Can Manifesting go wrong

Can Manifesting Backfire? (Why Your Manifestation Went Wrong)

There can be many reasons why your manifestation didn’t work out, but what about the times when it seems to go catastrophically wrong? Instead of getting the thing you want, it all just seems to explode in your face and you’re left worse off than before. Ouch! Naturally you would ask, can manifesting backfire and why is it happening to me?

Manifesting can backfire on you when your belief system isn’t aligned with what you want and when you’re manifesting from a negative mindset that, because of the Law of Attraction, inevitably attracts negative results.

In order to manifest what you want in life, you must first know exactly what you want and believe that it is possible. You must have faith that you can achieve your goal, and then take action to make it happen. You also have to desire for the highest good of all involved in your manifestation to be done.

When these things are missing people find that their manifestation backfires and they end up with the exact opposite of what they wanted.

Let’s explore more in depth why this happens and how to fix it!

Why Your Manifestation Backfired

1. You believe when something good happens, something bad must happen

Self-sabotage is a big reason why manifesting can backfire.

When manifestation goes wrong it can simply come down to having the belief that every time something good happens the other shoe has to drop and something bad must happen because that’s the rule you live by.

Our subconscious mind will always make our beliefs true, and even when the conscious mind really wants something because it can see how beneficial it would be, we could have a belief we aren’t even aware of that says the thing we desire is off limits to us.

Usually these limiting beliefs are formed in childhood when we just don’t have the life experience to understand why something we’re told or a lesson we learned isn’t the truth.

So it’s not that your manifestation “backfired,” it’s that you have something in the subconscious mind that resisted the thing you want, or you have a belief that says whenever a good thing happens something bad has to follow.

Because we are always looking for evidence that our beliefs true (whether we’re aware of those beliefs or not) we will either create a problem, or we will find a problem in the world and make it about ourselves.

So if you find that there’s a lot of drama that follows whenever things are going good, it’s time to dig into your belief system.

2. You’re manifesting from your Ego and not your Intuition

It’s possible that manifestation can backfire when you are acting from your Ego, and not your Intuition.

The job of your ego is to keep you safe, but it has a primitive definition of safety (from ye olden days when we lived in caves). Usually to feel safe you must be accepted by your peers, or you must believe that you are very important and powerful, and you must definitely avoid the unknown where there are man-eating lions, tigers, and bears — oh my!

So when you want to manifest something the ego might say, “nuh uh, we’ve never done that before, it’s probably super dangerous, so I have to find a way sabotage this to keep me safe.” Out of the need to protect you, the ego will create chaos.

You may also want to manifest something for the sole reason of pleasing or impressing other people to gain approval and acceptance by your peers. Because this thing isn’t an authentic desire, it won’t make you happy and it may blow up in your face.

When you learn to listen to your intuition, you’ll find that you manifest things for the right reason and it doesn’t go kaboom.

can manifesting backfire

3. You wanted to control someone

Some manifestation teachers will tell you that you can change or control people with manifestation, but this is actually an ego driven belief and can go very wrong.

Because we all have free will we can’t force anyone to do something with just our thoughts, we would have to manipulate or physically force them.

Just having the intention of wanting to make someone love you, do something for you, or behave a certain way, will always hurt you more than them.

First, you’ll fail and be disappointed. Second, you risk damaging your relationship with that person. Third, focusing on the things you need to change about other people just attracts more people who ”need to be changed.”

Learn what to do instead of trying to use manifestation to change people.

Instead, figure out what within YOU needs to be changed or healed. When you do inner healing the things you want naturally start to manifest, and the things you don’t want fall out of your life.

If you want a blueprint for how to do this, my 14 day program Transcendence is an amazing tool.

4. You wanted to manifest harm to someone

This probably goes without saying, but attempting to use manifestation to harm someone is always gonna come back to bite you in the butt.

Alongside the Law of Attraction there are many other laws of the Universe. The Law of Cause and Effect, also known as karma, is one that can cause your manifestation to backfire.

When you hold the intention or take action to hurt someone you will attract being hurt. And likewise when you help someone just for the sake of helping them (not because you want something in return) then you will attract being helped when you’re in need.

Everything you do to other people, you do to yourself.

This doesn’t mean you can’t seek justice if someone causes you harm, but wanting to hurt someone because you feel bitter and spiteful will hurt you more.

Look inside and ask how you can heal yourself instead of trying to sooth the pain by causing pain for others.

In conclusion, manifestation is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals, but it’s important to be aware of the law of attraction and how it works. If you’re not careful, you may end up manifesting what you don’t want instead of what you do want.

To ensure that your manifestation goes right, be clear about what you want and why you want it, stay positive, and take inspired action. And above all, trust that the universe will support your intentions. You can learn more about the 3 step manifestation system here.

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