Best Home Gym Equipment from Amazon

8 Affordable Home Gym Equipment Items You Need from Amazon

I’m all about feeling good, and one of the best ways to feel good is to move your body. Physical health as is just as important as mental health, in fact the two go hand in hand. I’m also all about saving money, so I like working out at home for free.

Here is some of the best home gym equipment from Amazon so you can workout at home and reach your fitness goals!

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My Top Home Gym Equipment Picks

1. Affordable Fitness Trackers

Affordable Fitness Tracker

I was thinking of buying a $100+ fitness watch and decided to check Amazon. To my surprise they had a good selection of affordable fitness trackers in the $25-$40 range. They don’t have quite as many bells and whistles as popular brands but if you want to track your steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and workouts it works great. I got this pretty purple one!

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2. Kettlebells

Affordable Kettlebell

Kettlebells are such a versatile tool. You can find all sorts of free workouts on Youtube if you want to learn how to use this equipment. Start out with around 10-15 pounds, any less and you might as well just use a dumbbell. My favorite exercise is kettlebell swings, it combines squats and great cardio.

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3. Dumbbells

Affordable Dumbbells

Basic but effective, dumbbells are a must have for building upper body strength. I have a set of 5 and 8 pounds. Ladies, please don’t be afraid to lift heavier! Women don’t “bulk” from unless they’re taking steroids and lifting very heavy weights. Men gain muscle easier than women because they have waaaay more testosterone.

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4. Yoga Mat

Affordable Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are pretty basic but some brands charge over $50 when you can get a good one for under $30. On the other hand you don’t want to get the cheapest ones because they’ll start to fall apart more quickly. I recommend getting an “extra thick” one for comfort (your knees and hips will thank you). This Gaiam mat is thick, reversible, and has lots of fun print options!

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5. Jump Rope

Affordable Jump Rope

Can you say BEST CARDIO EVER? Jump rope workouts are LEGIT. I’ve compared how many calories I burn running versus using a jump rope and they are about the same, without the shin splints and knee injuries. Just like when you start running for the first time you have to start out with short intervals, so keep at it and add a little more time every day.

Pro tip: Engage your abs and glutes so your calves aren’t doing all the work, you’ll feel the difference!

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6. Resistance Bands

Resistance Booty Bands

Resistance bands are a must have for toning your legs and booty! Search Youtube for videos or Pinterest for printables. They’ll take your toning moves to the next level and they’re such an affordable investment.

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7. Reusable Water Bottle/Tumbler

Obviously staying hydrated during your workout is always a must! These tumbler cups are so cute and comes in tons of colors and sizes. Having a pretty bottle or cup can make drinking water a little more fun, and these insulated cups will keep your water cold.

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8. Cute Storage

You need a cute way to store your home gym equipment, and this woven basket is perfect for holding your yoga mat, jump rope, and weights.

You can pull it out when it’s time to workout and tuck it away in a corner or closet as needed.

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That’s it friends! This is the best home gym equipment from Amazon you need for your home workouts! Remember to search Youtube for tons of free workouts. I hope these affordable fitness products help you get in shape at home! I’m curious about your fitness goals if you want to share them in the comments below. Do you prefer to workout at home or at the gym?

Love and light.

Best Home Gym Equipment from Amazon

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  1. Great suggestions! I have some of these but would love to add resistance bands to my collection of workout equipment!