you did you would happily let them go and find the person who will love you just as you are.

How to Develop Self-Love

You really can’t manifest someone to love or like you. You can offer them love and be ready to receive it back, and they can choose to reciprocate or not.

Conclusion: Can you manifest someone to change?

You can’t use manifestation to change someone, but you can set the intention for what kind of behavior you want from the people in your life and then work on shifting your vibration to be a match for that.

You can decide that you are not available for poor treatment from people and then set firm boundaries with anyone who is not on board with having a respectful relationship. If someone is treating you badly you can realize that their treatment is not about you and stop taking it personally.

If you are not getting what you need from a partner you can learn how to give that to yourself. You can stop waiting for someone else to make you happy and decide to be happy regardless of what anyone else does. You always have options.

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