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Moon Manifestation Journal

Tap into the powerful energy of the lunar cycles to manifest your desires. Use this 25 page Moon Manifestation Journal to figure out what you truly want, uncover what’s been standing in the way, and create new routines to help you be a powered up co-creator with the Universe.

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Normally $11.11, now $7.87

big goal action planner

Big Goal Action Planner

Use this 10 page planner to determine what your goal is, why you want to achieve it, and what you need to do to support yourself during the process. You have the option to break your goal into 3 sub goals or phases, and then smaller action steps. This allows you to work on your goal without getting overwhelmed.

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Normally $6.00, now $4.20

home organization and declutter checklist

Tidy Life Refresh

The Tidy Life Refresh 6 page organization and declutter checklist is exactly what you need to clear out the clutter and cleanse your home. This guide will have your whole life feeling refreshed when you’re done.

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Normally $6.00, now $4.20

self-esteem journal prompts workbook pdf

Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem

Give your self-esteem a boost with this detailed, insightful workbook with 15 actionable tasks and journal prompts to lead you to your best self.

This download includes a 17 page PDF guide to skyrocket your self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Normally $10.00, now $7.00

12 Month Habit Tracker Bundle

12 monthly printable habit trackers for the whole year!

Use this printable to:

  1. Focus on your 3 main goals for the month.
  2. Hold yourself accountable.
  3. Have a daily reminder.
  4. Finish the 30 days with new awesome habits!

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Normally $12.00, now $8.40

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 30% Off Sale



My best selling 21 day program for transforming your identity.

  • Uncover why you feel so stuck so you can heal it.
  • Take back your power and level up your life.
  • Discover who your Best Future Self is and start taking steps to actually being them.
  • Release old attachments, beliefs, relationships, and emotional ‘junk’ that was holding you back.
  • Heal your Inner Child and give yourself full permission to experience your dreams.
  • Shift your mindset and energy into full alignment with who you want to be.
  • Take daily action towards your goals with confidence.

Normally $55, now $38.50. Learn more about Transcendence.

Inner Alchemy: Self-Concept Reset

Are you losing confidence on your manifestation journey? Inner Alchemy will help boost your self-concept in 14 days, so that manifestation happens quickly and naturally. Here’s what you get:

  • 7 affirmation audios to program your subconscious mind with new, empowering beliefs.
  • 7 journal prompt bundles that will help you clear limiting beliefs and discover how amazing you already are.

Normally $44, now $30.80. Learn more about Inner Alchemy.

magnetic money manifestor logo

Magnetic Money Manifestor

How would you like to transform your money reality in 21 days? Learn how to shift your identity and beliefs around money so that you effortlessly attract the wealth you desire. Magnetic Money Manifestor is exactly what you need to manifest your money goals.

  • 21 Days of videos and activities to help you become a magnet to money, without any time wasting nonsense.
  • 7 EFT tapping videos to help you clear the limiting beliefs and stuck energy that is blocking the flow of money.
  • 3 Powerful meditation audios to help you bust subconscious money blocks, even while you sleep!
  • 5 Affirmation audios to create new money beliefs.
  • And more!

Normally $111, now $77.70. Learn more about Magnetic Money Manifestor.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 30% Off Sale


2022 Manifest Your Goals Bundle

Get a bundle of essential tools to manifest your goals in 2022. These tools don’t just help you set goals, they help you take action to achieve them.

  • Manifest Your Goals 11 Page Workbook and Inspired Action Checklist ($10 value)
  • New Year Refresh Checklists and Worksheets ($6 value)
  • Daily Empowerment Affirmations Audio & Script ($5 value)
  • EFT Daily Motivation Video & Script ($49 value)
  • EFT New Beginnings Video & Script ($49 value)

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$119 value, yours for just $11

magic money bundle

The Magic Money Bundle – $15

Get 5 of my favorite money manifestation tools to speed up your results.

  • Ignite Your Abundance Journal + Affirmations – Uncover your abundance blocks and install new beliefs about money, and you’ll get my easiest hack for manifesting wealth.
  • Money Manifestation Checks
  • Infinite Abundance Meditation – This guided meditation helps you to open your heart and mind to receiving greater abundance.
  • Morning Money Affirmations Audio – Short on time? This 4 minute audio goes through 35 positive money affirmations and allows you to repeat them and set the tone for the day.
  • Inspiring Phone & Desktop Wallpapers

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