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5 Nighttime Habits to Improve Your Life for Lazy Girls

Having a solid nighttime routine can make your life so much better! Doing these few simple things in the evening will make you feel better physically and mentally. These are the five best nighttime habits to improve your life immeasurably. They help me sleep better and set up the next day to be a less stressful and more productive.

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Essential Nighttime Habits

Do a 2 Minute Clean Up

1. Take 2-5 minutes to clean up something that you know will bug you the next day. It could be trash on the floor, clutter on your dresser, dirty countertops, etc. Take care of it before bed and save yourself the stress of worrying about it later!

We often spend more time stressing out about messes than it takes to just clean it up, it’s totally illogical. You will thank yourself in the morning when you wake up to a clean space.

Take Care of Your Skin

2. Develop a nightly skincare routine. Use face wash and moisturizer at minimum, if you’re approaching or past 30 look into using a chemical exfoliant like an AHA/BHA acid to get off dead skin cells. And always put on sunscreen in the morning!

I use Almond Oil to loosen my make up, (I also use this on my body after shaving) followed by Pacifica Kale Charcoal Foaming Facial Detox Bar (it’s has eco friendly packaging!) to get the oil and make up off. I follow that up with Farmacy Honeymoon Glow AHA Hydrating Night Serum and Drunk Elephant Lala Retro™ Whipped Moisturizer. I also love The Ordinary Peeling Solution once a week.

Stretch It Out

3. Try a nightly yoga/stretch routine. It doesn’t have to be long, I literally just stretch for the length of 1 or 2 songs before bed. You don’t have to do a 60 minute class to get the benefits!

My legs and hips can feel restless when I’m trying to fall asleep so I focus on stretching those muscles and it helps me sleep. If you haven’t done yoga before check out Yoga with Adriene on Youtube for tons of free videos.

Feel Gratitude

4. Write down or just mentally review some things you’re grateful for before falling asleep. I just spend a minute or two mentally reviewing my day and the things I’m grateful for. Things like time spent with my dogs, accomplishing things on my to do list, and beautiful weather.

I set up a notification with the Loop Habit Tracker app (not affiliated) to give me a reminder every night at 9 pm and I make sure to check it off every night before sleeping. I have a 120+ day streak going!

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Set Intentions for Tomorrow

5. Set your intentions for the next day. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? I also have a notification for this on the Loop Habit Tracker app and sometimes I’ll write a list on the Google Keep app but I always go through a list in my head before falling asleep. If you’re a more visual person keep a planner or notebook by your bed that you can write in at night and review in the morning.

It’s not always part of my routine but sometimes when I have trouble sleeping I use the Rae Sleep Supplements, it really helps me fall asleep but it doesn’t leave me groggy in the morning.

Do you have any helpful nighttime habits that have changed your life? Let me know!

Love and light!

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  1. The stretching before bed has definitely helped with my nighttime routine. Going to bed stiff is going to keep you from finding a comfortable position, and you’ll probably wake up stiff too. Anything you can do to make falling asleep easier is going to pay off, especially if those tasks just take a few minutes to complete.

  2. These are really some great tips! I like the first one, clearing up a clutter. It is indeed something nice to do at night, and you wake up with order in front of you. Thank you for sharing!

  3. You’ve got some great suggestions. I have to take the time to tidy up my desk in my office before bed each day… I find that nothing throws me off more in the morning than walking into my office and being faced with a messy workspace.

  4. These are such great tips! How you feel when you wake up sets the tone for the entire day! A few simple things before bed can make your whole next day better!!

  5. Very nice advices, i learned a lot and the tip which helped me more was about stretch, thanks for sharing.