Tips for a Fresh Start Each Week

7 Sunday Reset Routine Ideas for a Fresh Start Each Week

There’s nothing like the feeling of having a clean slate and a fresh start each week, that’s why every weekend I do a Sunday Reset.

A Sunday Reset helps you start out your week with your body, mind, and home feeling refreshed and prepared for the week ahead. You get to clear out all the clutter rattling around in your head and your home and start out the next week focused and ready to conquer your goals.

If you feel unprepared and frazzled when Monday comes around, you need to utilize Sunday to set yourself up for success in the upcoming week.

I love using this day to get myself prepared to make process on my goals and just have a better week. Here are 7 tips for a fresh start each week!

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How to Have a Fresh Start Every Week

1. Reflect & Celebrate Your Wins

Reflect on the last week and celebrate any wins you had. A win is anything that made you feel accomplished or good. Not every week is level 10 productive or amazing and it doesn’t have to be. You can celebrate all the small wins you had too.

Maybe you found $5 on the street, got the oil changed on your car, complemented someone, cleaned out your dresser, donated old clothes to charity, meditated twice, took off you chipped nail polish, tried a new recipe, caught up with a friend, paid off a bill, washed your car, mopped your floors, etc.

Whatever it is you accomplished, give yourself a high five and feel proud.

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2. Make your bed cozy!

Wash your bedding and make your bed! Getting into a bed with clean sheets feels so cozy! It’s one of my favorite feelings. As a bonus, having a tidy bed will make your bedroom look at least half way clean, even if it’s not quite so clean otherwise.

If your bed is a little blah consider upgrading with some soft sheets, satin pillow cases (these are super affordable), a pretty comforter, or a throw pillow or two (I put these velvet pillow cases over some throw pillows I already had, it’s a great way to upgrade without spending a lot).

Beds are the main feature of your bedroom and should make you happy to look at and be in.

3. Clean up!

Doing some basic cleaning of your main living areas will help you have a great start to the week. Put on some music, light a candle, and set a timer for 15-30 minutes.

Vacuum and sweep your floors, clear the counter tops in your kitchen and bathroom, do the dishes, put away the clean laundry that’s been sitting in the hamper or on The Chair for a week (we all do it), and clear our any clutter that isn’t in it’s proper space.

Finally bask in the glory of your clean house! You are a BOSS!


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4. Pamper yourself!

Take extra time for self care. Put on a hair and face mask, take a long bath, exfoliate in the shower, put on oil or lotion afterwards (I love almond oil), paint your nails, etc. Do a stretching video to release any tension in your muscles. Do whatever activity makes you feel relaxed.

Treat your body with love, it does so much for you! Something I like to do each night is put my hand over my heart and thank my body for supporting me. A healthy body is definitely something to be grateful for.

5. Do a Brain Dump

Clearing out the clutter in your mind is a great way to have a fresh start to the week. Get a pen and paper and write down all the things that are on your mind. Goals, reminders, to dos, ideas, work tasks, school tasks, etc.

Getting things out of your head and onto paper helps you to look at things more clearly and objectively. Then you can review it and create a plan of action to work on anything that came up throughout the next week.

If there is anything you can get done today so that you don’t have to worry about it later, then do it now.

6. Set Your Intentions

Set your intention for the week. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? What are the actions you will take to make that happen?

Write down your intentions and goals, and break them down into small bite sized steps that you can easily accomplish throughout the week. Take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize yourself a week from now feeling so accomplished.

How good does it feel to have checked everything off your to do list? How happy are you that you got through the week so successfully because you took a little time on Sunday to have a fresh start to the week?

Learn the right way to make a to-do list.

Something that has been saving my own sanity lately is using this weekly planner. Now I’ve bought many a planner in my time, they always suck me in around the new year but every time I stop using them after a few months because they just don’t offer the organization that I need to stay on track. So I made one with everything I need, you can find it over on my Etsy shop.

Weekly Planner Schedule Organizer Task Manager Printables

7. Get Prepared

Now it’s time to gather anything you need to make getting ready tomorrow morning easier.

Next plan your outfits for the week. Whether it’s for school, work, or the gym having your clothes set out will save you time and reduce the number of decisions you have to make in a day.

Studies have shown that as the day goes on and we make more and more decisions that it becomes harder to make good decisions, so by eliminating some of the choices you have to make in the morning you make better ones later in the day and avoid decision fatigue.

It’ll make getting ready in the morning so much easier, and seeing your gym clothes laid out will give you a little bit of extra motivation. Choose a designated spot in your closet on on your dresser to display your outfits so you are always ready to go.

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So those are my 7 tips for having a fresh start each week with a Sunday Reset! How do you like to prepare for the week ahead?

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– Katrina

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  1. This all makes me think of intentional living. It gives a wonderful feeling, a much better feeling when you purposefully create your life and environment : ). Thanks for this inspiration! | Abundant Life & Balance |

  2. Get tips to start your week in going in a positive direction! Being self-employed now I tend to put off housework to concentrate on my blogging business, so I need to follow your tips the same way I would if I was still working 8 to 5. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I really think planning my outfits ahead really save a lot of time. I feel so frustrated wasting my time thinking about what to wear before going to work until I need to rush out. I need to be more organize now.

  4. Sunday is my day to prepare, so I’m big on using Sunday to do all these things – do laundry, meal prep, assemble outfits, etc. However I never thought to take time to do a complete ‘Brain Dump’. I like it! I’m constantly thinking (and forgetting) my goals and tasks for the week so I’m going to try that exercise myself.

  5. These are some good tips! I do all these, except the laying out the clothes. I feel like your right if I start laying out my gym clothes I’ll go, I’m going to try it. Thank you!